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23 Feb 2023
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27 Feb 2023
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28 Feb 2023
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2 Mar 2023
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@theglitchking:matrix.orgtheglitchkingRedacted or Malformed Event12:09:54
@theglitchking:matrix.orgtheglitchkingRedacted or Malformed Event12:10:03
5 Mar 2023
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7 Mar 2023
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OPNsense 23.1.2 released
8 Mar 2023
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9 Mar 2023
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OPNsense 23.1.3 released
@theglitchking:matrix.orgtheglitchkinghi all, how would one go about serving dns, from a dns server on vlan 10, to other vlans like vlan 20 and vlan 30?23:09:01
10 Mar 2023
@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgskookumIf you're using Unbound in OPNsense you can select which interfaces that it responds on, if that's what you're asking.00:24:44
@jeff_hallam:matrix.orgskookumIf it's a separate dns server then I believe you can assign dns in your DHCP settings per interface or via General Settings for all00:26:00
@theglitchking:matrix.orgtheglitchkingusing unbound in pihole , i think the issue is the rules and direction i might have figured it out ,will post back rather i solved or not00:26:20
@theglitchking:matrix.orgtheglitchkingsoooooo, there was two issues, i had the firewall rules on the wrong side. and then i THOUGHT i clicked saved on permit all on eth0 in pihole>settings >dns >reccomeded settings00:41:15
@theglitchking:matrix.orgtheglitchkingmight have an issue when i finish unbound i do have it mostly set up but not pointing the the loopback
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11 Mar 2023
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14 Mar 2023
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16 Mar 2023
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18 Mar 2023
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@pcaetano:matrix.orgpcaetanoHi all12:09:20

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