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18 May 2022
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill @Moderators 02:34:12
@_discord_217009514480795648:t2bot.ioMarill (appears to be on the matrix side btw) 02:35:38
@_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.ioDUO#4944 joined the room.02:36:33
@_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.ioDUO#4944 yes, we're aware. 02:36:33
@_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.ioDUO#4944 just not sure about getting is dealt with yet 02:36:54
@_discord_496679879518060544:t2bot.iodjmaximum#8333 wow that was fast 02:36:56
@_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.ioDUO#4944 I happen to be watching. 02:37:33
@_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.ioDUO#4944 I've already deleted a ton this evening. 02:37:42
@_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.ioDUO#4944 But since it's from matrix, it's not quite so easy to stop overall. 02:38:05
@_discord_294963391091572736:t2bot.iosuperdisk#5726 HT's behavior is actually more in line with traditional trackers like ProTracker, Impulse, Scream, FastTracker etc. Deflemask is the odd one for having it toggle on and off 02:59:04
@_discord_482957224042561537:t2bot.ioCoffee Bat Ah mb, I'm used to df and ft which do it that way 02:59:42
@_discord_482957224042561537:t2bot.ioCoffee Bat And in something like .mmpt it's not that much of a problem cause of the zillion features it has 03:01:28
@_discord_258077424359571457:t2bot.ioBeatscribe Same , totally used to deflimask 03:08:02
@_discord_196459713586528256:t2bot.ioPinoBatch I'm used to FamiTracker, whose on-off behavior is probably where Delek got the idea to put that into DefleMask. Before that, I'm used to MIDI, whose "controller" messages likewise have on-off behavior. 03:17:34
@_discord_482957224042561537:t2bot.ioCoffee Bat Tbh it is a much nicer method since it gives you a lot more flexibility, at the cost of df's and ft's player drivers being not the best 03:21:39
@_discord_258077424359571457:t2bot.ioBeatscribe It does give you real finite control 03:32:34
@_discord_496679879518060544:t2bot.iodjmaximum#8333 you either have to use FTM2GBMC (I forgot to mention that converter is written in Java) but is open source, or FT_NSF2GBS lua script which the driver is closed source 04:21:58
@_discord_258077424359571457:t2bot.ioBeatscribe Interesting 04:31:58
@issotm:tedomum.netISSOtm banned @californiatokens:matrix.org@californiatokens:matrix.org (Spamming).07:14:51
In reply to @_discord_211040003139043328:t2bot.io
But since it's from matrix, it's not quite so easy to stop overall.
Sorry; I'm not a mod anymore, but I seem to be the only active one with mod powers on this side
@issotm:tedomum.netISSOtmI removed the messages on this side as well and banned the spammer07:18:06
@_discord_236088176081371136:t2bot.ioOtesunki#9535 changed their display name from 2pi42n2c-u23prcnwueyboycbwqpwbun#9535 to Otesunki#9535.08:03:17
@billykin:matrix.org@billykin:matrix.org joined the room.12:40:59
@_discord_174324250881032201:t2bot.ioFL4SHK#1847 https://dl.dropbox.com/s/wopcjt4rafkmc6m/dunwich_sandgeon_--_dungeon_level_4_v1.mp3?dl=1 13:01:11
@_discord_258077424359571457:t2bot.ioBeatscribe love this! it gets me pumped up, sounds fresh and is a little demented too 14:41:33
@_discord_174324250881032201:t2bot.ioFL4SHK#1847 Thanks! 14:59:25
@billykin:matrix.org@billykin:matrix.org left the room.16:37:39
@_discord_258077424359571457:t2bot.ioBeatscribe Anyone else experienced using stereo effect causing the noise channel to just mute ? 22:46:49
@_discord_482957224042561537:t2bot.ioCoffee Bat That might be you masking out the noise channel since the stereo register just tells the Gameboy whether to output X channel to the Left and right or not 23:23:34
@_discord_482957224042561537:t2bot.ioCoffee Bat Try using the visual effect editor to flag the channels in a less obtuse way 23:23:52

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