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25 May 2018
12:30:58@freenode_ToxicFrog:matrix.orgToxicFrog (IRC)Oops.
14:15:48@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC) Is that supposed to work? I thought the JS and Go implementations weren't compatible…
14:17:47@freenode_ToxicFrog:matrix.orgToxicFrog (IRC) JCaesar: that was the case a while, AFAIK they should be protocol-compatible now even if they don't have feature/API parity
14:17:51@freenode_ToxicFrog:matrix.orgToxicFrog (IRC)*a while ago.
14:18:08@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC) joined the room.
14:18:29@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC) So I suppose js-ipfs still doesn't have content routing?
14:29:56@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC) That's what I'm seeing. NodeJS peers communicate fine. Browser peers communicate fine. NodeJS and Browser peers do not.
14:30:46@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC)I thing the relay addition was a work around
14:30:51@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC)*think
14:42:06@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC) I'm getting Circuit not enabled (which I assume is a dial error) when trying to connect my js-ipfs node to my go ipfs node
14:43:01@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC) This is the syntax that I'm using:
14:43:14@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC) node.swarm.connect("/ip4/"...
14:43:30@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC) I've also tried the outside ip address
14:43:43@freenode_ChrisMatthieu_:matrix.orgChrisMatthieu_ (IRC)even though both nodes are on the same localhost
15:03:03@freenode_r0kk3rz:matrix.orgr0kk3rz (IRC)some modems are unhappy with an excessive amount of connections
15:07:11@freenode_r0kk3rz:matrix.orgr0kk3rz (IRC)its something thats been common for years with anyone using bittorrent
15:09:27@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC)keith_analog: try the lowpower profile, I guess?
15:18:20@freenode_r0kk3rz:matrix.orgr0kk3rz (IRC)keith_analog: its part of the ipfs config
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26 May 2018
00:13:19@freenode_Guest71713:matrix.orgGuest71713 (IRC) joined the room.
00:13:21@freenode_Guest71713:matrix.orgGuest71713 (IRC) Minere BTC enquanto navega e trabalha sem deixar o pc lentão. https://getcryptotab.com/718967 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luzqQN3kL4g&t=166s
00:16:54* @cdelisle:matrix.xwiki.comcjd🔒 imagines the poor guy who just finished his crap MLM mining software and ... price is tanking
00:18:17@freenode_cjd:matrix.orgcjd (IRC) Guest71713: make it mine monero, it's more profitable on a PC
00:18:29@freenode_cjd:matrix.orgcjd (IRC) spam us when you're done
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