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6 Oct 2017
9 Oct 2017
@_slack_biohackspace_U045KMDJP:matrix.orgwzddOn Wednesday I was thinking we could do a little gel electrophoresis18:36:00
@_slack_biohackspace_U7EGNMLQP:matrix.orgajlaffere joined the room.19:09:56
@_slack_biohackspace_U7EGNMLQP:matrix.orgajlaffereThat would be really interesting!19:09:56
12 Oct 2017
@_slack_biohackspace_U1S3PQ72Q:matrix.orgixdapAnd it's rhesus negative day on #woo today. Remember ... everything *IS* connected!14:29:21
@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtollandis libgen still a thing?, I can't find a mirror22:38:37
@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechtonsci-hub.cc is the go to these days22:39:18
@_slack_biohackspace_U04AX6UP4:matrix.orgbioscisamhttp://gen.lib.rus.ec/ works with a proxy too sometimes23:34:38
@_slack_biohackspace_U04AX6UP4:matrix.orgbioscisamstill useful for books23:35:12
13 Oct 2017
@_slack_biohackspace_U0V5WQ9EK:matrix.orgmaxswinscowHello everyone...does the pressure cooker do a good job of sterilisation? Is it as simple as close the lid and turn on heat pad?12:27:32
@_slack_biohackspace_U0V5WQ9EK:matrix.orgmaxswinscowWith water in of course 12:27:52
@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechtonIt doesn't get quite as hot as a proper autoclave but if you're sterilising media it should be able to boil it and so should definitely be sterile13:10:27
@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechtonNew autoclave was ordered last night so should be on its way from China13:11:03
@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechtonProbably 3 weeks before it arrives though13:11:29
@_slack_biohackspace_U7EGNMLQP:matrix.orgajlafferetolland libgen.io does work on some connections but it's very ISP dependent. I access it fine on eduroam (UK University Wifi). You can also try http://b-ok.org/.15:11:56
17 Oct 2017
@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtollandweird, I got an email asking to license the footage from the dinos21:23:01
@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtolland"Hi Tom, I'm working on a Kickstarter project at the moment and would be interested in using this footage in our launch video. Please contact me if you would be open to licensing it for our purposes. Thanks!"21:23:13
@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtollandI said they could use it for anything under the CC attribution license, but they came back with21:23:31
@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtolland"Hi Tom, Please review the licensing agreement attached to this email. This is just a template we've been using for other licensing contracts, so feel free to let us know if you find any terms objectionable or have any questions. Although you've offered the video on YouTube under a CC license, we would like to extend an offer of compensation. If that's of interest, would you kindly advise us of a monetary value you would consider fair? Thanks again, Kevin"21:23:46
@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtollandfor reference it was that one; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUX4PpBc7nk21:25:14
@_slack_biohackspace_U04AX6UP4:matrix.orgbioscisamask for a £million and work down from there21:29:45
@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtollandare there any dinos left? I think with some staining I might be able to do better21:30:47
@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtollandthose things that emit the light must be stainable, but they are all transparent21:31:25
18 Oct 2017
@shawnshine:matrix.orgJean Michel joined the room.03:45:56
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@_slack_biohackspace_U045KMDJP:matrix.orgwzddI'm afraid I don't think there is good news regarding the dinoflagellates.06:56:34

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