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17 May 2022
@Ryu945:libera.chatRyu945 rdr: I can't let it work automatically as if I don't use the advance menu, I can't set up both hard drives. 22:59:24
@rdr:libera.chatrdroh i have three drives, but i set them up manually after 22:59:58
@rdr:libera.chatrdrbut I use them as storage that survives OS installs23:00:02
@thatcher:libera.chatthatcher joined the room.23:00:15
@Ryu945:libera.chatRyu945rdr: I am having the GUI set both up so that all the fstab and disk encryption stuff works.23:01:16
@rdr:libera.chatrdroh i dont use disk encryption, i dont have a laptop23:01:27
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@z13ik666:fedora.imzik changed their profile picture.23:05:31
@netman64:libera.chatnetman64 joined the room.23:06:08
@netman64:libera.chatnetman64pactl just keeps overwriting my default source and sink with my old source and sink. Im not sure why.23:06:51
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@rdr:libera.chatrdrnetman64: something to do with pipewire maybe?23:14:56
@rdr:libera.chatrdri had issues with mpd until i told it to send audio to pipewire23:15:10
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@netman64:libera.chatnetman64well it looks like my sink uses the pipewire driver now.23:22:25
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@netman64:libera.chatnetman64 ok Im not sure I really like pulse audio, it doesn't like to follow directions 23:26:17
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@netman64:libera.chatnetman64hopefully it will work better once I get my spdif card23:28:40
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