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18 Jan 2020
23:36:47@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 bakon it's always iptables somehow.
23:37:03@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakon Story of my life hehe
19 Jan 2020
03:05:27@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakon yeah hehe, still figuring out these difference between ETH based chains and a whole Cosmos SDK and infra
03:06:28@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakonRedacted or Malformed Event
03:06:39@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakon It seems like between ETH2, Polkadot, and Cosmos. they make things as different as possible from one another on purpose HAHA
03:07:21@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakon or call the same thing three differ ways hehe
03:11:05@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 It's still early in this block chain game. Everyone is getting a different strategy will come out on top.
03:11:18@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Kinda like when people tried stacking more wings on plans.
03:11:21@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Planes*
03:12:39@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakon oh yeah totally. I've only been working on/with blockchain maybe 3.5 years now and just absolutly love it. But yeah tons of good projects out there really and even a lot more really good research going on.
13:36:14@_discord_365878242890219520:t2bot.ioKimi Sian-Yu Chen joined the room.
20:29:14@_discord_465105167751315471:t2bot.ioDooMLorD changed their display name from DooMLorD to DooMLorD#2792.
20:29:22@_discord_465105167751315471:t2bot.ioDooMLorD changed their display name from DooMLorD#2792 to DooMLorD.
20 Jan 2020
05:03:28@_discord_388516466137235456:t2bot.io@_discord_388516466137235456:t2bot.io left the room.
17:02:30@_discord_156549244449325056:t2bot.ioasoltys there's also a reference to https://github.com/luniehq/lunie-backend which 404's
17:08:48@_discord_156549244449325056:t2bot.ioasoltys https://github.com/luniehq/lunie/issues/3361
17:15:32@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Yeha I saw that. Which sucks.
17:19:02@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Is there any other visualizer for cosmos that could even reasonably be worth our time? ◮👁◭ Víctor | melea jehan-classic
17:20:37@_discord_337001604156882946:t2bot.io◮👁◭ Víctor | melea https://github.com/forbole/big_dipper
17:21:40@_discord_337001604156882946:t2bot.io◮👁◭ Víctor | melea regen, emoney, others , forked dipper for that too
17:24:07@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 I'll have to dig into it when I get a chance.
19:50:09@_discord_581164871631110167:t2bot.ioMeow Ok, I've finally been able to get Eth -> Cosmos working. The docs are fairly helpful with this: https://github.com/cosmos/peggy/blob/master/docs/architecture.md

Seems like we could likely fork this. Only one part needs to be changed:

The goal of the current smart contracts is to securely implement core functionality of the system such as asset locking and event emission without endangering any user funds. As such, this prototype does not permanently lock value and allows the original sender full access to their funds at any time. As stated above, do NOT use unaudited smart contracts on the mainnet.

Probably relatively easy to permanently lock value.
19:50:26@_discord_581164871631110167:t2bot.ioMeow Do we need both directions?
19:50:46@_discord_581164871631110167:t2bot.ioMeow Oops, wrong docs link: https://github.com/cosmos/peggy/blob/master/docs/ethereum-to-cosmos.md
23:22:38@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakon That's awesome, did you deploy the contracts to Ropsten or did you spin up a local dev ETH chain?
23:49:38@_discord_267031307945508864:t2bot.iottk2 Meow yes we do need both directions also I second bakon
23:51:01@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakonRedacted or Malformed Event
23:51:19@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakonRedacted or Malformed Event
23:51:53@_discord_291762237734125568:t2bot.iobakon I have my truffle* configs and everything setup to deploy and accounts setup. Just waiting for my Ropsten node to finish syncing before deploying and testing further.
21 Jan 2020

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