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30 Sep 2021
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1 Oct 2021
@torped:librem.onetorped carl: I was doing something unrelated to python when I came across jsPDF which could let you mass produce junk PDF files. There are similar libraries for other file formats. I imagine python could replicate it鈥檚 functionality. 11:21:37
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@carl:bordum.dkcarlThank you11:57:38
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2 Oct 2021
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3 Oct 2021
@carl:bordum.dkcarl \o/ 10:57:47
@carl:bordum.dkcarlI'm not sure I'm using hypothesis effectively. I have a datastructure, and I want to make sure the add function is associative. Looking for feedback: https://dpaste.org/c8DO10:58:43
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4 Oct 2021
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9 Oct 2021
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10 Oct 2021
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11 Oct 2021
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12 Oct 2021
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13 Oct 2021
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14 Oct 2021
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17 Oct 2021
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19 Oct 2021
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20 Oct 2021
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23 Oct 2021
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