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23 Mar 2018
23:06:57@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)lgierth: you mean that when peers bookmark stuff, they get a local copy they share?
23:07:04@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)or well.. can share
23:07:42@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC) when you access it through your own ipfs node, it'll start seeding the content to the network (unless configured not to)
23:07:41@kythyria:berigora.netkythyriaIf you want to be sure something stays available, you have to arrange for at least one node to stay up, but there's no distinct notion of a server built in to the protocol.
23:07:48@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)hm.. in that case ISPs have an incentive to keep peers for commonly fetched stuff.
23:09:11@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)hm. yep. and if someone else links to the stuff, he may want to keep a copy around, which then also keeps it around.
23:09:45@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC) there's a couple of services where you can pay e.g. USD or bitcoin to have someone pin (=seed) data for you
23:10:04@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC) and there's gonna be filecoin which is its own token for pinning ipfs data
23:14:26@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC) where does ipfs draw a line? It isn't good for interactive chat like IRC, or video call streaming?
23:14:46@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)or live videostreams?
23:16:12@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC)we want it to become good for everything that you can currently do on the web
23:16:22@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC)people have built chat on top of it: http://orbit.chat/
23:16:41@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC) and http://livepeer.org is doing video streaming on libp2p (ipfs's network stack)
23:17:45@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)can it do reddit?
23:18:03@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC)yeah, victorbjelkholm built a forum prototype a while ago
23:19:28@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)how about craigslist/ebay ?
23:20:06@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)well that still needs disputes..
23:20:32@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC) yeah that's where you want an escrow service, payment services, etc.
23:21:03@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC)https://openbazaar.org/ are building a marketplace on ipfs
23:25:54@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)is there a way to search on ipfs?
23:26:39@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC) :) there's people indexing ipfs content into regular centralized search engines like elasticsearch, but the answer is generally yes, although search index data structures *on* ipfs aren't very far developed yet
23:27:03@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC)tr.wikipedia-on-ipfs.org has a very simple search over the article titles
23:27:32@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC) from what i know, nobody has yet tried to do full text search as an ipfs data structure, but it's definitely possible and very very desirable
23:28:42@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC) http://ipfs-search.com/?q=programming&page=0
23:28:48@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)this looks vicious. :)
23:29:32@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC) it doesn't ensure the content is found, but I can see how this could be useful in genera.
23:31:27@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)this could make the web completely impossible to regulate
23:33:23@freenode_Cheery:matrix.orgCheery (IRC)well.. to the extent that you would have to attack individuals to remove content from the web.
23:33:38@freenode_lgierth:matrix.orglgierth (IRC)yep :)
24 Mar 2018
04:19:59@daafuku:matrix.orgdaafuku joined the room.

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