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18 Feb 2019
19 Feb 2019
In reply to @Sheogorath:matrix.org
What did you paste into the URL field?
I tried /projects/:ID_PROJECT/snippets/:ID_SNIPPET and stuffs like that…
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13:09:24@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbonHi, is there the possibility to search for tags with and AND relationship. Meaning only showing these where both tags are embedded and not where only one of the tags is embedded?
13:53:09@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathMhm, no, I don't think so, we don't have code for that in place ^^ Even when I agree that it would make sense

Mhm, no, I don't think so, we don't have code for that in place ^^ Even when I agree that it would make sense

Thanks. Yes this would be a nice feature. But good to know for now :-)

20:59:58@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbon It's me again :-). Is it possible to use codimd-cli in combination with codimd-container? Do I need to do something different there? I would like to import markdown files but can not login with codimd login -email . I always receive the error message 'command not found'
21:01:57@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathmelbourbon: This sounds like you are missing some dependency for codimd-cli
21:04:44@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbonOn GitHub the only one is wget
21:09:35@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbonSheogorath: Which do I need to install?
21:10:46@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathYou'll definitely also need curl
21:11:23@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathalso did you check that you used the right path to the codimd-cli file on your machine?
21:12:41@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbonCurl is up to date. Yes, I checked and set the correct path with export PATH=/var/www/codimd-cli/bin:$PATH
21:13:43@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbon Example output:
/var/www/codimd-cli/bin/codimd: line 143: jq: command not found
/var/www/codimd-cli/bin/codimd: line 147: jq: command not found
/var/www/codimd-cli/bin/codimd: line 148: jq: command not found
You are logged in as with id
21:14:06@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbon By using codimd profile
21:16:29@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathOh jq is missing as well, you should check if there is a issue and if there isn't one, create one that lists those missing dependencies in the README
21:17:55@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbonOh, damn. I should have noticed this by myself :-).
21:18:07@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbonThanks I will check and if needed create a issue.
21:23:45@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorath👍🏻 Great!
21:35:22@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbon Sheogorath: Sorry to bother you again. I was able to login with the command line but import does not work. I get 'Found. Redirected to` path. Any special things to consider here? I tried absolute and relative paths to the import file. I also set the export variable to my server url and tried where the container is listening.
21:36:17@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathEhm, I'm not really involved in the CLI development, so, not really sure.
21:38:20@melbourbon:matrix.orgmelbourbonOk, thanks. I will try to figure it out
20 Feb 2019
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14:39:51@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesi can assert that there's nothing really unexpected in this PR https://github.com/hackmdio/codimd/pull/1136
14:39:59@amenthes:matrix.orgamenthesbut I can't test it
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22:56:53@nopelican:matrix.orgpelicanHi, I'm trying to install codiMD on uberspace.de but yarn is missing and I cannot instal yarn. Is there a way to install codiMD without yarn?
23:05:34@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathYou can use npm as well
21 Feb 2019
00:29:33@Sheogorath:matrix.orgSheogorathSomehow the whole speakerdeck thing became a blocker. I want to release 1.3.0 ASAP, so let's try to get things working and release

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