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27 Jan 2023
@_slack_seleniumhq_U02HU1Q0N85:matrix.orgjake [January 26th, 2023 11:59 AM] paajake: Can someone point me to some material discussing/teaching how to run selenium grid and browser nodes on arm? more specifically on the Apple M ? 07:26:28
@_slack_seleniumhq_U040YCW3K62:matrix.orgZakaria Shahed joined the room.09:06:42
@_slack_seleniumhq_U040YCW3K62:matrix.orgZakaria Shahed Do you want to run in PC or cloud 09:06:51
@_slack_seleniumhq_U02HU1Q0N85:matrix.orgjake Local 09:07:26
@_slack_seleniumhq_U040YCW3K62:matrix.orgZakaria Shahed Do you want to run it in docker or just through jar file? 09:07:59
@_slack_seleniumhq_U02HU1Q0N85:matrix.orgjake Run via docker 09:08:45
@_slack_seleniumhq_U040YCW3K62:matrix.orgZakaria Shahed Are you already installed the docker in your pC? 09:09:25
@_slack_seleniumhq_U02HU1Q0N85:matrix.orgjake Yes, problem is if I’m on a regular Intel or amd64 computer, I can run it fine, but the current OFFICIAL images don’t seem to be suitable for arm architecture, so it fails when I’m on Apple m1, so my question is what’s the recommended way to go about this? 09:13:25
@_slack_seleniumhq_U040YCW3K62:matrix.orgZakaria Shahed Can you share any screenshot or error log? 09:14:57
@_slack_seleniumhq_U4ZC8KLUE:matrix.orgmiguel.suddya The workaround could be to launch a vm with linux and start grid on a vm, just forward ports i do not have mac, but I suppose there is no better way to run docker on arm architecture 10:39:34
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@hello:libera.chathelloI have a question10:40:08
@hello:libera.chathelloWith selenium docker images, is it possible to register latest browser nodes to older hub version like registering chrome 109 node to hub 3.4.010:40:21
@_slack_seleniumhq_U4WHRRY6Q:matrix.orgdiemol It is not possible because Grid 4 is not compatible with Grid 3 11:25:33
@_slack_seleniumhq_U04LN3TGF0E:matrix.org_slack_seleniumhq_U04LN3TGF0E joined the room.11:28:37
@_slack_seleniumhq_U02HU1Q0N85:matrix.orgjake I see... Thanks, miguel.suddya 11:45:55
@_slack_seleniumhq_U02HU1Q0N85:matrix.orgjake Zakaria Shahed ... 11:47:05
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@_slack_seleniumhq_U02Q08WC1DK:matrix.orgBrendan Biagas You could try using the MacOS x86 emulation via Rosetta. Docker itself no longer requires Rosetta, and it wasn't enabled by default on MacOS 12 but I think it is now on MacOS 13. Either way, check if it's on or enable it with softwareupdate --install-rosetta and then in your docker-compose you can add platform: linux/amd64 to any image which you want to force the use of the non-ARM version. I can't say from experience if this will work with the grid/browser images, but it has worked for me with other container images that lacked ARM support. 19:05:40
@_slack_seleniumhq_U02Q08WC1DK:matrix.orgBrendan Biagas There's also https://github.com/seleniumhq-community/docker-seleniarm apparently, since you got me curious 🙂 19:20:31
@_slack_seleniumhq_U4ZC8KLUE:matrix.orgmiguel.suddya I thought, rosetta is working with standalone apps But if it is possible to run docker over rosetta, then it can be a solution 19:26:05
@_slack_seleniumhq_U02Q08WC1DK:matrix.orgBrendan Biagas It's a system API to translate apps that Docker can leverage. There's a performance hit, and it won't be an apples-to-apples environment, but the option is there if there's no ARM available 19:36:13
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@Test43:libera.chatTest43Which is a better server to run Selenium in Python -  Windows or Linux?19:55:48
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@_slack_seleniumhq_UNML082K0:matrix.orgMichaelMintz For GitHub Actions, Linux definitely spins up faster. 20:25:48
28 Jan 2023
@whelife:libera.chatwhelife joined the room.00:59:55
@whelife:libera.chatwhelifeI have a question about Selenium-ide,anyone help?01:01:24

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