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12 Sep 2020
@_slack_biohackspace_UR1AHL4V6:matrix.orgdavidclaytonqmul Then they can leave in the bin 07:46:12
@_slack_biohackspace_UR1AHL4V6:matrix.orgdavidclaytonqmul Cant do weekdays because busy. Can do a friday evening or weekend 012GPTQJJ2 07:49:06
13 Sep 2020
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd R1AHL4V6 thanks, will check with the others and come back to you, thanks 11:06:07
14 Sep 2020
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@_slack_biohackspace_U019VD8EKA5:matrix.orgjacobs.phillips Gene doping or gym membership.... such hard decisions 22:33:43
15 Sep 2020
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd Would this coming Friday work R1AHL4V6 please? or Saturday morning? 09:53:36
@_slack_biohackspace_UR1AHL4V6:matrix.orgdavidclaytonqmul Friday evening would work 12:31:44
@_slack_biohackspace_U019G2B218A:matrix.orgalonbraun have a look at this 13:28:32
@_slack_biohackspace_U019G2B218A:matrix.orgalonbraun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRrqbvUv6gQ 13:28:33
@_slack_biohackspace_U019G2B218A:matrix.orgalonbraun this is already approved drug 13:28:48
@_slack_biohackspace_U019G2B218A:matrix.orgalonbraun there are like 10 13:28:57
@_slack_biohackspace_U019G2B218A:matrix.orgalonbraun https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/cellular-gene-therapy-products/approved-cellular-and-gene-therapy-products 13:29:14
@_slack_biohackspace_U019G2B218A:matrix.orgalonbraun here is example of company that is in this direction 13:34:47
@_slack_biohackspace_U019G2B218A:matrix.orgalonbraun http://aavogen.com 13:34:48
@_slack_biohackspace_U019G2B218A:matrix.orgalonbraun thousands of them are in the pipeline 13:35:10
@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp Love it. Thanks 019G2B218A! 14:08:18
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd R1AHL4V6 great! What time would you be available? the earlier the better if possible 18:02:49
16 Sep 2020
@_slack_biohackspace_UR1AHL4V6:matrix.orgdavidclaytonqmul 7:30pm is the earliest i can promise on friday 05:20:59
17 Sep 2020
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@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd ok, can make 7.30 work, thanks 🙂 would Saturday morning be better? if not can stick with Friday👍🏽 11:40:22
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd R1AHL4V6 11:40:31
@neutrino-:matrix.orgneutrino- joined the room.12:46:38
@_slack_biohackspace_UR1AHL4V6:matrix.orgdavidclaytonqmul Cool that works 13:28:23
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd great, we'll see you at the biohackspace at 7.30 tomorrow then. thanks 17:29:42
21 Sep 2020
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22 Sep 2020
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd Hey Everyone, I'm going to be becoming a member of the Hackspace and BioHackspace asap, is it possible to arrange an induction please? Thanks so much Ruth 08:45:13
@_slack_biohackspace_U06G73G65:matrix.orgajp Hey 012GPTQJJ2! Welcome. Good to hear it 🙂 I think R1AHL4V6 is around the lab much more at the moment. I’m not attending due to SARS-2, the risk of public transport etc is not worth it in my mind. What kind of project are you thinking of working on? Typically ASAP and DIY-bio are not in the same sentence… even rapidly multiplying E. coli take days to give you a result 😛 10:03:22
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd Hi, yea the asap was more about getting an induction sooner rather than later because i'm aware bio based stuff takes so much time! D.C explained the lab so well and was really helpful, but he mentioned i would need a H&S induction before i could work in the lab? 10:05:27
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd I'm interested in cultivating bacteria and microorganisms that create pigment that could have textile dyeing properties 10:06:01
@_slack_biohackspace_U012GPTQJJ2:matrix.orgruth.lloyd yea transport wise i'm only a 30 min cycle away so it's ideal location wise for me 10:06:26

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