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6 Dec 2018
14:03:31@freenode_ekardnam:matrix.orgekardnam i'd like to contribute to the python implementation i saw starting on github of ipfs, is there a dedicated chan ?
15:24:46@freenode_iain__:matrix.orgiain__ changed their display name from iain__ (IRC) to iain__.
15:56:36@freenode_fiatjaf:matrix.orgfiatjaf dokterbob, no
15:57:03@freenode_fiatjaf:matrix.orgfiatjaf dokterbob, only if you want to accept direct connections, but people will still reach you if you manage to connect to other nodes from the .Bootstrap list
16:45:11@_discord_512702525883940885:swedneck.xyzaphelionz Gateway round up! I'm making a new post where i list some example gateways. I have ipfs.io, infura, CloudFlare, who else?
16:46:45@_discord_512702525883940885:swedneck.xyzaphelionz 👍
17:15:20@_discord_512702525883940885:swedneck.xyzaphelionz https://mrh.io/mrhio-ipfs-hosting/
17:48:04@freenode_AphelionZ:matrix.orgAphelionZ fiatjaf: I'll add it
18:27:44@lessneek:matrix.orgLessneek joined the room.
18:32:09@freenode_xelra:matrix.orgxelra I've seen that someone has started to put Wikipedia on ipfs. Is the actual Wikipedia using ipfs resources at this time? Maybe this would cut cost for them, so they don't have to beg for money every few months.
18:49:50@apothan:matrix.orgRumblestiltskin xelra: Wikipedia on IPFS would be a greart way to make them more efficient but I am not sure how they would deal with modifying and updating pages.
18:52:06@freenode_xelra:matrix.orgxelra Something along the lines of loading resources from the ipfs resource, when you go to wikipedia.org and as soon as you log in and hit the edit button, you're on the actual server that will in turn feed the ipfs resource? Loop closed.
18:53:47@freenode_xelra:matrix.orgxelraThen instead of begging for money, Wikipedia could ask people to run nodes on their servers.
18:54:37@freenode_xelra:matrix.orgxelra From someone like me, they'd get something much more valuable than I would ever be willing to spend in cash.
18:56:13@freenode_ToxicFrog:matrix.orgToxicFrog Just moving Wikimedia resources to IPFS would probably be easier, since the editing system can automatically rewrite resource name <-> IPFS hash at edit time, and if something went wrong with IPFS or it was loading slowly the rest of the page would still work.
19:00:31@freenode_xelra:matrix.orgxelraVery true. Anyone here actually part of the Wikipedia dev team?
19:23:31@freenode_chiui:matrix.orgchiuianybody has been playing with service workers + IPFS?
19:24:36@freenode_chiui:matrix.orgchiuiasking because they came to my mind in the wikipedia discussion, especially as they can be run server side too (e.g. cloudflare)
19:59:19@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swednecksomeone help me figure this out: QmXjEBt9bHvEJLxGNbSxFHqT2qnQtET5PXUKjH63M35Umr shows up fine when i load it via a gateway explicitly, but my domain which is CNAME'd to cloudflare-ipfs.com doesn't show index.html
19:59:51@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneck cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmXjEBt9bHvEJLxGNbSxFHqT2qnQtET5PXUKjH63M35Umr also works fine
21:12:28@freenode_BenLubar:matrix.orgBenLubar I'm trying to use ipfs-pack and it's said "10.70 GB / 11.09 GB [...] 96.50% 36.09 MB/s 10s" for about fifteen minutes now with no changes to its output
21:13:01@freenode_BenLubar:matrix.orgBenLubaris there something that happens near the end of the process, or is it actually stuck?
21:24:58@freenode_BenLubar:matrix.orgBenLubarhmm, whatever it was stuck on seems to have gone away
21:25:11@freenode_BenLubar:matrix.orgBenLubarnow it says 11.08 GB / 11.09 GB[...] 99.95% 4.53 MB/s 1s
21:25:24@freenode_BenLubar:matrix.orgBenLubar I assume it's doing the directory structure or something like that right now
21:36:24@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckok now i'm even more confused, linuxgaming.life/index.html works, but just the domain shows me the index of the hash
21:45:29@freenode_deltab:matrix.orgdeltabseems okay now, at least to me
21:48:47@_discord_512702525883940885:swedneck.xyzaphelionz fiatjaf: what is the full URL for the eternum gateway?

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