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24 Jun 2020
@gitter_phoenix1991-lab:matrix.orgPhoenix1991-lab (Gitter) set a profile picture.18:32:16
@gitter_phoenix1991-lab:matrix.orgPhoenix1991-lab (Gitter)Hello, this is Phoenix. I am having issues with NVDA and cheats on project 64. When I open the cheats menu, according to NVDA, the cheats appear to be checked. Upon pressing the spacebar, it says half-checked. Upon pressing it again, I hear not checked. What do I have to do to get cheats to work properly? I have hide advanced settings disabled and remember selected cheats enabled. If anyone has an idea, please let me know. Thank you!18:32:29
@gitter_darkmoonrising:matrix.orgDarkMoonRising (Gitter) @joeldodson , @ptoledo Regarding Deque; Visual Studio now has an accessibility checker and when there are accessibility errors in your code, each error has a link going directly to the error explanation and fixes on the deque site. That helped clear up probably about 90% of accessibility errors for me before I even started using an online site checker (SiteImprove is the preferred choice around here). Deque has many resources and a good reputation, even if they are in cahoots with Microsoft (jk). 20:36:06
@gitter_phoenix1991-lab:matrix.orgPhoenix1991-lab (Gitter)Hello, Phoenix here. I need help in figuring out how to use cheats with NVDA in project 64. When I open the cheats menu, according to NVDA, the cheats appear to be checked. When I press th spacebar, I hear half-checked. When I press it again, I hear not checked. I was wondering how you get cheats to work properly in Project 64. I have hide advanced settings disabled and remember selected cheats enabled. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you21:27:47
28 Jul 2020
@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration invited @gitter_zolza:matrix.orgKinga Kozioł (Gitter).16:40:01
@gitter_zolza:matrix.orgKinga Kozioł (Gitter) joined the room.16:40:03
@gitter_zolza:matrix.orgKinga Kozioł (Gitter) Hi All, we are trying to write automated tests for accessibility for our website, one of them would require some text output of NVDA screen reader, I have found the "speech viewer" option that NVDA gives to the user, is there any API we could get this data for given URL? I would be very grateful for any tips! Thanks :) 16:40:05
@gitter_zolza:matrix.orgKinga Kozioł (Gitter) (edited) ... :) => ... :) Also, sorry if it's not the right channel to ask! 16:40:37
16 Aug 2020
@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration invited @gitter_fudge333:matrix.orgfudge333 (Gitter).12:23:27
@gitter_fudge333:matrix.orgfudge333 (Gitter) joined the room.12:23:27
@gitter_fudge333:matrix.orgfudge333 (Gitter)tspivey: howdy12:23:28
27 Aug 2020
@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration invited @gitter_shepazu:matrix.orgDoug Schepers (Gitter).18:03:26
@gitter_shepazu:matrix.orgDoug Schepers (Gitter) joined the room.18:03:27
@gitter_shepazu:matrix.orgDoug Schepers (Gitter) Hey, folks, sorry for the meta question, but do y'all find Gitter to be accessible? We're considering using it for a W3C workshop, and we want to ensure it's inclusive 18:03:27
30 Aug 2020
@gitter_nstockton:matrix.orgNick Stockton (Gitter)I believe the site is, though I use it through an IRC gateway with my accessible IRC client.12:46:45
2 Sep 2020
@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration invited @gitter_baelorthebard:matrix.orgbaelorthebard (Gitter).00:13:59
@gitter_baelorthebard:matrix.orgbaelorthebard (Gitter) joined the room.00:14:01
@gitter_baelorthebard:matrix.orgbaelorthebard (Gitter) Hi all, I'm looking for the appropriate place to report a bug I've found with NVDA. Would this be it? 00:14:01
6 Sep 2020
@gitter_fudge333:matrix.orgfudge333 (Gitter) set a profile picture.09:31:42
@gitter_fudge333:matrix.orgfudge333 (Gitter)anyone played with a canute 360 braille display?09:31:42
19 Sep 2020
@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration invited @gitter_camlorn:matrix.orgAustin Hicks (Gitter).18:44:02
@gitter_camlorn:matrix.orgAustin Hicks (Gitter) joined the room.18:44:02
@gitter_camlorn:matrix.orgAustin Hicks (Gitter) I'm trying to do an NVDA bisect and I'm getting: 18:44:04
@gitter_camlorn:matrix.orgAustin Hicks (Gitter)
CRITICAL - __main__ (11:43:22.829) - MainThread (24116):
core failure
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "nvda.pyw", line 215, in <module>
  File "core.py", line 256, in main
    import appModuleHandler
  File "appModuleHandler.py", line 27, in <module>
    import NVDAHelper
  File "NVDAHelper.py", line 19, in <module>
    import eventHandler
  File "eventHandler.py", line 9, in <module>
    import api
  File "api.py", line 19, in <module>
    import NVDAObjects.IAccessible
  File "NVDAObjects\IAccessible\__init__.py", line 22, in <module>
    import IAccessibleHandler
  File "IAccessibleHandler.py", line 18, in <module>
    import UIAHandler
  File "UIAHandler.py", line 11, in <module>
    from _UIAHandler import *  # noqa: F403
  File "_UIAHandler.py", line 29, in <module>
    from comtypes.gen import UIAutomationClient as UIA
ImportError: cannot import name 'UIAutomationClient' from 'comtypes.gen' (C:\projects\external\nvda\include\comtypes\comtypes\gen\__init__.py)
Any advice?
21 Sep 2020
@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration invited @gitter_dvorecky.martin_gitlab:matrix.orgMartin Dvorecky (Gitter).05:57:15
@gitter_dvorecky.martin_gitlab:matrix.orgMartin Dvorecky (Gitter) joined the room.05:57:15
@gitter_dvorecky.martin_gitlab:matrix.orgMartin Dvorecky (Gitter) hi everyone. My son using nvda for half a yer, but last week it stops working. So I try install it on second notebook, and after 2 days, stopst too. Same result on thirt notebook. All win10. After uninstall, its not possible to install it again. Installer crash. Compatibility test result is "..needs newer windows version" but all notebooks runs on updated win 10. Any suggestions? 05:57:15
25 Sep 2020
@gitterbot:matrix.orgGitter Integration invited @gitter_akosibrigit_twitter:matrix.orgBrigit Serrano (Gitter).19:22:07
@gitter_akosibrigit_twitter:matrix.orgBrigit Serrano (Gitter) joined the room.19:22:08
@gitter_akosibrigit_twitter:matrix.orgBrigit Serrano (Gitter) Hi everyone, I'm currently handling fillable form in French (PDF), unfortunately, some of the fields don't say "edit/Éditer" after fields, can someone help me to fix this. thanks! 19:22:11

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