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27 Oct 2021
@_slack_seleniumhq_ULQS746TV:matrix.orgAutomatedTester if you don't need to set where the driver leave service=None which is the default 19:09:19
@_slack_seleniumhq_ULQS746TV:matrix.orgAutomatedTesterRedacted or Malformed Event19:10:22
@_slack_seleniumhq_ULQS746TV:matrix.orgAutomatedTester so Chrome(options=options) 19:10:43
@Stench:libera.chatStench can i set the the service log path without the Service? That's the remaining deprecation for me. 19:10:49
@Stench:libera.chatStenchi guess i could do a subprocess to do `which chromedriver` to get the path, if i have to19:11:43
@_slack_seleniumhq_ULQS746TV:matrix.orgAutomatedTester if it's in the path just have Service(executable_path="chromedriver",...) 19:12:31
@Stench:libera.chatStench thanks for your help, AutomatedTester :D 19:15:19
@_slack_seleniumhq_ULQS746TV:matrix.orgAutomatedTester since it's in the path we just call it like if you had a terminal open 19:18:21
In reply to@_slack_seleniumhq_U012Y8Y1VU2:matrix.org
I need to understand code structure for page object model.
This issue is now resolved. Thank You
In reply to@_slack_seleniumhq_U012Y8Y1VU2:matrix.org
Wait. Are you saying that I don't need to connect methods from different classes and NUNIT or MS-Test will run one method at a time?
This issue is now resolved. I don't need to connect methods from different classes. I got it. Thank You
@_slack_seleniumhq_U012Y8Y1VU2:matrix.orgDkPhilaRedacted or Malformed Event19:58:35
@_slack_seleniumhq_U01HGSS29P1:matrix.orgOmer Biran HI, according to chromium logging doc I should have chrome_debug.log in Chrome's user data directory Is it the same file as provided by setting LogPath in driver service ? 20:09:24
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@_slack_seleniumhq_U21JWNZ1C:matrix.orgjimevans Omer Biran i would suspect not. arguments sent via ChromeOptions are sent to the browser; properties and methods on the driver service apply to the chromedriver executable. 20:24:55
@_slack_seleniumhq_U01HGSS29P1:matrix.orgOmer Biran So I do I redirect all the browser logs into a file? I don’t find chrome_debug.log anywhere in the user data directory 20:27:28
@_slack_seleniumhq_U21JWNZ1C:matrix.orgjimevans that’s gonna be a question for the chromium project to answer. 20:27:53
@_slack_seleniumhq_U01HGSS29P1:matrix.orgOmer Biran I see, thanks anyway 20:28:14
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@_slack_seleniumhq_U012Y8Y1VU2:matrix.orgDkPhila C# NUNIT assert question: In most UI tests, I need to enter text, click a button, select a dropdown, select a menu item, click a link, save changes, and check if a screen control is enabled/disabled, hidden/shown, etc. C# NUNIT has the following assert statements: Assert.TRUE(), Assert.False(), Assert.IsTrue(), Assert.IsFalse(), Assert.AreEqual, Assert.AreNotEqual, Assert.AreSame, Assert.AreNotSame, Assert.Contains, Assert.IsEmpty, and Assert.IsNotEmpty Do you know for types of UI tests, the NUNIT assert statements will be the most appropriate? Thank You 20:41:37
@alok:libera.chatalokdiemol[m]1any update on issue?20:41:50
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@alok:libera.chatalokCaused by: org.openqa.selenium.grid.config.ConfigException: Unable to parse: /opt/bin/config.toml22:56:43
@alok:libera.chatalokany idea on this issue22:56:48
@alok:libera.chataloki get this issue while running the dynamic grid22:56:58
@alok:libera.chatalokin standalone mode22:57:05
@alok:libera.chatalokany help?22:57:08

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