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21 Sep 2023
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioCommissar Normal Man At least it's not gay ! 16:15:21
@_discord_361893508979621888:t2bot.iothymer idk femdom is kinda gay too 16:47:01
@_discord_361893508979621888:t2bot.iothymer not as gay but also kinda gay 16:47:28
@_discord_213776887296557058:t2bot.ioThe charming fella in question: Just post oily, feminine asses twerking and we'll call it your repentance 17:27:32
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioCommissar Normal Man I'd say femdom is straight but beta 18:28:58
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioCommissar Normal Man Wanting to dominate a failed male is gay but kinda alpha tbh 18:29:22
@_discord_1018246762756055081:t2bot.io.gentooman What in fucks name am i reading 19:12:45
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22 Sep 2023
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@_discord_1120406884139143319:t2bot.iovir2814 changed their display name from vir2814 to vir2814#0.18:39:42
@_discord_1120406884139143319:t2bot.iovir2814 changed their display name from vir2814#0 to vir2814.18:39:43
@_discord_999560366520541194:t2bot.ioTaha☠ That's quite uncentrist if u 23:23:29
23 Sep 2023
@_discord_180884110271578112:t2bot.ioblackhawk342 theres no point in posting straight porn, gay porn is only used for shock value 06:00:01
@_discord_180884110271578112:t2bot.ioblackhawk342 no one looks in a degenerate channel and goes "oh no exposed boobs, i dont want to see this! get it out of here!" 06:02:57
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioCommissar Normal Man The shock value is kinda lost after a year of posting femboy shit 09:33:38
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioCommissar Normal Man I think man's just into it 09:33:44
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioCommissar Normal Man The porn channel needs a hero..... 09:34:06
@unforsaken12111:matrix.org15 m gay femboiDownload 1000005629.mp410:25:55
@unforsaken12111:matrix.org15 m gay femboi changed their profile picture.10:44:01
@_discord_707536778248192021:t2bot.iofailedclown Glad to see jonah still posts too 11:02:43
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@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioCommissar Normal Man Jonah wonders why I'm so skeptical of the schizo bot.... 16:21:14
@clarkson:plan9.rocksJonahYou're always skeptical, yet you call me schizo16:26:13
24 Sep 2023
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@mikewilli:matrix.orgmikewilliRedacted or Malformed Event01:21:36
@_discord_180884110271578112:t2bot.ioblackhawk342 Stared into the abyss too long 03:32:40

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