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15 Apr 2021
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorath * Not necessary an open source community, but the IETF uses HedgeDoc :D00:48:22
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathHackMD, by the way, is not so much loved in this room anymore, by the way :X00:48:45
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathIt's a bit like after a divors :D00:49:00
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathCERN is also using HedgeDoc, various universities. Not sure how large the community is, but Funkwhale uses it quite extensively00:50:53
@rerooting:matrix.orgRikki Schulteohhhh I didn't know the backstory! I see now, well good for HedgeDoc!00:50:55
@rerooting:matrix.orgRikki Schulteand boo on HackMD. i had glossed over the details and thought HedgeDoc was just "community edition" but I see HedgeDoc is far superior to that!00:51:28
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathThanks for the kind words :D00:51:49
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathhttps://uptime.statuscake.com/?TestID=NSqr60PN95 PoC status page :D00:52:45
@sheogorath:shivering-isles.comSheogorathAnyway, it's late over here. Hope you get done, what you wanted to get done on the demo instance :) See you around 👋00:55:00
@rerooting:matrix.orgRikki Schulteawesome! i just wanted to let y'all know in case you hadn00:55:30
@rerooting:matrix.orgRikki Schultet noticed. gnite!00:55:35
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@how:public.cathellekinAt petites singularités we use HedgeDoc extensively. We use it for meetings in https://dream.public.cat, and we just used it to prepared a series of webinars with the European Commission and the SocialHub (https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks) I find it especially splendid for meetings. We prepare the agenda on the pad, and use the "#both" dual view while chatting over Mumble. Once the meeting is over, we copy-paste to our Discourse to freeze the contents and make it available to our knowledge management system.11:33:16
@nsheff:matrix.orgnsheffIs there any way to "duplicate" a hedgedoc note?12:14:28
@nsheff:matrix.orgnsheffMaybe I should add this as a feature suggestion, I couldn't find anything on it... but if I could do: http://demo.hedgedoc.org/NOTEID/duplicate and it would forward me to a new copy of the NOTEID, that would be useful.12:34:03
@dermolly:kif.rocksMolly [🦔-dev] I think this would definetly benefit form a issue in the frontend repo 12:37:23
@dermolly:kif.rocksMolly [🦔-dev]
In reply to @nsheff:matrix.org
Is there any way to "duplicate" a hedgedoc note?
You could use the cli to download a note and create a new one iirc, but that relies on external tools, so the answer is not at the moment (at least that I'm aware of).
@ade:matrix.orgadequick question - how do you name docs in hedgedoc?13:48:17
@dermolly:kif.rocksMolly [🦔-dev]That depends on what you mean:13:48:36
@dermolly:kif.rocksMolly [🦔-dev]

If you mean how does the name in the history get chosen:

  1. the title yaml frontmatter value
  2. the title property of the opengraph yaml frontmatter value
  3. the first level 1 heading
@dermolly:kif.rocksMolly [🦔-dev]These are considered in the above order13:50:21
@dermolly:kif.rocksMolly [🦔-dev] If you're asking about the url of a note:
This must the configured by the admin of you instance see the config docs about freeUrlMode
@dermolly:kif.rocksMolly [🦔-dev]Here's a bit documentation about yaml frontmatter in HedgeDoc (on the demo page, this note should also be available in the instance you use) https://demo.hedgedoc.org/yaml-metadata#opengraph13:52:32
@dermolly:kif.rocksMolly [🦔-dev] * Here's a bit documentation about yaml frontmatter in HedgeDoc (on the demo page, this note should also be available in the instance you use) https://demo.hedgedoc.org/yaml-metadata#opengraph13:52:45
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16 Apr 2021
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17 Apr 2021
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