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12 May 2022
@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of MagiDownload Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters by Mya Om.pdf15:41:05
13 May 2022
@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of Magi Forwarded message from channel Library ⊕f Magi🕯
"The timeless brilliance of this exhaustive survey of the best classical writers of antiquity on Pythagoras was first published in 1687 in Thomas Stanley’s massive tome, The History of Philosophy. It remains as contemporary today as it was over three hundred years ago.

The text of the 1687 book has been reset and modernized to make it more accessible to the modern reader. Spelling has been regularized, obsolete words not found in a modern dictionary have been replaced, and contemporary conventions of punctuation have been used.

Biographical sketches of Thomas Stanley and Pythagoras by Manly Palmer Hall, founder of the Philosophical Research Society, have been included, along with a profound overview of Pythagorean philosophy by Platonic scholar Dr. Henry L. Drake.

The extensive Greek language references throughout the text have been corrected and contextualized, and reset in a modern Greek font. Each quotation has been verified with the source document in Greek. An extensive annotated appendix of these classical sources is included. A complete bibliography details all the reference works utilized, and a small Glossary defines a number of terms, especially those from musical theory, which may be unfamiliar to the non-technical reader."
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@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of Magi Forwarded message from channel Library ⊕f Magi🕯
"Pythagoras: His Life and Teachings" by Thomas Stanley
@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of MagiDownload Pythagoras. His Life and Teachings by Thomas Stanley.epub02:19:05
@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of MagiDownload Pythagoras. His Life and Teachings by Thomas Stanley.pdf02:19:05
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@telegram_5244674150:t2bot.ioamitalia brownRequest pls09:50:32
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@telegram_409807336:t2bot.io࿐Niatoos NasibiCasting magick by yor mind please10:31:16
@telegram_409807336:t2bot.io࿐Niatoos NasibiDownload 👋 (waving hand sign)10:31:26
@telegram_409807336:t2bot.io࿐Niatoos NasibiOr any similar book10:57:43
@telegram_409807336:t2bot.io࿐Niatoos NasibiPlease10:57:54
@telegram_409807336:t2bot.io࿐Niatoos NasibiDownload 👋 (waving hand sign)10:58:07
@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of Magi Forwarded message from channel Library ⊕f Magi🕯
"Why would a Witch who practices magick write something called The Un-Spell Book? To help other magickal people understand that the spellcaster is the true source of magickal power, not fancy props or elaborate rituals. The exercises and techniques in this one of a kind guide will help you understand and master the essentials behind all successful magick—your own focus, will, and energy.

Both beginning spellcasters and experienced Witches who want to boost the success rate of their magickal workings will benefit from this engaging, step by step book. You'll learn how to:
Raise, direct, and release energy
Clearly define the intent of your spell
Choose trigger words that act as magickal shortcuts
Empower spells by connecting to many forms of energy
Create and use thought constructs
Work with elementals

Once you've learned how to direct your own magickal power, you can cast effective spells anytime and anywhere—no spellbook required!"
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Download image.jpeg
@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of Magi Forwarded message from channel Library ⊕f Magi🕯
"The Un-Spell Book: Energy Essentials for Mastering Magick" by Mya Om (alternate rip)
@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of MagiDownload The Un-Spell Book by Mya Om.epub15:42:05
@telegram_1254725481:t2bot.ioLibrary of MagiDownload The Un-Spell Book by Mya Om.pdf15:42:05
14 May 2022
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16 May 2022
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@telegram_409807336:t2bot.io࿐Niatoos NasibiThe universe and multiple reality: a physical explanation for manifesting magick and miracle19:22:02
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