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26 May 2020
13:28:42@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblai how come you're waking up at this time?
13:37:33@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDeewae u about 11am
13:37:36@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDeebed about 2am
13:37:40@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDeejust working
13:37:49@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDeemost productive in the evening for some reason, sso i push it
13:38:01@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDeelast night beween 11pm and 2am i must have written 5 blog posts
13:38:03@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaigotcha, having typing troubles i see too
13:38:05@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDeeyou are in pain?
13:38:46@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiyeah i started that freeletics app yesterday, the workout was a bit brutal, only had 5 hours sleep till 0400 then went for a 6km and body is stiff af
13:39:13@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiits not from rujnning
13:39:21@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiyeah its like calinthetics
13:39:33@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiwhere your workouts are body weight based
13:39:50@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiclearly im a fatter cunt than i thought :D
13:40:04@freenode_dsockwell:matrix.orgdsockwellis that gamified or sth
13:40:20@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaithe progress is but the workouts arent
13:41:02@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiits little bite sized exercises like jumping jacks or knee to chest plank reps then repeat after 4 different ones
13:41:20@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaior burpess
13:41:31@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaii fucking hate burpees they make me want to puke
13:42:15@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblai its pretty well structured tbh coz although you're fucked you can do the next exercise
13:42:28@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaithen after 4 different ones you get 60 secs
13:42:30@freenode_dsockwell:matrix.orgdsockwell an "AI coach"
13:42:42@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiyeah not really
13:43:00@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiat the end of each section you rate with 5 choices how things went
13:43:04@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaithats the AI
13:43:05@freenode_dsockwell:matrix.orgdsockwellwhen i started running i used a robo-coach app and it really made the difference
13:44:01@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaiim doing the strength and stamina coaching course
13:44:09@freenode_kubblai:matrix.orgkubblaifor running ofc
13:53:51@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDeeis it free app?

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