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30 Jun 2020
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89IMO stable for now20:23:52
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 No objections here20:24:00
@japaric:matrix.orgjaparicare we changing the MSRV in the v0.5.x series?20:25:11
@per.lindgren:matrix.orgper.lindgrenI think it can be a 0.6 thing right...20:25:47
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89It can20:25:55
@per.lindgren:matrix.orgper.lindgrenAlso this removal of multi-core20:26:13
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 I would like to release the soundness fix with the ::take(), but after this we hold for 0.6 20:26:17
@per.lindgren:matrix.orgper.lindgrensounds good to me20:26:31
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89There are a lot of interesting RFC and PRs to consider for 0.620:27:07
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89It will be a great leap20:27:12
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 * It will be a great leap20:27:17
@per.lindgren:matrix.orgper.lindgrenSo if we don't have anything urgent, I think we can postpone further discussion to next meeting.20:27:32
@mindtree:matrix.orgmindtreeHey embedded folks, just wanna take the chance while you're here to say thanks so much for your all your work! I've been experimenting with rtic and some of the cortex crates for an upcoming art installation - the ecosystem and community have been a total pleasure and amazing to witness :) Been hacking on teensy4-rs a little but looking forward to contributing upstream too once I get more familiar with everything20:27:41
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89 mindtree: Awesome to hear! Thanks very much! 20:28:35
In reply to @per.lindgren:matrix.org
So if we don't have anything urgent, I think we can postpone further discussion to next meeting.
Sounds good
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89We had a bit to catch up this week20:29:01
@afoht:matrix.orgAfoHTThanks for today! :D 20:29:01
@per.lindgren:matrix.orgper.lindgrenSee you all next week then.20:29:19
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89I'm planning to do the "hack night" on Thursday this week btw :)20:29:20
@japaric:matrix.orgjaparicthanks everyone20:29:39
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Thanks all and sorry for running over time :)20:31:05
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken891 PR per meeting should be the new standard ;)20:31:14
@japaric:matrix.orgjaparicit was a productive meeting20:32:08
@per.lindgren:matrix.orgper.lindgrenyes very nice, thanks everybody.20:32:35
@korken89:matrix.orgkorken89Have a great night!20:32:47
2 Jul 2020
@chelsea:privacytools.iochelsea 07:27:56
@joshua_batty:matrix.orgjoshua_batty joined the room.11:12:06
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