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9 Nov 2018
14:52:42@freenode_mrdata3:matrix.orgmrdata3 changed their display name from mrdata3 (IRC) to mrdata3.
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10 Nov 2018
13:03:52@freenode_plonk:matrix.orgplonk changed their display name from plonk (IRC) to plonk.
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14:31:54@freenode_lorimer11:matrix.orglorimer11 changed their display name from lorimer11 (IRC) to lorimer11.
11 Nov 2018
17:45:05@_discord_509118827641176084:t2bot.io13 Fanboy changed their display name from 13 Fanboy to 13 Fanboy#2546.
17:45:22@_discord_509118827641176084:t2bot.io13 Fanboy changed their display name from 13 Fanboy#2546 to 13 Fanboy.
22:31:19@ro6math:matrix.orgro6math joined the room.
22:36:59@ro6math:matrix.orgro6math I just started trying out the Mock Routing browser and hit the window.eval() not supported error (trying to use a hot-reloading development framework). I can understand banning eval for public releases of the browser, but for -dev releases, would it be possible to open that up? Hot-reload is pretty standard in the web dev community at this point, so a lot of people will be disappointed to hit this wall...
23:00:33@happybeing:matrix.orghappybeingThis might not get picked up by MaidSafe here so I recommend posting this to the device forum.
20 Nov 2018
15:39:51@_discord_443426790619217920:t2bot.iogzs joined the room.
24 Nov 2018
07:07:04@Folatt:matrix.org@Folatt:matrix.org left the room.
19:53:36@kekoa:matrix.orgkekoa joined the room.
29 Nov 2018
21:43:40@ebvalaim:matrix.orgebvalaim joined the room.
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1 Dec 2018
06:27:08@_discord_517773450937499656:t2bot.io@_discord_517773450937499656:t2bot.io joined the room.
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4 Dec 2018
19:07:43@u0_a202:matrix.orgDoc.Acci joined the room.
21:43:33@u0_a202:matrix.orgDoc.Acci changed their display name from S0L0 to Doc.Acci.
6 Dec 2018
12:02:15@gitter_macdasi:matrix.orgHaddar Macdasi (Gitter) joined the room.
12:02:16@gitter_macdasi:matrix.orgHaddar Macdasi (Gitter)Where can I ask questions about the spec f the network ?
12:12:07@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid (Telegram)Uhm
12:16:09@telegram_91297436:t2bot.iorid (Telegram) You can just go for it and ask or you can go to forum.safedev.org and ask there - over there probably more people will read it and can answer you
8 Dec 2018
06:32:14@_discord_186978154836000768:t2bot.ioSkunkape joined the room.
11 Dec 2018
05:35:19@_discord_186978154836000768:t2bot.ioSkunkape changed their display name from Skunkape to Skunkape#8831.
05:35:22@_discord_186978154836000768:t2bot.ioSkunkape changed their display name from Skunkape#8831 to Skunkape.

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