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15 Jul 2018
01:42:55@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC) ah yes but i'm in toronto!
01:43:03@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netdarkdrgn2kHahaha yeh I k ow the feeling
01:43:05@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC)so see you tomorrow :)
01:43:11@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netdarkdrgn2kI had to do. some family stuff this pm...
01:43:32@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netdarkdrgn2kand I been sitting here like a zombie... few long nights.. after a few long weeks :p
01:43:46@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netdarkdrgn2kyes tomorrow :thumb:
03:40:34@shibayashi:matrix.orgshibayashi joined the room.
04:50:02@freenode_JustaFriendlyAwo:matrix.orgJustaFriendlyAwo (IRC) joined the room.
04:50:06@freenode_JustaFriendlyAwo:matrix.orgJustaFriendlyAwo (IRC)Hi does anyone here know if, for a filecoin implementation, if you seal data D to get replica R, the IPFS reference of D and R are the same?
04:50:21@freenode_JustaFriendlyAwo:matrix.orgJustaFriendlyAwo (IRC) I don't think so, but if the answer is no, I'm not certain how IPFS and filecoin are meant to work together
04:51:14@freenode_JustaFriendlyAwo:matrix.orgJustaFriendlyAwo (IRC)Because D and R have to be the same file, to have the same hash in order for the network to know to reference R as D
04:58:47@freenode_JustaFriendlyAwo:matrix.orgJustaFriendlyAwo (IRC) Sorry, I'm kind of a n00b at anything CS related.
05:23:17@trilobyte:matrix.orgtrilobyte joined the room.
12:03:13@mdrights:matrix.orgmdrights changed their profile picture.
13:04:57@trilobyte:matrix.orgtrilobyte removed their profile picture.
13:05:49@trilobyte:matrix.orgtrilobyte set a profile picture.
14:29:39@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netdarkdrgn2k sigh ipns is slow again:/
14:33:58@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckwhen isn't it?
14:35:07@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netdarkdrgn2kwhen is what?
15:08:36@omichalek:matrix.orgomichalek joined the room.
15:30:56@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckwhen isn't ipns slow
15:36:31@freenode_lidel:matrix.orglidel (IRC)2019
15:36:38@freenode_lidel:matrix.orglidel (IRC)(:D)
17:33:24@swedneck:matrix.orgswedneckWould it be possible to run a node in termux on the phone?
18:01:20@omichalek:matrix.orgomichalek set their display name to omichalek.
18:35:45@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netdarkdrgn2kTalk "Protocol Tactics" now streaming at http://ournetworks.ca/livestream/
18:56:57@freenode_lidel:matrix.orglidel (IRC) Lars! <3
19:05:06@freenode_r0kk3rz:matrix.orgr0kk3rz (IRC)lgierth: i would say that protocol discovery handshaking and multiaddr is just a different strategy for achieving the same thing

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