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29 Jun 2019
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4 Jul 2019
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8 Jul 2019
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11 Jul 2019
02:07:17@mirrorinthewall:matrix.orgmirrorinthewallRedacted or Malformed Event
02:07:39@mirrorinthewall:matrix.orgmirrorinthewallWhat's new with Ethereum
14 Jul 2019
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18 Jul 2019
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19 Jul 2019
14:26:20@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinWhat is the best Ethereum podcast? I just listened to Into The Ether by EthHub. THought it was good
22 Jul 2019
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24 Jul 2019
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25 Jul 2019
20:08:36@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskinAre there any projects who use the makerDao contracts to create a euro or bitcoin stable coin? This would allow any 0x exchanges to potentially trade eth, usd, eur and btc.
27 Jul 2019
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3 Aug 2019
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4 Aug 2019
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10 Aug 2019
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17 Aug 2019
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19 Aug 2019
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22 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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26 Aug 2019
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2 Sep 2019
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6 Sep 2019
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02:52:24@achaean:matrix.orgachaeanDon't see much chatter going on; hopefully it's okay to post this here? Flowerpatch is a browser-based cannabis farming & Ethereum crypto-collectables MMORPG in development. Players will manage their virtual farms through planting, breeding, and harvesting cannabis FLOWER crops. The Ethereum (ERC721) cannabis FLOWER tokens (cards) are now plantable & breedable in the game world. Breeding FLOWERs enables players to create new & unique offspring FLOWERs in attempts to gain desirable traits. Flowerpatch alpha is now live and the game world is open to everyone for planting & breeding (more features soon to come)! Come check out our discord to learn more about the project, chat with community members, and be notified about upcoming contests and airdrops. https://discord.gg/mVXMECD https://medium.com/@nugbase/flowerpatch-alpha-release-2d2ae49ebd1d
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