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28 Jul 2021
@_discord_193010932123828227:t2bot.ioAT Games changed their display name from AT Games to AT Games#1569.22:11:15
@_discord_193010932123828227:t2bot.ioAT Games changed their display name from AT Games#1569 to AT Games.22:11:19
29 Jul 2021
@_discord_366424515174989825:t2bot.ioalt Yep 00:33:55
@_discord_441410965972582401:t2bot.ioshiro#0727 changed their profile picture.00:41:15
@_discord_174324250881032201:t2bot.ioFL4SHK#1847 anyone need music composed for their game? 16:10:14
@_discord_174324250881032201:t2bot.ioFL4SHK#1847 * anyone need music composed for their game? 16:10:18
@_discord_369657328686989314:t2bot.ioDrush#1939 Try in #compo-matchmaking? 16:19:49
@_discord_174324250881032201:t2bot.ioFL4SHK#1847 ah 16:24:37
@_discord_630116229369298954:t2bot.ioTsuki Superior joined the room.21:44:27
30 Jul 2021
@_discord_335423982155071488:t2bot.ioGlitchyTSP joined the room.01:08:29
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31 Jul 2021
@_discord_219259498693525505:t2bot.ioNikku4211#9775 https://youtu.be/sbzm339JQPw 00:39:29
@_discord_365965414091587595:t2bot.ioVanadium I'd like to write music for GB using my DAW. Any advice / tips on how to do this? Anyone else using a DAW?
When I look up music resources, I see mostly trackers. I’d like to stay with the DAW, I like the DAW. I know there are a couple GB VSTs like PAPU, although it doesn't have the wave channel.
I’m sure I can figure out how to make it work, I’m just wondering if there are resources for this or if other people are doing things the same way.
@_discord_365965414091587595:t2bot.ioVanadium “I can figure it out” = export to MIDI, write a converter, write GB audio code, etc. 03:47:43
@_discord_407728931408445443:t2bot.ioindrora joined the room.08:50:39
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioDevEd The only existing MIDI conversion solution for Game Boy I know of is MusyX, though that's far from being recommendable since it expects you to have official GBC development hardware 09:22:10
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioDevEd Even if you do have the hardware, MusyX tends to be a RAM/CPU hog, which isn't ideal if you're making a CPU intensive game or demo 09:25:13
@_discord_641582317504299008:t2bot.ioTwoflavor#0026 I'd do the creative work in a DAW and then convert it down using f.ex Miditracker to get it to tracked data. 09:35:54
@_discord_641582317504299008:t2bot.ioTwoflavor#0026 From there you can use OpenMPT and cut+paste the data to hUGEtracker. With this approach you compose + sketch in your DAW and tweak the sounds + structure in hUGE. 09:41:38
@_discord_294963391091572736:t2bot.iosuperdisk#5726 I also recommend huge but regarding musyx, I believe someone on here got it working, forgot who. He or she did a mambo no. 5 conversion with it I remember haha 10:18:45
@_discord_365965414091587595:t2bot.ioVanadium Thanks for the perspective, I'll take a look at hUGETracker, maybe figure out a way to convert to its format 10:40:40
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch#1742 You might also want to look at FamiStudio, even though it's for the NES 14:11:31
@_discord_641582317504299008:t2bot.ioTwoflavor#0026 Famistudio is awesome 14:49:55
@_discord_365965414091587595:t2bot.ioVanadium I’m gonna try sticking with the DAW I have, since it’s all set up and comfy 15:15:22
@_discord_415632131029729290:t2bot.iojvsTSX#1193 same but with LSDj 15:21:53
@_discord_257618202014515211:t2bot.ioRafagars joined the room.23:40:28
1 Aug 2021
@_discord_115598075573174281:t2bot.iowermi joined the room.06:08:32
@_discord_197831071490899968:t2bot.ioKabcorp joined the room.13:58:13
@_discord_197831071490899968:t2bot.ioKabcorpDownload Color_Lines_Theme.gbs13:58:13
@_discord_197831071490899968:t2bot.ioKabcorp big thanks to superdisk for helping me irl to generate .GBS files 13:58:14

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