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18 Dec 2018
18:06:38@freenode_fiatjaf:matrix.orgfiatjaf I'm having a huge pain trying to fetch something that is only stored on that node from a gateway
18:06:52@freenode_fiatjaf:matrix.orgfiatjafbut if I connect my own node to it directly I can fetch things instantly
19:22:41@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckoh right the node address too
19:54:43@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckanyone know what the status of IPFS in neocities is?
20:09:34@freenode_cubemonkey:matrix.orgcubemonkey changed their display name from cubemonkey (IRC) to cubemonkey.
20:12:26@magik6k:matrix.orgmagik6k kyledrake: ^
20:20:59@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckit seems to work, albeit reeeeeeally slowly
20:37:48@jaysonlg:matrix.orgjaysonlg joined the room.
20:51:28@freenode_fiatjaf:matrix.orgfiatjaf thanks, @swedneck
21:06:42@freenode_cubemonkey:matrix.orgcubemonkeyor not
21:10:47@freenode_cubemonkey:matrix.orgcubemonkey ┬┐Is this just a general IPFS discussion and announcement channel..? I'm looking for something along the lines of an official tutorial - if there is one. Thanks.
21:11:24@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckthere are docs at https://docs.ipfs.io
21:11:31@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckbut feel free to ask for help in here as well
21:24:49@_discord_391626210968600586:swedneck.xyzgreenLion joined the room.
21:24:52@_discord_391626210968600586:swedneck.xyzgreenLion changed their profile picture.
21:34:10@freenode_BenLubar:matrix.orgBenLubar Does anyone know why there's a huge delay between "ipfs add" adding the last file and adding the first directory?
23:37:43@carsonfarmer:matrix.orgcarsonfarmerok, should be a simple one... but anyone know how i can 'tail' ipfs subsystem logs?
23:38:15@carsonfarmer:matrix.orgcarsonfarmer not ipfs log tail, but say the cmds subsystem?
23:38:23@carsonfarmer:matrix.orgcarsonfarmer one of these ones: ipfs log ls
23:40:49@carsonfarmer:matrix.orgcarsonfarmer cubemonkey: maybe helpful: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC8CEtJ9shDznO1tpvGe--BVEWmCKY9_Z
23:41:03@carsonfarmer:matrix.orgcarsonfarmerslides are available in the comments
23:41:07@carsonfarmer:matrix.orgcarsonfarmerwe put that together and ran it over the summer
19 Dec 2018
00:16:52@freenode_fiatjaf:matrix.orgfiatjafwill the garbage collector delete stuff that is pointed to my local ipns keys?
00:37:54@freenode_cubemonkey:matrix.orgcubemonkey carsonfarmer: Thanks. I'll check it out.
00:50:21@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kis tehre any roadmap to make ipns faster?
00:50:53@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kspecifically lookint at the delay of accessing an ipns host website

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