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16 Sep 2023
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17 Sep 2023
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18 Sep 2023
@_discord_587352341225930782:t2bot.iokonsequ3nceDownload IMG_4017.mov19:01:39
@_discord_587352341225930782:t2bot.iokonsequ3nce Tried again and got it working so pretty cool 19:01:39
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.iozykino Whooo ! What a setup !
You are an industrial 3D printer?
@_discord_587352341225930782:t2bot.iokonsequ3nce slowly trying to build a print farm! Super cool to have touch screen controls tho!! 19:44:03
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@_discord_915411445989117962:t2bot.ioJustbeck changed their display name from Justbeck#3160 to Justbeck.23:06:12
@_discord_915411445989117962:t2bot.ioJustbeck Can the raspberry pi contain both the server and client? 23:06:13
19 Sep 2023
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.iozykino If you want to run commands on the PI, it should.
But if you want to control your PC, then the server should be on PC. Starting a program/command, shutting down, ...

If you only use it to control OBS through websockets you can host it on the PI... but it will be "harder" to configure (since the configuration is on the servers's GUI and I'm usually not as ease on the PI than my computer)
@_discord_915411445989117962:t2bot.ioJustbeck zykino What i am trying to do is send messages to IoT Core over MQTT using only the raspberry pi and a streamdeck. Do you know if Stream Pi supports the stream deck store plugins? There is a MQTT plugin I would like to use. 16:53:32
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.iozykino No it does not support the same plugins. 17:44:04
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.iozykino Maybe there is a plugin for stream-pi, or you can write your own 😉 but I think that’s it. 17:44:46
@_discord_249214347677532164:t2bot.iomanujj94 Hello, I'm trying to find the source code of the Android app but I can't locate it. I would like to make some visual changes to the Android app. Can someone help me find the code or understand how the Android app has been set up? Thank you. 17:55:28
21 Sep 2023
@_discord_502612386218508289:t2bot.ion00ise#0 changed their display name from n0ise to n00ise#0.21:40:50
@_discord_915411445989117962:t2bot.ioJustbeck zykino I am thinking i can use the client software for Streamdeck and the AWS IoT SDK to listen for button presses and just add the python in the IoT SDK, importing stramdeck pypi library. Do you have any opinions on this? 21:46:07
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.iozykino I don’t own a StreamDeck. Using AWS is clearly overkill anyway 21:55:51
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.iozykino Oh yeah it was your aim all along… but I don’t get why having buttons on a device needs to go through MQTT… 21:56:52
@_discord_215897824267599872:t2bot.iozykino I don’t understand your needs enough to have a correct answer for you. Nor do I know your technical knowledge. If you can already use python, maybe creating a Java plugin using an MQTT lib is not that diffirent? 21:58:48
22 Sep 2023
@_discord_915411445989117962:t2bot.ioJustbeck zykino ok, thank you for your help anyway 01:04:07
@_discord_141571906980675585:t2bot.iodisi. heyho., just some questions: 1. any way to start the pi with the computer? and shut it down with it? Like automated?
and 2.
Is there a way do display a volume level for the output device? like the windows Audio mixer?
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23 Sep 2023
@_discord_372412631929192458:t2bot.iograndmasterkai i got this far. but when i select an action; for example anything with OBS, it wont let me select a square to configure it 00:45:45
Download Screenshot_20230922_194415.png
@_discord_372412631929192458:t2bot.iograndmasterkai nvm was able to figure it out 00:52:22
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