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27 Sep 2020
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Hi again. 😇
Yesterday I set up CodiMD from an old database and ran into some migration errors that fixed by following Sheogorath's advice. 👍️
Today I followed the instructions on a fresh machine with a fresh database and I ran into the same migration errors on step 7 (running the server manually for the first time):

Parsed url mysql://codi:*****@localhost:3306/codimd
== 20150504155329-create-users: migrating =======
== 20150504155329-create-users: migrated (0.027s)

== 20150508114741-create-notes: migrating =======
== 20150508114741-create-notes: migrated (0.029s)

== 20150515125813-create-temp: migrating =======
== 20150515125813-create-temp: migrated (0.033s)

== 20150702001020-update-to-0_3_1: migrating =======

ERROR: Duplicate column name 'shortid'
@jfkimmes:hackingfor.eujfkimmesUsing a mysql database and Ubuntu 20.04 again.20:02:29
@jfkimmes:hackingfor.eujfkimmesDo I have to to something that is not in the instructions before running the server? 🤔20:03:18
@davebloggt:kif.rocksDavid MehrenThat is weird20:03:39
* @davebloggt:kif.rocksDavid Mehren gets a Ubuntu 20.04 to try himself20:04:00
@davebloggt:kif.rocksDavid MehrenHow did you setup your Ubuntu?20:04:39
@jfkimmes:hackingfor.eujfkimmes got a fresh one provisioned from Hetzner and then apt update && apt upgrade and some security tweaks.
Then I installed nodejs, mysql-server, npm and yarn and followed the instructions step-by-step.
@jfkimmes:hackingfor.eujfkimmesI use the config.json (not the env variables) for config20:07:16
@jfkimmes:hackingfor.eujfkimmesI dropped the database and tried again and this time everything went through fine. 👀20:16:49
@jfkimmes:hackingfor.eujfkimmesI don't really know what I did differently this time...20:17:19
@jfkimmes:hackingfor.eujfkimmes * I dropped the database and tried again and this time everything went through fine. 👀20:17:34
29 Sep 2020
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@art_agency:matrix.orgJobin joined the room.09:46:46
@art_agency:matrix.orgJobinI have planned to package CodiMD for debian. so i need help from yours. 🙂10:35:00
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorath👋 you're very welcome, what do you need?10:36:29
@art_agency:matrix.orgJobinI found 13 reppsitories in CodiMD10:51:36
@art_agency:matrix.orgJobinWhich are the main repositories10:52:04
@tilman.v:atteroth.deTilman(at least until 2.0) you'll only need the server repo 10:52:29
@tilman.v:atteroth.deTilman* (at least until 2.0) you'll only need the server repo 10:53:15

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