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10 Mar 2023
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.ioZykino Maybe reboot the server. Also sometimes I got an issue where multiples client were connected, the message is a dropdown list. 09:49:10
@_discord_482594914643869736:t2bot.ioZioMaruo Hi all 10:41:55
@_discord_482594914643869736:t2bot.ioZioMaruo Hi, Can I use strem-pi with streamlab? 11:06:15
@_discord_280700128174800896:t2bot.ioDerEingerostete Is there a error in the log? 11:14:34
@_discord_280700128174800896:t2bot.ioDerEingerostete You can't install plugins on Streamlabs even though OBS support's it. Also I recommend switching to OBS because Streamlabs is a horrible company stealing others ideas and making everything expensive. Just switch to OBS with one click import and the you can use StreamPi 11:16:58
@_discord_482594914643869736:t2bot.ioZioMaruo Tks!! 11:32:43
@_discord_766755700989886475:t2bot.ioMrBestDownload stream-pi-server.log12:15:04
@_discord_766755700989886475:t2bot.ioMrBest This is the log. not much info 12:15:05
@_discord_766755700989886475:t2bot.ioMrBest i am able to connect it. but client is not getting detected in Server 12:15:47
@_discord_280700128174800896:t2bot.ioDerEingerostete Maybe there is a error. Try a reinstall of client and server and also maybe try disabling the firewall completely 13:13:03
@_discord_766755700989886475:t2bot.ioMrBest Multiple times reinstalled and tried now. Even complete control i have given both in public and private networks. Still not detecting.
Websocket is working, that I checked with OBS remote app.
@_discord_280700128174800896:t2bot.ioDerEingerostete Thats wierd. Have you deleted all configs while reinstalling? 14:27:48
@_discord_766755700989886475:t2bot.ioMrBest Yes, Even I deleted registry entries also. otherwise I was keep getting weird errors. still it didn't help 16:21:13
@_discord_280700128174800896:t2bot.ioDerEingerostete Mhh that is really weird. Have you tried a different IP? For example instead of using one Ip use all IP values available and try every one of those 16:23:58
11 Mar 2023
@_discord_766755700989886475:t2bot.ioMrBest Sadly, yes! 08:04:51
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12 Mar 2023
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13 Mar 2023
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@_discord_707312640854065213:t2bot.ioskottistuff Got a similar Problem with my connections, solution was to connect my RPI via Ethernet. Wlan did connect just fine to my network but as soon as i run the client application the wlan connection seems to be lost or instable. Often i get to send just one or two macros and then i am not able to connect anymore.
With Ethernet it works flawless (RPI 3B)
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14 Mar 2023
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15 Mar 2023
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16 Mar 2023
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17 Mar 2023
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19 Mar 2023
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