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15 Dec 2017
04:03:36@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokillerwhich is what i run the server on
04:03:48@freenode_whyrusleeping:matrix.orgwhyrusleeping (IRC)huh
04:03:51@freenode_whyrusleeping:matrix.orgwhyrusleeping (IRC)well thats nice
04:06:15@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokilleryep i just wanted to report on how well it works in production and im using the latest version eg 0.4.13
04:06:38@freenode_whyrusleeping:matrix.orgwhyrusleeping (IRC)jfmherokiller[m]: thats great to hear :)
04:06:51@freenode_whyrusleeping:matrix.orgwhyrusleeping (IRC)And as always, let us know if anything isnt quite right
04:07:03@freenode_whyrusleeping:matrix.orgwhyrusleeping (IRC) we're going to have CI for windows pretty soon
04:10:52@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokillergood hopefully i can retire the powershell script i made that compiles it from source and then restarts the windows service replacing the exe once it shuts down
04:12:52@freenode_whyrusleeping:matrix.orgwhyrusleeping (IRC)ooOoo, thats interesting
04:13:48@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokillerit kind of does dirty stuff by abusing a combination of nssm and process hooks
04:18:49@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)jfmherokiller[m]: I think one of the essentials plugins for bukkit handles locking for you
04:18:54@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)when it does backups
04:19:24@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)I remember that it runs a script of your choice
04:19:42@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokilleroh? i dont really use the essentials because it feels like im putting all my eggs in one basket
04:19:46@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)which leads me to believe it probably releases the locks on the minecraft world data while it runs the script
04:25:43@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokillerso i guess if i wanted to make that work all i would need todo is insert "ipfs add --pin=false -Q -r . >> backupList.log"
04:26:43@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)yeah just replace the script essentials gives you with one that puts backups in ipfs store
04:27:05@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)there might be a smaller plugin available with this same functionality, I dunno
04:27:27@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)essentials is a lot of stuff to add for a small vanilla server
04:29:14@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokiller^ thats the reason i prefer not using it the plugin is so big its overwhelming
04:29:57@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)hmm, it seems minecraft servers come with a /save-on and /save-off command
04:30:15@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)you could just... hackily pump those commands into the server stdin
04:32:24@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokillerwell thats not too hard as long as the stdin is running in a powershell window ive been able todo cross window communication in a somewhat workable fashion
04:34:32@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)might be a less horrible way to do that using bukkit http://mcjsonapi.com/apidocs/#server.run_command
04:35:31@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokilleroh that is a much better approach
04:35:53@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)yeah
04:36:09@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokilleralso as a bonus it has a dotnet library that you can just import in powershell
04:36:29@freenode_lord|:matrix.orglord| (IRC)curl the API endpoint to run save-all and then save-off, put backup in ipfs store, then call API to run save-on
04:36:53@jfmherokiller:matrix.orgjfmherokillergonna possibly implement that later

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