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18 Dec 2019
00:16:06@boris:potatofrom.spaceboris joined the room.
08:41:17@johnwhitlow:matrix.orgjohnwhitlowWhat is the latest on secure formally verified microkernels or unikernels?
15:46:30@werki:matrix.orgwerki joined the room.
19 Dec 2019
19:05:05@tidux:matrix.orgtiduxseL4 still
19:05:29@tidux:matrix.orgtiduxalthough Genode is coming along nicely as a multi-microkernel system
22:09:55@tidux:matrix.orgtiduxRandom question: is this bridged to "ether" room on Telegram?
20 Dec 2019
00:31:35@padpad:matrix.orgPeter On Gitter I believe
00:31:38@padpad:matrix.orgPeter is the bridge
21 Dec 2019
20:23:45@bladedsoul:matrix.orgbladedsoul joined the room.
24 Dec 2019
15:05:52@smartheye:matrix.orgsmartheye joined the room.
26 Dec 2019
13:10:38@jason:nerdsin.spacejason joined the room.
13:35:50@magdalena:cybre.spacemagdalena joined the room.
15:54:48@marian:openintents.modular.immarian joined the room.
27 Dec 2019
09:23:45@Daniel_t0t3u:matrix.orgDaniel changed their display name from t0t3u to Daniel.
2 Jan 2020
19:00:45@dcndrew:matrix.orgDcNdrew joined the room.
4 Jan 2020
00:45:15@pedran:diasp.inpedran joined the room.
5 Jan 2020
01:44:15@jacques:feneas.orgjacques joined the room.
6 Jan 2020
23:16:39@sven:tchncs.desven joined the room.
9 Jan 2020
13:41:15@b1ack0ut:matrix.orgb1ack0ut joined the room.
13:41:21@b1ack0ut:matrix.orgb1ack0utHey everyone. If someone needs a 20% off in Ledger wallet shop coupon, dm me
10 Jan 2020
13:16:51@adrianam:matrix.orgadriana | KalpaTech|Tendermint changed their display name from adriana | KalpaTech to adriana | KalpaTech|Tendermint.
23:38:16@padpad:matrix.orgPeter changed their profile picture.
11 Jan 2020
10:05:58@sith:matrix.orgsith changed their profile picture.
12 Jan 2020
14:43:01@ellithiosa:matrix.org@ellithiosa:matrix.org joined the room.
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14 Jan 2020
23:33:26@akash:kde.orgAkash changed their display name from Akash to register Akash.
23:35:36@akash:kde.orgAkash changed their display name from register Akash to Akash.
19 Jan 2020
23:53:36@ayahcool:matrix.org@ayahcool:matrix.org joined the room.
21 Jan 2020
12:30:40@ayahcool:matrix.org@ayahcool:matrix.org left the room.

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