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19 Jul 2021
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 thankss 05:01:45
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 lemme show u my progress till now 05:01:53
Download unknown.png
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 there are bugs ofc 05:02:19
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 like the rectangles arent at correct places 05:02:24
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 and the size of the rectangles isnt good either 05:02:32
@_discord_711458787713744926:t2bot.iocdl#2004 changed their display name from cool dog#2004 to cdl#2004.12:10:23
@_discord_711458787713744926:t2bot.iocdl#2004 changed their profile picture.12:10:24
@_discord_226453388039028736:t2bot.ioCaldeiraG#0496 changed their profile picture.17:00:48
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 nice nice
which model did you use for this?
@_discord_658206339440443393:t2bot.iothirty2 i used YOLO 17:28:13
@_discord_672486784923336793:t2bot.ioCecília Veloso joined the room.17:52:12
@_discord_672486784923336793:t2bot.ioCecília Veloso Hi guys! I’m a ui/ux designer with more than 6+ of exp. and I would love to contribute for projects that need my skills. feel free to ask for anything! 17:52:13
21 Jul 2021
@_discord_856916203518820402:t2bot.ioArinjay Hey,

Sorry just saw the message.

Thanks a lot!

There are only 4 colors but I will be adding more features to it. It is just the first version 😉
23 Jul 2021
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 gotcha gotcha. sounds good!
will be looking forward to the palettes, also maybe making a plugin for this would be nice on figma. Often just use the figma palette plugin
25 Jul 2021
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 hmmm anyone have some experience working with multiple video connections through webrtc? trying to work on scaleability 15:35:02
28 Jul 2021
@_discord_737741985728954518:t2bot.ioMattDavidGoody joined the room.00:06:55
@_discord_737741985728954518:t2bot.ioMattDavidGoody anyone here have experience with CircleCI? 00:06:55
@_discord_764526865758683146:t2bot.ioPrasan Singh joined the room.09:24:50
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 unfortunately no, have worked with CI/CD pipelines though. 18:18:06
29 Jul 2021
@_discord_446563455856803840:t2bot.ioAlexandreRoba joined the room.06:59:56
@_discord_382212399928836096:t2bot.iocmario joined the room.12:08:03
30 Jul 2021
@_discord_586929117346398228:t2bot.ioAI Spawn https://youtu.be/ibuwVjcWxFI theme switching 04:42:59
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 Nice nice. How long has it been since the last vid? 14:36:25
@_discord_586929117346398228:t2bot.ioAI Spawn 26 days 22:01:16
@_discord_586929117346398228:t2bot.ioAI Spawn next one probably sometime next month 22:01:30
1 Aug 2021
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 gotcha so they're generally coming out monthly? 04:33:03
@_discord_570801490781011968:t2bot.iojem joined the room.05:37:40
2 Aug 2021
@_discord_586929117346398228:t2bot.ioAI Spawn nah its just whenever they get done and this one (will hopefully) get done faster than others 21:14:41
3 Aug 2021
@_discord_226148244420296715:t2bot.iodrag#6782 ah gotcha gotcha. Btw what do you use for editing/effects. Adobe suite? 04:11:20

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