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16 May 2021
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_I'm not best placed to talk about it tbh11:58:12
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_I discovered it while my kids are young. I have no time and effort to direct to this11:58:55
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_In a few years, once they're in school11:59:19
@search_social:matrix.orgsearch_social Okay but it just seems to say to write things down; and to deal with the resulting explosion by writing down the connections between them as well. But the problem I face is that the connections themselves also explode and become unmanageable to search. 11:59:45
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Yeah, trust me, the system deals with that. The internet hasn't changed this. Fundamentally, Luhmann struggled with your exact problems. And solved them.12:01:18
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Dozens of papers were written after his death. Cause the structure and content was there, in his slipbox. He just ran out of time.12:02:32
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Prolific doesn't begin to cover it12:02:59
@search_social:matrix.orgsearch_socialI fear that perhaps this specific book by Sonke Ahrens does not contain the key pieces of Luhmann12:03:22
@search_social:matrix.orgsearch_socialWell because I am going through it and I can not find any such key piece. There is not a single diagram or example of the system and every piece of text I read is something to the effect of "taking notes is good; prewriting before writing is good", which is a good thing to tell people but something I already know; or "once you have notes you can use them to be creative; customize your notes", which is also a good thing to tell people but also something I already know12:08:19
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_I think you're too skeptical. The proof is in use. You'll kick yourself, years from now, if you don't invest a bit of time now.12:10:04
@search_social:matrix.orgsearch_socialI'm not skeptical at all I am 100% committed that memory is my key bottleneck and that solving it is the key to everything; but I don't see the answer inside the missing piece in this specific book by Sonka Ahrens12:12:29
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_You're wasting time, with your current note-taking.12:12:41
@search_social:matrix.orgsearch_socialI completely agree12:12:52
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Ahrens is just my best suggestion today. Sorry. We can revisit this in two years, I guess.12:14:44

schizophrenia, reverse schizophrenia, doublethink, maxwell's demon on contradictions

hese contradictions are not accidental,nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy; they are deliberate exercises indoublethink. For it is only by reconciling contradictions that power can beretained indefinitely. In no other way could the ancient cycle be broken. Ifhuman equality is to be for ever averted — if the High, as we have called them,are to keep their places permanently — then the prevailing mental conditionmust be controlled insanity

@search_social:matrix.orgsearch_socialcleve, choice, alternative hypothesiss13:05:25
@jlj:nfld.ukjljNot sure I'm a fan of their definition of 'leaders': https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Global_Leaders#Members_and_alumni15:28:42
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_But, for better or worse (read: worse), some of them have changed the world, no doubt.15:36:17
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_* But, for better or worse (read: worse), some of them have changed the world, no doubt.15:36:31
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Still workin' my way through this IfG paper; excellent: "Second, the government needs to improve the way it sets out the trade-offs it is facing. It finally published analysis of health, economic and social effects of Covid-19 in late November, but the document was widely criticised for rehashing existing analysis and failing to engage with the costs of implementing different restrictions, or not doing so. Better explanation is needed not least because it may find itself acting contrary to the view emerging from SAGE again in the coming months."16:21:25
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_Mind you, I have no confidence that this government will heed these recommendations. This gem from the Good Law Project: "And over the last few weeks we’ve seen a worrying new trend of Government videos and social media content being misappropriated to advance Conservative Party political messaging. And, we believe, the costs of both are coming out of the public purse, not the party coffers. Several recent Government videos carry the distinct look and feel of a party political broadcast, brandishing the Tory electoral slogan “Build Back Better”, but prominently using the No 10 crest. And when you compare the No 10 brandished image below alongside the landing page of the Conservative Party website, it’s virtually impossible to distinguish which is Government policy and which is party political campaigning." That isn't proof, but it's just another example of the line this (UK) gov't is perfectly comfortable riding. Source: Feathering the Party nest with public money: https://rss.nfld.uk/share/602ab41e8ca52241cfe6c5d45d8f29e5675ec53216:26:07
@jlj:matrix.orgjlj_"The government should be clearer about the purpose of press briefings and allow scientist-led briefings more often." Yeah, and then they should stick to those purposes, and not, for example, attack their political opponents ahead of an election, during a supposed update re COVID-19: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/boris-johnson-ministerial-code-sadiq-khan_uk_606d9430c5b6865cd2968e8516:38:19
@jlj:nfld.ukjljEditorial note: I consider politics, particularly as it relates to the credibility of any standing gov't that would be charged with implementing TGR policies, to be fair game for this room. Just FYI.17:29:25

We produce all the phosphorus we need with swine manure.

The poster above was correct, the Earth produces everything we need in abundance but only if it is managed on a micro level. Our entire system is built on the macro because that’s where profits are extracted, hence the strip mining and centralization of resources.

Tesla knew that the most efficient form of energy production happened at the end user level, but Edison saw that there was no profit to be made unless energy was tightly controlled and then sold downstream. BigAg used the tired old trope about feeding the world by mass producing it at an enormous ecological cost and then shipping it halfway around the world instead of as it has always been done at a local level where soils are improved, not depleted.

^ bumblebee I think this relates to aquaponics


I have heard this thesis on farming more than once, it's also in https://slatestarcodex.com/2017/03/16/book-review-seeing-like-a-state/ e.g.

Scott starts with the story of “scientific forestry” in 18th century Prussia. Enlightenment rationalists noticed that peasants were just cutting down whatever trees happened to grow in the forests, like a chump. They came up with a better idea: clear all the forests and replace them by planting identical copies of Norway spruce (the highest-lumber-yield-per-unit-time tree) in an evenly-spaced rectangular grid. Then you could just walk in with an axe one day and chop down like a zillion trees an hour and have more timber than you could possibly ever want.

17 May 2021
@jlj:nfld.ukjlj bumblebee: This reminded of your post a few weeks back on how language can deflate and misdirection energy and attention: https://rss.nfld.uk/share/426ec2cdc6426fb6c7d42f68f437fed0ecb2ff92 12:10:51
@jlj:nfld.ukjljParticularly when he gets on to social justice, halfway through or so.12:11:10
@jlj:nfld.ukjlj * Particularly when he gets on to social justice, halfway through or so.12:11:12

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