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19 Jun 2019
14:27:24@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrisI see~!
14:28:56@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid=) at least with the latest data type changes maidsafe said they plan on keeping the interface more or less steady
14:29:24@telegram_91297436:t2bot.ioridSo should be way better with this iteration ☺️
14:35:26@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrisgreat news!!!!!! it seems like I started studying programming exactly the right time!!!!!!!!!
14:35:39@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrissee you soon gotta go!!!! nice to talk to you!!!! thansk for all the resources
14:39:19@telegram_91297436:t2bot.ioridYou're very welcome - have a nice day and see you around! 😊
19:51:49@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrisRedacted or Malformed Event
19:51:57@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrisback again
19:52:52@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrisdamn I suspect I put my usb3 drive into a usb 2 slot cause it takes ages to do copy operations bummer
19:53:26@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchris(sry offtopic dont extrosize me)
19:54:36@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrisostracise me**
20 Jun 2019
12:22:35@holygrayl:matrix.orgholygrayl joined the room.
12:23:14@holygrayl:matrix.orgholygraylwhy are no websites working on the safe browser?
14:13:01@telegram_91297436:t2bot.ioridHmm - which list of websites did you use?
14:13:10@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid(and which browser?)
14:15:24@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid 1. https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_browser/releases latest release..?
2. Did you whitelist your ip at invite.maidsafe.net ?
3. https://safenetforum.org/t/list-of-websites-safesites-webids-community-resources/25168 this should be a list of resources on the alpha 2 network

first of all you need the normal safe-browser-v0.13.0-win-x64.zip or safe-browser-v0.13.0-linux-x64.zip (not the dev one) @ https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_browser/releases

you can allready browse at some pages



and second you should have an account in the forum with trust level 1 to do more stuff but keep in mind that at least for now the releases of browsers are fast paced and break many websites, and for e.g. patter you need webid @ safe://webmgr.dapp but in order to use it you need to enable experimental features first. (in few works you should read 30 topics and 1 hour of viewing in total [more info https://safenetforum.org/t/trust-level-1-basic-user-requirements/15200 ]) and then set your IP in the invite page https://invite.maidsafe.net/ and then in safe browser create account secret and account password and then you should browse the websites in https://safenetforum.org/t/list-of-websites-safesites-webids-community-resources/25168

extra tip, in every interaction with the safe browser you will get a accept warning so you should always wait a bit when visiting a new website or app so you can authenticate

30 Jun 2019
23:02:28@_discord_215459386317996032:t2bot.ioPutre joined the room.
4 Jul 2019
18:38:22@telegram_57384705:t2bot.ioN B (Telegram) changed their display name from Nikita Baksalyar (Telegram) to N B (Telegram).
18:38:24@telegram_57384705:t2bot.ioN B (Telegram) changed their profile picture.
5 Jul 2019
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8 Jul 2019
15:25:12@_discord_443426790619217920:t2bot.iogongzimoon changed their display name from gzs to gongzimoon#8026.
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15:25:23@_discord_443426790619217920:t2bot.iogongzimoon changed their display name from gongzimoon#8026 to gongzimoon.
9 Jul 2019
11:37:43@_discord_360727836748677121:t2bot.iobang joined the room.
12 Jul 2019
06:38:16@_discord_152784476701851648:t2bot.io@_discord_152784476701851648:t2bot.io joined the room.
23:17:55@rasmuse:matrix.orgsorn r changed their display name from rasmuse to sorn r.
13 Jul 2019
03:46:07@telegram_524760465:t2bot.ioSalvorin Fex changed their profile picture.
09:25:21@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid changed their profile picture.

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