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18 Dec 2018
01:58:56@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3adecred.org:matrix.org] Decred - Autonomous Digital Currency posted a new article: Murad Mahmudov says Decred should be in top 3 ( https://www.reddit.com/r/decred/comments/a76hfy/murad_mahmudov_says_decred_should_be_in_top_3/ )
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09:23:55@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3adecred.org:matrix.org] Decred - Autonomous Digital Currency posted a new article: Hi, guys! I’m inviting you to join CoinNess group, an amazing and useful crypto information group. ( https://www.reddit.com/r/decred/comments/a79jns/hi_guys_im_inviting_you_to_join_coinness_group_an/ )
11:34:15@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b [slack/cryptosi] So who's going to guide me through the process of putting up a proposal?
11:46:10@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b [matrix/jazzah:decred.org] Best practice imo, as demonstrated by degeri with his bounty proposal, is to have a draft of your proposal up on github and post that in chat and on reddit. Then incorporate some of the feedback and when you feel confident that this won't be a total dud, post your proposal on Pi. This is only a suggestion though, and you are free to approach in any way you like.
11:47:52@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[slack/cryptosi] Are there no guides to actual process, im going to be proposing sponsorship, so not sure github is the best place? Will deffo link it in reddit though
11:50:54@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[slack/cryptosi] Thankyou for the swift reply by the way,
12:11:33@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b [slack/jholdstock] Visit https://proposals.decred.org and on the right hand side you will see "Learn more about Politeia". The guidelines there are quite thorough
12:55:23@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/Haon:decred.org] we really need this info on docs.decred.org as well
13:18:07@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b [matrix/richardred:decred.org] @cryptosi the process of submitting the proposal on proposals.decred.org is quite straightforward, but as noted by others it may help with the proposal's reception if you discuss it with people first
14:11:12@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[slack/gratefulcheddar] The “Learn more about Politeia” link does not work as intended in iOS Safari
16:58:55@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/_neb_rssbot_=40jz=3adecred.org:matrix.org] Decred - Autonomous Digital Currency posted a new article: Decred and Ditto in 2019 – Share your ideas! ( https://www.reddit.com/r/decred/comments/a7cul1/decred_and_ditto_in_2019_share_your_ideas/ )
17:44:41@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[rocketchat/JohanJST] who can deliver a procedure to store decred using a Ledger Nano S?
17:45:33@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/ay-p:decred.org] not sure what you mean
17:45:49@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b [matrix/ay-p:decred.org] we'll be working on integrating it into our decrediton wallet soon
17:51:12@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[rocketchat/JohanJST] ledger already has the decred app available on Ledger Live. So I already have installed it on my Ledger Nano S. Question is which wallet I have to use together with the decred ledger app?
17:52:32@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b [matrix/ay-p:decred.org] it currently doesn't work with any decred software
17:52:57@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/ay-p:decred.org] if you want to store decred and use Ledger, you must use Ledger Live
17:53:54@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[rocketchat/JohanJST] ok, is there any procedure how to use this
17:54:49@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/ay-p:decred.org] follow the instructions on Ledger Live
19:17:47@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/isaacj:decred.org] Here is a ledger live walk through (I would go directly to ledger website for download rather than follow links): https://www.1daydude.com/ledger-live-setup-and-review/
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22:17:59@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/Haon:decred.org] nice jy-p quote in this article: https://nulltx.com/decred-co-founder-pronounces-2018-as-the-death-of-the-ico-model/
22:18:31@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/Haon:decred.org] this is the work of Ditto, I assume? ☺
22:19:55@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/liz_bagot:decred.org] Yup
22:22:49@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/Haon:decred.org] awesome, seems like a good way to spark interest in Decred
22:23:10@freenode_dcr-b:matrix.orgdcr-b[matrix/liz_bagot:decred.org] CCN is going to publish a similar predictions story closer to Christmas, with quotes from Decred

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