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4 Oct 2018
22:47:40@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowed What that means is that symbol doesn't have any package and will get GCed once it's not bound so it saves the Lisp system however many bytes it takes to store a pointer and string.
22:52:37@blobby-the-nobby:matrix.orgblobby-the-nobby Thanks. That's useful to know.
22:53:24@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedYou can make one using GENSYM or MAKE-SYMBOL.
22:56:05@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝Wait what?
22:56:33@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝Why do people have their entire package.lisp use them then?
23:00:28@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedCause it interns less in the KEYWORD package I guess.
23:06:38@gnu_ponut:matrix.orgGnuxie 💜🐝Okie
7 Oct 2018
12:54:55@blobby-the-nobby:matrix.orgblobby-the-nobby I'm testing mezzano in QEMU right now. But I have no clue how to leave it.
12:55:45@blobby-the-nobby:matrix.orgblobby-the-nobbyI clicked the appearing window and my mouse is now inside mezzano. O . o
12:56:38@pfm:matrix.orgpfmyour mouse has entered a different dimension
12:57:06@pfm:matrix.orgpfmwhen it returns, it might be different; from the outside it'll look the same... but it won't be
12:57:16@pfm:matrix.orgpfm it will be an evil mouse from another dimension!

. < please no

18:48:06@blobby-the-nobby:matrix.orgblobby-the-nobbyIt was control+alt+g
18:48:30@blobby-the-nobby:matrix.orgblobby-the-nobbyHas anyone done somethin interesting with mezzano yet?
18:48:38@blobby-the-nobby:matrix.orgblobby-the-nobbyI got it working.
10 Oct 2018
06:53:13@drunk_foxx:matrix.orgdrunk_foxxWell, it's still very-very alpha
22:46:29@bimmie:matrix.orgBimmie joined the room.
15 Oct 2018
16:46:33@Achylles:matrix.orgAchylles joined the room.
4 Nov 2018
05:35:31@anomie:disroot.organomie joined the room.
6 Nov 2018
12:40:57@drunk_foxx:matrix.orgdrunk_foxxRobert Smith is making ML in Common Lisp: https://github.com/tarballs-are-good/coalton As far as I can understand from thoughts.md, the main purpose is to improve the situation with types in CL and make it more suitable for the development of large compilers.
15 Nov 2018
07:37:06@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedgood news: i found the symbolics font, it's called eurostile bad news: it costs like $50 unless you steal it
09:08:57@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedif you steal it though
09:09:40@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowedthe aur package links to someone's xcode project for objc garbage but it has many families of the font in it
09:10:06@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowed (also you will need to make the lowercase y less curvy, inkscape is good enough for the occasional shitpost)

... Well, that's not worth the effort.

. <

09:17:29@theemacsshibe:matrix.org#'no-defun-allowed also PSA: don't fear the magic of CLOS, it's really brilliant if done well

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