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25 Sep 2018
11:44:08@bennofs:matrix.orgBenno FünfstückWhat unit is Duration in ipfs log tail events?
11:49:09@bennofs:matrix.orgBenno Fünfstückon4
13:12:18@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC)meh. it would seem that cloudflare hates me… https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipns/mirror.liftm.de/
13:12:33@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC)(ipfs.io and my local gateway resolves it just fine.)
13:13:00@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswedneckit works for me
13:14:30@freenode_lidel:matrix.orglidelJCaesar, after F5 started working: https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipns/mirror.liftm.de/#x-ipfs-companion-no-redirect
13:14:45@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC)oO
13:14:56@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC)I can F5 this however I want to…
13:15:22@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC) That's a CDN for ya, I guess… everyone gets something else.
13:15:27@freenode_lidel:matrix.orglidelnote that cloudflare uses a fork with custom changes related to caching/dns so YMMV
13:15:52@freenode_JCaesar:matrix.orgJCaesar (IRC) Mmh. My dns setup isn't exactly unfunky…
13:40:08@freenode_Mikaela:matrix.orgMikaela (IRC) I am surprised that https://github.com/ipfs/archives/issues/22 doesn't include comment about Microsoft
13:41:56@freenode_Testerbit:matrix.orgTesterbit (IRC) I use IPFS to publish dapps, right now it's pretty manual, wondering if anyone has built a GitHub integration/hook or tool that uploads to IPFS when a new commit is made on a certain branch?
13:45:31@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswedneckgitlab can probably do that
13:48:39@freenode_lidel:matrix.orglidelTesterbit, https://github.com/ipfs/jenkins-libs/blob/master/vars/website.groovy takes care of publishing some of our static websites on PR merge, including DNSLink updates
13:55:39@freenode_zorun_:matrix.orgzorun_ changed their display name from zorun_ (IRC) to zorun_.
14:11:18@bennofs:matrix.orgBenno Fünfstückit looks like Duration is in nanoseconds, in case anyone wants to know the answer to my previous question
14:35:45@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswedneckare there any DNS services for ipfs?
14:37:49@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswednecklike a service that lets me add dnslink entries for my domain easily, and maybe even host IPNS entires like a normal DNS service hosts DNS entries
14:39:24@freenode_Mikaela:matrix.orgMikaela (IRC) Isn't that what CloudFlare recently announced?
14:39:55@freenode_Mikaela:matrix.orgMikaela (IRC)https://www.cloudflare.com/distributed-web-gateway/#connectingyourwebsite
14:40:21@freenode_r0kk3rz:matrix.orgr0kk3rz (IRC)dnslink is not a cloudflare thing
14:42:12@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswedneck i guess that's kind of what cloudflare is doing, but they're not doing near enough for me to use them instead of doing it myself
14:44:46@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswednecki want to add dnslink subdomains by just entering a subdomain name, and the ipfs address it should point to
14:45:39@freenode_r0kk3rz:matrix.orgr0kk3rz (IRC)yeah it would be good to know any DNS registrars with proper dnslink support
14:47:13@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswednecki'd also like a service that treats IPNS like DNS, if that makes sense
14:48:18@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswednecksince you need to refresh IPNS entries every so often, i feel it makes sense to treat them like DNS where it's also refreshed, although for other reasons i believe
14:50:32@freenode_r0kk3rz:matrix.orgr0kk3rz (IRC)you mean a hosted publisher node?
14:54:25@swedneck:swedneck.xyzswednecknot sure how it would work though

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