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17 Jan 2019
15:13:57@_slack_biohackspace_U09AY0Y83:matrix.orgoni Pretty cool stuff
18 Jan 2019
23:05:01@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Oh dear. I did something wrong with the worktop order. I was expecting it monday. I’ll have to re-order and that will give us an idea of completion. I will admit to post xmas/ny laziness as well.
23:06:30@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Something needed plumbing in and the the water pipes are ready. Who knows what it is, what it looks like, where it is, so we can make holes in the appropriate places.
21 Jan 2019
10:57:25@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechton Thanks for the updates Paul. Things like this always take longer than expected so no worries on the delay I'd say.
12:08:17@_slack_biohackspace_UDY9T4WL8:matrix.orggonzalezpolledo just a comment to say thanks and cheer on, paul, really looking forward to getting projects started. Thanks for the updates
12:08:18@_slack_biohackspace_UDY9T4WL8:matrix.orggonzalezpolledo changed their profile picture.
22 Jan 2019
15:15:08@_slack_biohackspace_U0ET00A5Q:matrix.orgthomasmeany changed their profile picture.
15:15:09@_slack_biohackspace_U0ET00A5Q:matrix.orgthomasmeany Hey All, Just sharing some upcoming events from OpenCell. Feel free to join!
15:15:23@_slack_biohackspace_U0ET00A5Q:matrix.orgthomasmeany https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/open-cell-open-thursday-workshops-talk-by-materiom-tickets-55127247080
15:15:31@_slack_biohackspace_U0ET00A5Q:matrix.orgthomasmeany https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/book-launch-zero-to-genetic-engineering-hero-tickets-55130323281
23 Jan 2019
12:07:42@_slack_biohackspace_UCK3NAS1E:matrix.orgskylabstatus changed their profile picture.
12:07:42@_slack_biohackspace_UCK3NAS1E:matrix.orgskylabstatus Biohacking team - I'm no longer affiliated with London Hackspace, but I think you now have some good momentum and connection back to LHS at this point. I wish you all the best and hope you have a lot of fun and stimulating experiments at the new space. Take care to all of you.
12:19:21@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Every success on your return to the states at a strange time. It’s been good knowing you briefly and you have made a huge contribution that will be long remembered not least for the amazinf classroom but also for giving us a mick in the bum to get the lab running again. I’ll name a test tube after you. And thanks for the all the burgers :+1::+1::+1:
12:21:05@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp Thanks for all your help!! And as 4BMSGS9W the "kick up the bum!"
6 Feb 2019
17:14:14@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Biolab workbench surface being delivered Monday! We’re moving again! We were held up by the backdoor being out of action but I heard last week it was fixed. I’ll let you know when we’re finishing soon.
7 Feb 2019
16:12:09@_slack_biohackspace_U09AY0Y83:matrix.orgoni https://twitter.com/bldgblog/status/895728956724322304
16:12:22@_slack_biohackspace_U09AY0Y83:matrix.orgoni biohackspace you have work to do! 😄
8 Feb 2019
14:29:18@_slack_biohackspace_U7XQFQTD3:matrix.orgyblueofficial Hi guys is there a working incubator at the biohackspace? If so what brand and model? Thanks
10 Feb 2019
13:54:50@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Message on the hackspace mailing list:
13:55:02@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Hi would the space (or anyone) have any use for a dehydrator? I have one at home which unsurprisingly hasn't seen any use in the last 5+ years
19:58:54@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus The hackspace 10th birthday party this afternoon was very successful though we could have done with more biohackers putting in an experience. It was a chance for me to finalise lab plans with the guys I needed to see, so the end is in sight. One of those plans is the heating, the lab space is particularly freezing at the moment! More to follow. Bench top delivery tomorrow morning 9am, such joy.
11 Feb 2019
10:48:28@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechton hooray for new bench top (assuming delivery happened as planned)
13 Feb 2019
14:26:52@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Yes everything was delivered. We’re getting close. One of the woodworkers has volunteered to help me cut one of the pieces on saturday morning. Hokes in wall and ceiling have been filled, just a few things left to do, main one is the floor, which is just filling some patches and painting with inpermeable non-slip paint.
14:28:12@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Can you give me the name/number if that ikea shelving unit you posted please?
15 Feb 2019
23:16:22@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Hell of a job getting the old worktop full of holes and slits put today, but we got there in the end. New worktop in tomorrow, floor mid-week next week. So time finally (shame about the delays) to organise unpacking. There be a few spots that need paint touching up but that can be done any time. So 23rd onwards for unpacking.
23:41:02@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Out today, not put!
16 Feb 2019
14:59:55@_slack_biohackspace_U4BMSGS9W:matrix.orgpaniscus Not bad for 3 hours work. We all owe Stephen O’Brian a round of applause for some pretty good hand eye coordination on a final bot of tricky cutting.
17 Feb 2019
09:07:46@_slack_biohackspace_U7XQFQTD3:matrix.orgyblueofficial Hi guys does anyone know what brand and model the Shaking Orbital Incubator is ?

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