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12 Dec 2018
22:24:42@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesinteresting style.
22:25:05@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesnot neccessarily what I would have looked for, but It is probably a very good format for newcomers.
22:25:39@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesapart from the time axis, this could also filter by skillset.
22:26:11@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthes(basically "I know a different language", "I can code", "I know devops", "I can provide legal advice" ...)
22:26:58@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathSo more like https://whatcanidoforfedora.org/ ?
22:27:39@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesand perhaps "I've never used your project but I will provide opinions on everything I think is wrong with it!" (not yet an issue here, but I try and keep the issue trackers clean in some of the projects I use. The audacity of some people is mindbending.)
22:28:15@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesThe fedora thing is also a nice take, but a little too random.
22:28:41@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesbut yes, I love that they put so many thought in all the roles needed in a successful free software project.
22:31:21@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesfunkwhale looks amazing!
22:31:26@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathlol, I just noticed that the funkwhale contribute page has more dependencies than CodiMD xD
22:38:48@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathMhm, got a first build, I'll may provide an instance later so you can have a look .-.
22:38:57@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathI'm somehow not convienced
22:40:03@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthes As a different approach: why don't we just slap this into a document (like features) this can deliver something similar in spirit.
22:40:19@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthes(even when there's no filter or sorting going on)
22:40:43@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathMhm, yes. would make sense
23:04:24@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathjust temporary but to have a look: https://cc.shivering-isles.com/
23:05:40@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthes"report a bug" should link to our issue tracker.
23:05:57@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthes(or an equally helpful recommendation page, of course)
23:06:20@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesbuuuuut it could also link to "new issue" with a issue template set to bugreport..
23:06:48@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesI actually like this draft.
23:06:58@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorath It should definitely have a step by step guide including a step to search for existing issues
23:07:19@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathWe could add various screenshots those guides .-.
23:07:39@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesgithub now searches for issues while you create one, I would be interested to know if this has had an impact on bugtracker cleanliness.
23:08:38@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathmhm may worth some stats ^^ it should basically shift issue creations to comments. we'll see
23:08:41@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesI'm logging off for tonight.
23:09:01@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorath👍🏻 see you around
23:12:49@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathNice, we have now CodiMD fully translated into russian language
13 Dec 2018
22:31:33@silkevicious:matrix.orgsilkevicious set a profile picture.

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