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19 Sep 2021
@_discord_854060015038889996:t2bot.ioDebayan * I think it's most likely fake tbh 14:47:32
@_discord_349187702010150914:t2bot.iojankesjt but its Scott The Woz if i could access like nuclear bombs i would make them just launch in 10 minutes and like in a field near my house 14:48:36
@_discord_245792237940637697:t2bot.ioSkipTam#5364 joined the room.16:00:17
@_discord_245792237940637697:t2bot.ioSkipTam#5364 Hi is there a plugin to show fps and temps? 16:00:18
@_discord_245792237940637697:t2bot.ioSkipTam#5364 * Hi is there a plugin to show fps and temps? 16:00:34
@_discord_854060015038889996:t2bot.ioDebayan Not right now, but will be there soon 16:29:52
@_discord_466290987736760330:t2bot.ioEvan Are you working on that? I believe that you had a working java library for that stuff 16:31:01
@_discord_466290987736760330:t2bot.ioEvan Except for fps which will have to be dependent on which game you are playing 16:31:21
@_discord_854060015038889996:t2bot.ioDebayan First I'm working on finalizing the entire "gaugeaction" thing 16:36:10
@_discord_466290987736760330:t2bot.ioEvan Yeh. I cant wait to use this. Stream deck has nothing on us 16:36:37
@_discord_854060015038889996:t2bot.ioDebayan Working on plugins related to it directly right now is a waste of time 16:36:46
@_discord_854060015038889996:t2bot.ioDebayan Maybe you can do it as well, but right now it's just prototyping 16:36:59
@_discord_466290987736760330:t2bot.ioEvan From now on stream-pi isnt an alternative to stream deck. Its a whole seperate thing 16:37:06
@_discord_466290987736760330:t2bot.ioEvan Send me the src for the gauge plugins and im all ears 😄😄 16:37:32
@_discord_83206024110014464:t2bot.ioTakingBackTj changed their display name from TakingBackTj to TakingBackTj#2710.17:05:46
@_discord_83206024110014464:t2bot.ioTakingBackTj changed their display name from TakingBackTj#2710 to TakingBackTj.17:05:49
@_discord_83206024110014464:t2bot.ioTakingBackTj In theory - you could create a theme like this - use a windows background and just double up the buttons for the long buttons - create 2 halfs of the button image and set each image for the respective side 17:05:50
@_discord_83206024110014464:t2bot.ioTakingBackTj the only down side would be the slight gap between - unless you set the theme to have no to very little spacing between buttons 17:06:31
@_discord_370618679840210955:t2bot.ioresteqs#0911 changed their profile picture.17:36:07
@_discord_170362404054630400:t2bot.ioches joined the room.20:48:21
@_discord_385641154898690061:t2bot.ioNorvillesDingus I would love to have resizable buttons. 21:58:29
20 Sep 2021
@_discord_334913201806508033:t2bot.ioInmate302 joined the room.04:02:50
@_discord_854060015038889996:t2bot.ioDebayan That is more like a workaround tahn a real solution. i plan on having a real thing like that and getting rid of a strict grid system 12:36:26
@_discord_854060015038889996:t2bot.ioDebayan 😛 not now on, until ea+4 12:36:37
@_discord_854060015038889996:t2bot.ioDebayan its not finalised yet and needs a lot of cleanup. you can see it when i actually push it to master 12:37:05
21 Sep 2021
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22 Sep 2021
@_discord_878190845675847690:t2bot.iocdutza21 joined the room.08:48:04
23 Sep 2021
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