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11 Aug 2020
@freenode_kram_:matrix.orgkram_i am a little tipsy22:41:08
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideXI should drink now before I return to running22:41:20
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideXI have a ton of my favorite booze, and I can drink it etc22:41:30
@freenode_kram_:matrix.orgkram_what is your favorite booze?22:41:42
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideXI really like four roses burbon22:41:50
@freenode_kram_:matrix.orgkram_which one?22:42:00
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideX the regular one idk, there's only one I'm aware of 22:42:17
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideX it's so good, what about you 22:42:32
@freenode_kram_:matrix.orgkram_half a glas of scotch is on my table22:42:43
@freenode_kram_:matrix.orgkram_highland park 1222:43:03
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12 Aug 2020
@freenode_matt___:matrix.org@freenode_matt___:matrix.org joined the room.00:08:45
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideXoooo ace ankle support feels NIIIIICE00:22:19
@freenode_kram_:matrix.orgkram_they finally got here?00:23:05
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideX oh the ace, no, those people are covid paranoid, and it's trapped at their house for now 00:23:26
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideX I'll get those in a week or so 00:23:53
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideXI was refering to the ace compression ankle support00:24:16
@freenode_kram_:matrix.orgkram_oh ok :000:25:14
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideXwith the cloudflows though, I put replacement inserts in it, feels even nicer00:27:12
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideXwith a sort of more soft landing on the heal00:27:32
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideX I'm not sure if you use the original inserts or not 00:27:57
@freenode_kram_:matrix.orgkram_i do00:28:06
@freenode_guideX:matrix.orgguideX cloudflow is the only shoes I have that'll take replacement inserts, the others are too bulky and heavy 00:28:17
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