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1 Jul 2020
@loke:dhsdevelopments.comlokeWhat is replic and where can I find it?02:56:09
@saltine:matrix.orgsaltine Something similar to readline, but in lisp instead of C. http://quickdocs.org/replic/ 03:12:48
@saltine:matrix.orgsaltine You may want to install quicklisp first. https://www.quicklisp.org/beta/ Your lisp interpreter may load more slowly afterwards because of extra initialization... 03:22:10
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝The point is to be able to generate a readline interface from lambda lists which is great because why would you waste time making a worse interface to your library than the REPL10:15:21
@loke:dhsdevelopments.comloke saltine: everybody should use Quicklisp. Even it if became 10 times slower, you should still use it. Lisp without Quicklisp is unbearable. 13:01:02
2 Jul 2020
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3 Jul 2020
@friedrich:matrix.kiwifarms.netfriedrich 16:52:00
@georg:nitro.chatgeorg 17:52:49
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4 Jul 2020
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5 Jul 2020
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7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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9 Jul 2020
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10 Jul 2020
@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝Hi loke11:35:44
@loke:dhsdevelopments.comloke Gnuxie 💜🐝: Nice, it works :-) 11:36:16
@maurice:feneas.orgmaurice 19:34:59
12 Jul 2020
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13 Jul 2020
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14 Jul 2020
@natalie:tchncs.denatalie 06:49:22

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