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10 Jun 2022
@harveypalmer:matrix.org@harveypalmer:matrix.org joined the room.07:22:59
@majesticmoosen:matrix.orgMajestic MooseGood day! I am trying to create a new rule in my firewall to allow external access to a single device for SSH access. I have tried multiple different guides and the connection continues to be blocked when I test from a remote location. I really feel like I am missing something here, but I don't know what it is. 15:53:27
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11 Jun 2022
@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgskookum Majestic Moose: Are you using Port Forwarding? If yes, did you let it automatically add the associated firewall rule? 00:13:56
@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgskookumCheck the rules list for the applicable interface and make sure it is in the correct position to be meaningful. I.e. if it comes after a "block all" rule then it won't succeed.00:14:42
@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgskookumIs the target host allowing the connection once it is past the OPNsense?00:15:10
13 Jun 2022
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14 Jun 2022
@antonydavis:matrix.orgAnto Davis joined the room.23:34:41
@antonydavis:matrix.orgAnto DavisHi 23:34:46
@antonydavis:matrix.orgAnto DavisI am very new to the Ansible automation and Linux23:35:14
@antonydavis:matrix.orgAnto DavisJust created one playbook in test environment , it showing the error as below23:36:01
@antonydavis:matrix.orgAnto Davis[admin@ansiblecontroller Lab]$ ansible-playbook -i hosts VLAN.yaml [WARNING]: Unable to parse /home/admin/Lab/hosts as an inventory source [WARNING]: No inventory was parsed, only implicit localhost is available [WARNING]: provided hosts list is empty, only localhost is available. Note that the implicit localhost does not match 'all' [WARNING]: Could not match supplied host pattern, ignoring: Cisco 23:36:04
@antonydavis:matrix.orgAnto DavisAnyone can help me on thus23:36:18
@antonydavis:matrix.orgAnto Davis [admin@ansiblecontroller etc]$ cat hosts [Cisco] [Cisco:vars] ansible_connection=network_cli ansible_network_os=ios ansible_user=antony ansible_password=cisco ansible_become=yes ansible_become_method=enable ansible_become_password=cisco 23:37:13
15 Jun 2022
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16 Jun 2022
@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgskookum Anto Davis: probably try #ansible or #ansible-community ? 00:43:36
17 Jun 2022
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22 Jun 2022
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23 Jun 2022
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OPNsense 22.1.9 released
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@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgskookumHappy to see the fix for unbound dynamic additions/removals, those restarts were slow on my system22:56:02
24 Jun 2022
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27 Jun 2022
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28 Jun 2022
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29 Jun 2022

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