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21 Jul 2021
@anne:kootstra.frlAnne 12:18:21
@anne:kootstra.frlAnne 12:41:36
@anne:kootstra.frlAnne 12:49:25
26 Jul 2021
@crusader.fgn:matrix.orgcrusader.fgn joined the room.08:15:00
27 Jul 2021
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OPNsense 21.1.9 released
28 Jul 2021
@ifi:matrix.orgifi set a profile picture.06:59:31
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@vbits:matrix.orgvbits.esHi , I have 2 old Dell Fws (iptables) PowerEdge SC1435 (Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 2346 HE) and I have seen this product on Amazon: https://www.amazon.de/Supermicro-MBD-X11SBA-LN4F-O-x11sba-LN4-F-BGA1170-Mini-ITX/dp/B01BGS7GCY/ref=pd_bxgy_img_1/258-9553377-3050314?pd_rd_w=A07pu&pf_rd_p=289750ef-2548-403a-9263-64d1c3b3297e&pf_rd_r=0H9EV4KCJEWTEW94600W&pd_rd_r=10447720-943f-4ca8-820d-1798584038e8&pd_rd_wg=kLwES&pd_rd_i=B01BGS7GCY&psc=1 The idea is to replace the old ones with these new ones to install Opnsense. Is it worth buying it or what I have could be enough for the task?08:55:19
@carlos_controletti:matrix.orgcarlos_controletti vbits.es: what about these ones? https://www.miniserver.it/firewall.html?limit=20&mode=grid 11:03:36
@vbits:matrix.orgvbits.ese tuo il sito? :P11:04:23
@carlos_controletti:matrix.orgcarlos_controlettiNope, just found them some time ago when looking for a new FW myself.11:07:23
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OPNsense 21.7 released
@vbits:matrix.orgvbits.es carlos_controletti: hehe ok, grazie cmq, I will see 🙂 13:38:02
@vbits:matrix.orgvbits.es * carlos_controletti: hehe ok, grazie cmq, I will see 🙂 13:38:24
29 Jul 2021
@pzldmf:matrix.orgMr. Nakamoto joined the room.22:41:41
30 Jul 2021
@ottomation:matrix.orgottomation joined the room.18:15:42
@ottomation:matrix.orgottomationJust getting started setting up opnsense and I seem to be having a problem I'm not finding a lot online about. When I try to update firmware, no matter which mirror I select, I get bunch of 'SSL certificate subject doesn't match host mirrorxxx' errors in the log, then a message at the end saying it failed to authenticate to the mirror.18:17:38
@ottomation:matrix.orgottomationAre protonmail addresses not allowed to register on the forums? It's telling me I'm Spam for some reason.18:26:51
@ottomation:matrix.orgottomationNo VPN in use.18:26:59
31 Jul 2021
@ottomation:matrix.orgottomationGot my forum account sorted out. Guess the spam filter is a bit aggressive. Moderator reviewed and created my account for me.13:58:55
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@nj0rdr:matrix.orgnj0rdrHi - i've got some issues after updating to 21.723:23:42
@nj0rdr:matrix.orgnj0rdrSeems like configd doesn't start23:24:04
@nj0rdr:matrix.orgnj0rdrSo I don't get Internet, shell access 23:24:35
@nj0rdr:matrix.orgnj0rdrGUI works - but I can't start configd and don't see any logs that tell me what went wrong23:25:17
@nj0rdr:matrix.orgnj0rdrAnyone got an idea?23:25:36
1 Aug 2021
@nj0rdr:matrix.orgnj0rdrSeems like this is similar : https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=24119.000:13:55
4 Aug 2021
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OPNsense 21.7.1 released

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