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20 Feb 2019
22:44:07@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFairThis is basically how encrypted data is stored today
22:44:51@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair markg85: It's actually really fast to use; it's a symmetric key algorithm; basically the same as certain AES modes
22:45:04@aschmahmann:matrix.orgaschmahmannMikeFair: I guess I'm thinking it's just how it goes. If someone wants to snoop on my traffic they probably can and when we start to suspect that a cipher is going bad I will re-encrypt my data with a new cipher. It's expensive to store all my traffic and wait for the cipher to go bad. Same for CAS as other systems.
22:45:07@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFairthe problem/challeng is sharing the decryption secret with you in a way that is safe/secure
22:45:40@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair aschmahmann: Right which means you have to have the ability to reasonably keep your old cypherText out of attackers hands
22:45:58@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair aschmahmann: which blockchain and IPFS actively promote preventing you from doing
22:46:29@aschmahmann:matrix.orgaschmahmannMikeFair: that's not really correct, they keep the "links" alive but someone still has to host the data. That's the expensive part
22:47:31@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair aschmahmann: If I knew the cyphertext contained sensitive data; it's worth paying for it
22:47:49@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair aschmahmann: It's also exactly what my "use HTTP servers for cheap hosted data storage" is actively addressing
22:47:57@aschmahmann:matrix.orgaschmahmannMikeFair: Additionally, if quantum is your concern then use direct connections to distribute your keys since symmetric ciphers aren't really subject to quantum attacks (more than sqrt[n]).
22:48:50@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair aschmahmann: Right, which is another way of saying "can't/don't" use blockchains/ipfs for that comunication
22:49:45@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair aschmahmann: I think you can use encrypted PubSub because data being sent over those channels can "keep up" with the times
22:49:47@aschmahmann:matrix.orgaschmahmannMikeFair: sure, although HTTP, etc. don't help either
22:50:01@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair aschmahmann: it helps for the storage price problem
22:50:26@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFair Most of the really useful encrypted data doesn't take a whole lot of storage
22:50:53@_discord_398336732287991808:swedneck.xyzshoku Postables, lidel, if you could please make me an op here as discussed earlier that’d be cool
22:51:26@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFairThough my personal bet is that over time, this stuff will kind of work itself out
22:51:53@freenode_markg85:matrix.orgmarkg85 I'm sorry, i have to go now
22:51:55@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFairMy honest solution is to make the identities used over the network more ephemeral than they are now
22:52:02@freenode_markg85:matrix.orgmarkg85Thanks for the very interesting conversation :D
22:52:06@freenode_markg85:matrix.orgmarkg85To be continued!
22:52:14@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFairSo you use my fixed address to look up my current active address
22:52:39@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFairand my current active address changes over time to deal with the secrecy protection stuff and my old addresses simply stop being usable
22:53:02@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFairno worries
22:53:04@freenode_MikeFair:matrix.orgMikeFairme too
21 Feb 2019
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