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14 Nov 2020
@yuck:matrix.orgallyand was wondering if could get any help in here21:05:19
@zanzani:matrix.orgE r i k [zanzani]
In reply to @yuck:matrix.org
ive had an issue with opnsense
Just give it a try. I'm sure the there must be some serious knowledge over here.
@yuck:matrix.orgallyyeah basically21:16:57
@yuck:matrix.orgallyi setup my openvpn srv + cert, user + cert and went basically to export client config21:17:23
@yuck:matrix.orgallybut whenever i click on the download button literally nothing happens21:17:32
@yuck:matrix.orgallytried it in edge and firefox21:17:37
@yuck:matrix.orgally set a profile picture.21:41:32
@carlos_controletti:matrix.orgcarlos_controlettihave you checked via ssh whether there was a client config exported?22:30:00
@yuck:matrix.orgallyuh no 22:30:20
@yuck:matrix.orgallydidn't even know that was a thing22:30:37
@carlos_controletti:matrix.orgcarlos_controlettime neither ;)22:30:48
@yuck:matrix.orgallyhow'd i go about doing that22:30:59
@carlos_controletti:matrix.orgcarlos_controlettibut would be something I woul look after22:31:01
@carlos_controletti:matrix.orgcarlos_controlettiDid you try the 'File only'-Option as Export type?22:36:42
@yuck:matrix.orgallyarchive and file only22:37:02
15 Nov 2020
@user4544:matrix.orguser4544 joined the room.07:13:05
17 Nov 2020
@the5000:matrix.orgthe5000Pfsense or opnsense what do you think is better00:03:18
@avbox111:matrix.orgavbox111 joined the room.14:42:05
@avbox111:matrix.orgavbox111Is opnsense capable of doing a captive portal authentication with mac addresses? There is a wlan router and all machines comming from there have the same ip address but a unique mac address, so this would be easy.14:48:20
@weasley:matrix.orgweasley joined the room.21:44:59
18 Nov 2020
@weasley:matrix.orgweasley set a profile picture.13:12:18
19 Nov 2020
@weasley:matrix.orgweasley left the room.10:13:50
20 Nov 2020
@_neb_rssbot_=40_milk_manz_jour_daddy=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.org] OPNsense Forum - Announcements:
OPNsense 20.7.5 released
21 Nov 2020
@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgjeff_hallamLooking for some guidance on whether I should set WAN as one of the monitored interfaces for IPS or just the home (internal) nets?15:26:54
@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgjeff_hallamI have 80,443 exposed for port forwarding to a proxy server if that make a difference15:30:43
@0xdigip:matrix.org0xdigip joined the room.18:03:26
22 Nov 2020
@tadziz:matrix.orgt4eu joined the room.20:27:39

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