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25 Dec 2019
16:01:10@_slack_biohackspace_UR1AHL4V6:matrix.orgdavidclaytonqmul yeah merry christmas
23:41:02@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch Merry Christmas!
23:42:00@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch I love the photo! Where did you find it?
26 Dec 2019
12:07:43@_slack_biohackspace_UKDU171QD:matrix.orgclauajanpi cool, I typed on Google sciency merry christmas or something like that haha
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30 Dec 2019
09:01:54@citen:matrix.org@citen:matrix.org joined the room.
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22:05:02@_slack_biohackspace_U84MMSGKS:matrix.orgdwmoolman Hi all. This might be a question already answered , but how does parking work at the hackspace ?
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4 Jan 2020
08:32:06@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch Hi 84MMSGKS a third of the parking lot is reserved for the Hackspace. You will need the code to unlock the gate which can be found under the 'access' menu when you log into the Hackspace website. You can tell which ones is reserved for the Hackspace as there will be a sign by the parking bay with the Hackspace logo
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6 Jan 2020
14:07:38@_slack_biohackspace_US91S0205:matrix.orgalisakustikova joined the room.
14:07:38@_slack_biohackspace_US91S0205:matrix.orgalisakustikova Hi, I am filming a movie about the biohacking movement in the UK. My idea is to make a series of 10-min interviews with the people who are experimenting with implants, blood tests, chemicals, and etc. If it works for you, please drop me a message (and I will invite you for filming)
14:44:07@_slack_biohackspace_USCGN1763:matrix.orgalex.martin.16 joined the room.
14:44:07@_slack_biohackspace_USCGN1763:matrix.orgalex.martin.16 Hi all! I'm a student at University College London (UCL) doing a project on the differences in protein expression methods between citizen scientists and academics at UCL. I visited the Hackspace as part of a synthetic biology module, and enjoyed it so much I got inspired to take on this project because of it! As such, I was hoping that someone who conducts protein expression might be able to answer some of my short questions on the topic of cell-free and cell-based expression systems either by phone, email or slack 🙂 In case you would like to email me directly, my address is alex.martin.16@ucl.ac.uk - thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide, look forward to hearing from you!
7 Jan 2020
22:27:11@_slack_biohackspace_UH14CQNUB:matrix.orgniglew I spoke to a biohacker on Saturday about the darkroom stuff that is getting in the way, but can't remember who it was! I have heard back from Phil that collection is provisionally arranged for Monday afternoon/evening.
8 Jan 2020
10:58:54@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch Hey Nigel, that was me
10:59:11@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch Thanks for arranging that and giving us the heads up!
9 Jan 2020
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10 Jan 2020
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18:12:04@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch Do we need a bug barn for outreach?
18:12:37@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch I saw it today in a charity store
13 Jan 2020
16:36:10@_slack_biohackspace_UH14CQNUB:matrix.orgniglew Latest update from Phil: "Meeting Blanca tonight to sort out/remove darkroom stuff." so you should have your space back tonight.
14 Jan 2020
01:12:21@_slack_biohackspace_UH14CQNUB:matrix.orgniglew the darkroom stuff should all be gone by noe
01:13:08@_slack_biohackspace_UH14CQNUB:matrix.orgniglew now, thank you all for tolerating it cluttering up your lab for as long as it did.
01:20:11@_slack_biohackspace_UH14CQNUB:matrix.orgniglew That bug barn looks rather small, but not even close to how small the unit of area that Barn is 🙂 For a mere £4.99 it looks like a good thing to have on the shelf to me.
01:23:05@_slack_biohackspace_UH14CQNUB:matrix.orgniglew If there are any Biohackspace projects that could do with some electronics expertise then let me know, it is the day job.
16 Jan 2020
18:51:18@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch Thanks for the heads up H14CQNUB !
18 Jan 2020
16:19:54@_slack_biohackspace_ULU1TAVMK:matrix.orgdarigovresearch I can confirm that the items have been removed!

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