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11 May 2021
@_discord_493817314337357824:t2bot.ioavinashupadhyaya It's Def Hacks Worldwide 3.0

Hello Community,

Def Hacks Worldwide 3.0 is coming this June and will be from the 25 - 27th. A 36-hour adventure to create projects that can impact the world. It is open to high school and college/university students. No worries if you are a beginner with no experience.

There will be workshops hosted for you to learn a new skill to create a new innovative project on the weekend. Turn your ideas into reality! There will be amazing prizes with more than $8,500 in cash prizes, internship opportunities, fun activities, mini-events, and opportunities to communicate with top tech minds.

This year, our guest speakers include Viral Shah, co-founder of Julia Programming Language; Michael Siebel, co-founder of Y-Combinator; Josh Starmer, Founder of StatQuest. Join us and network with companies to expand your opportunities and get recognized.

Sign up now at: https://forms.gle/5HsZmGf4qjS2aNZF7
Checkout our DevPost at https://defhacksworldwide.devpost.com/

For more information, visit https://defhacks.co/hackathons/worldwide_3.0.html
@_discord_493817314337357824:t2bot.ioavinashupadhyaya Thanks 14:57:46
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 why cant people from brazil join? 15:05:38
@_discord_493817314337357824:t2bot.ioavinashupadhyaya Devpost rules, no restrictions from our end 15:05:59
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 weird 15:06:16
@_discord_404342560551731201:t2bot.io~R I keep forgetting I'm not a student (anymore) 15:15:01
@_discord_404342560551731201:t2bot.io~R 15:15:06
@_discord_404342560551731201:t2bot.io~R * I keep forgetting I'm not a student (anymore) 15:15:21
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 lol 15:18:40
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 xd 15:41:13
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 gotcha thanks! 15:43:01
12 May 2021
@_discord_785901985899085825:t2bot.iographicgurl joined the room.01:15:31
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 yeah idk. Seen that with some other hackathons ive attended as well 02:55:54
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 not sure why thats the case 02:55:56
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 thats weird 04:59:57
@_discord_131562486674620416:t2bot.ionull joined the room.13:26:06
14 May 2021
@_discord_698491301338808323:t2bot.ioskyzies#3629 joined the room.11:39:09
@_discord_698491301338808323:t2bot.ioskyzies#3629 changed their display name from skyzies to skyzies#3629.11:39:10
@_discord_698491301338808323:t2bot.ioskyzies#3629 This server is named collab 11:39:16
@_discord_698491301338808323:t2bot.ioskyzies#3629 So i joined looking for partners 11:39:24
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 partners for what exactly 11:39:36
@_discord_698491301338808323:t2bot.ioskyzies#3629 My small buisness 11:39:43
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 so you mean, you need people to help you out and work with you, right? 11:40:01
@_discord_698491301338808323:t2bot.ioskyzies#3629 Yes 11:42:24
@_discord_698491301338808323:t2bot.ioskyzies#3629 thirty2 correct 11:43:03
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 alright 11:43:13
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 so what you should do is 11:43:22
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 write an ad stating what kind of project are you working on, what kind of people do you need, and are you willing to pay or will you pay in future when your project is kind of successful 11:44:12
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 and post it in #seeking-collaborator 11:44:21
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 ^ 16:35:31

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