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15 Apr 2021
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsI made the same mistake the first time I impld monotonic13:34:31
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken890.5's monotonic is hard13:35:03
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89I'm glad we replaced it13:35:11
@ryan-summers:matrix.orgryan-summersYeah, I'm looking forward to when 0.6 stabilizes :)13:35:13
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Same here :)13:36:04
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Getting closer now13:36:10
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89We start the final feature for 0.6 today13:36:19
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsOff topic, is something blocking the heapless release for const generics?13:36:34
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsOr anything I can help with?13:36:45
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Not really, only time13:36:49
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsUnderstood :)13:36:58
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89We have 1 issue we need to fix13:37:01
@jamesmunns:matrix.orgjamesmunnsAh, I'll take a peek13:37:17
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89I'm planning to tackle this at hacker night this afternoon13:37:39
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Should be an easy fix13:37:58
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89After that I think we'll push the release13:38:52
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 Btw jamesmunns, we talked before how to support atomic with cortex-m0 and such 13:39:55
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 I switched heapless to atomic-polyfill 13:40:13
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 Maybe you want it for bbqueue as well 13:40:20
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 Also, the fix for the issue we will go with is 3. 13:43:11
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Or so I think until I look more into it13:49:50
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Or maybe a full flag... Hmm13:59:21
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 * Or maybe a full flag... Hmm13:59:24
In reply to @korken89:matrix.org
Maybe you want it for bbqueue as well
That was the plan!
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16 Apr 2021
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@TimSmall:matrix.orgTimSmall kuon: Thanks for the I²C slave example ( https://www.kuon.ch/post/2021-03-27-stm32-i2c-slave/ ) - that's really useful! I'd started looking into it, but it just looked like a tough problem, and went onto the "later" pile! Would there be any chance you could release it under an opensource license to allow reuse? https://choosealicense.com/no-permission/ 19:51:49

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