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17 Mar 2020
16:18:55@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechton awww
16:19:00@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechton they look cute
20 Mar 2020
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21 Mar 2020
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23 Mar 2020
21:26:51@_slack_biohackspace_UKDU171QD:matrix.orgclauajanpi Just in case someone missed out the email.
21:27:28@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtolland is there anything in the incuabtors that might cause a problem?
21:28:42@_slack_biohackspace_US3LCQ98U:matrix.orgl.varsani When I checked yesterday, they were both empty and off.
21:28:48@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtolland great!
21:29:23@_slack_biohackspace_U045K7805:matrix.orgtolland I doubt it would be a good idea to leave a shaking incubator on for 3 weeks continuous. though I suspect they have the engineering to take it
21:37:59@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch That's good, anyone who has access to the meetup account should probably cancel the event as well just in case
24 Mar 2020
23:41:44@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICISE OR SHARE YET but could you sign this petition please: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/309566/sponsors/new?token=Y-e8ppqUhqfgPGywTSup 🙂 Petition content: Companies are refusing to build ventilators because they fear being sued Protect companies and people trying to help in the battle against Covid-19 from being sued. Extra ventilators will save lives. But many are not being built, tested or delivered to medical staff because of fear of litigation. This will result in unnecessary deaths. Prosecuting fraudulent behaviour is still necessary but as a front line doctor just told me “We’re in World War 3, yet people are acting like it’s a dinner party!”
25 Mar 2020
10:37:44@_slack_biohackspace_U045J0G0R:matrix.orgjim We (Teesside Hackspace) offered to make masks, face shields, open source ventilators etc for our local hospital, but they told us they couldn’t accept them for liability reasons…
10:54:10@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechton maybe i'm being thick but I can't see the actual petition - just the sign p page
26 Mar 2020
19:05:48@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp No it’s only sign up at the moment… But I’ve got 5 now so hopefully they’ll review it shortly. Thanks for trying brother!
19:05:53@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp 047HN45P
27 Mar 2020
17:39:05@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp https://matthewmcateer.me/blog/lessons-learned-from-shutting-down-my-anti-aging-company/
17:54:26@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp 045J0G0R yeah it is ridiculous… I’d be tempted just to walk in with a box and leave in their doctors’ / nurse’ mess.
17:55:02@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp Also I would still make them because a) if they run out, they could use them… and almost certainly would use them
17:55:12@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp Also b) they could be shipped to a country that needs them to most.
17:56:36@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp Finally face shields are surely easier to guarantee they do their intended job… like it’s a bit of clear plastic to stop droplets… face masks ok, that’s a lot more complex and if you have a bunch of N95 material around it might be better to send to a factory that’s tooled up for making masks.
18:27:07@_slack_biohackspace_UKDU171QD:matrix.orgclauajanpi So yeah if anyone wants to help a part from doing the isolation this is a great idea as well 👌 🌟 💚
19:48:41@_slack_biohackspace_UKDU171QD:matrix.orgclauajanpi https://www.designboom.com/design/engineers-hack-scuba-masks-to-use-as-ventilators-03-26-2020/
29 Mar 2020
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30 Mar 2020
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09:41:56@_slack_biohackspace_U0KAZNT8R:matrix.orgdr_dnnesbeth Haven't been on here for a while. Great to see that LBHS lives on!
10:30:24@_slack_biohackspace_U047HN45P:matrix.orgczechton oh hi darren!
31 Mar 2020
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1 Apr 2020
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3 Apr 2020
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4 Apr 2020
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