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19 Oct 2021
@nirik:libera.chatnirik I don't think it got to the lists... 17:29:56
@nirik:libera.chatnirikI think it went to mailman admins?17:30:02
@nirik:libera.chatnirikInfra/Releng standup in #fedora-meeting-3 for any interested parties. This is where we triage new issues, discuss plans and any other items that have come up.18:00:25
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaowe have a bunch of static websites scattered around, would it be better to group all the build in the same namespace, or keep them separated (as one site = one namespace)?22:06:32
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaothey all follow the same build logic (build on sundries, then sync with proxies) so I would say one namespace for all would be easier22:07:20
@darknao:libera.chatdarknaoand we already have one pv for getfedora (/srv/websites on sundries) that we could use for all others22:08:15
@eddiejennings:libera.chateddiejenningsbtw, found the files related to 10276 https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/ansible/blob/main/f/roles/supybot nirik22:08:38
@eddiejennings:libera.chateddiejennings Tonight = Project 1999 Everquest weekly plane of sky raid. Tomorrow I'll get started with the troubleshooting 22:08:57
@darknao:libera.chatdarknao i don't know if there is any organisational rules about namespaces separation here 22:09:26
@nirik:libera.chatnirik darknao: one namespace sounds reasonable, but yes, there's no hard rule there. We may at some point want to rethink websites pipeline to make it more standard and nicer... but thats a larger discussion 22:25:44
@nirik:libera.chatnirikeddiejennings: cool.22:25:59
@eddiejennings:fedora.imEddie Jennings, Jr.Since I'm on my Windows box for Project 1999 Everquest, I figure I'll give the Matrix web chat some love :D23:09:42
20 Oct 2021
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@zodbot:libera.chatzodbot PROBLEM - db01.iad2.fedoraproject.org/Disk_Space_/ is WARNING: DISK WARNING - free space: / 72498 MiB (14.58% inode=100%): (noc01) 01:55:23
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