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5 Dec 2022
@_discord_220701777488510976:t2bot.ioPhenoix12 Are we keeping track of how many bit of daedric gear we're spreading around? I'm sure we need to keep an eye on that. 19:56:02
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioavenö its from a deprecated daedric set anyway the "regular" set. unsure if that was meant to be a more common daedric orsomething? 19:58:47
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioavenö ahhh nvm it was the famous hide set i think 19:59:16
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioavenö in the old keep too not the domes. the old keep is cool despite being a bit zany 20:00:08
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDunusi418 is it merged in LA section? 20:01:05
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioavenö yeah its in the latest section file. it got marked for re-doing when it got brought up by an NPCer. it has a cool concept and use of statics, but i think it got judged as being a little too out there 20:02:22
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioavenö loving the changes in the wip. T_Com_Var_CrateFill_Straw01 is so cool 20:19:55
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioavenö nice to see jazzed up versions of what i was going for. it'll make a useful reference for future work. i like that the bottling productiony area survived, with the bonemeal they cut the sugar with 20:27:44
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioavenö -- 21:09:32
Part of the Kwoomer Occupied Stronghold of Yaradnan, a dome converted into a forge hall for the clans Bonesmith and his family. Include a mix of chitin and common metal armor, but no bonemold.
living space for them too?
@_discord_775531282091474947:t2bot.ioDunusi418 I'm glad you like it 😃 thanks for doing the bulk of the job. I'll just add some more clutter 21:19:04
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazarRedacted or Malformed Event21:37:57
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazarRedacted or Malformed Event21:38:02
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil I hate that they're being called that 21:40:45
@_discord_819083596018745345:t2bot.ioavenö i assumed it was just a jokey placeholder - the info doc says shipal clans iirc 21:41:45
@_discord_259520016624517121:t2bot.ioTaniquetil I know but even as a joke it's 😵‍💫 21:42:58
@_discord_303533468779020288:t2bot.ioVern#1155 Yes 21:44:22
@_discord_303533468779020288:t2bot.ioVern#1155 And the sooner we agree on a replacement, sooner it’s gone 21:44:42
@_discord_362672300773867521:t2bot.ioEvil Eye#5105 Hating it means it's working 21:45:00
@_discord_303533468779020288:t2bot.ioVern#1155 ^ 21:45:11
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazar Is this good for the Narsis EEC? 22:27:49
Download image.png
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazar Also access to the sewers in the back 22:34:18
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazar Is this too big perhaps? I'm unsure 22:56:49
6 Dec 2022
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazar 😮 00:38:02
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazar There are EEC styled crates 00:38:08
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazar Awesome 00:38:10
Download image.png
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazar Layout of the EEC branch in Narsis 01:23:31
@_discord_360921908319092737:t2bot.ioKhazar Also, I claimed this https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/narsis-heron-hall 01:46:40

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