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For those who like to move their legs repeatedly to propel their bodies forward. Bridged to Freenode IRC's #running channel.2 Servers

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22 Oct 2020
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23 Oct 2020
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@freenode_chesty:matrix.orgchesty first time a months I've run twice in a week. I'm back. 01:05:17
@freenode_chesty:matrix.orgchesty it's friday here in the future and the 10th place is only 10km. lots of people must have stopped running recently. I remember getiing bumped off the top 10 by tuesday or wednesday with 8-12km 01:08:19
@freenode_chesty:matrix.orgchestymore like 8km on wednesday I guess01:08:55
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@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgward Welcome back chesty ! 04:46:30
@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardI'm still recovering from broken ankle so no running for me yet 😅04:47:15
@freenode_rusty-butler:matrix.orgrusty-butler 🏆 1. o‍rbekk 67k 5h45 5:08/k ↑415m 0.6% 2. w‍iggly 48k 4h38 5:42/k ↑392m 0.8% 3. e‍yenx 43k 4h22 6:07/k ↑756m 1.8% 4. V‍olatileVoid 39k 3h19 5:04/k ↑126m 0.3% 5. D‍onic 23k 2h08 5:27/k ↑148m 0.6% 6. e‍ffortDee 22k 2h14 5:52/k ↑788m 3.4% 7. g‍uideX 22k 2h25 6:22/k ↑49m 0.2% 8. w‍iggly's mr 18k 1h42 5:40/k ↑77m 0.4% 9. i‍xjlyons 17k 1h36 5:31/k ↑439m 2.5% 10. i‍srauor 15k 1h15 4:59/k ↑269m 1.8% 04:47:43
@freenode_eyenx:matrix.orgeyenxour 2nd lockdown will come next week I thing... 5000 new infections a day is just too much for Switzerland05:57:46
@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardYe ours probably today, security Council gonna take things over06:02:48
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* @freenode_Jan-:matrix.orgJan- hands Donic coffee and danish08:35:16
* @freenode_Donic:matrix.orgDonic thx but refuses coffee and wonders what danish is08:38:41
@freenode_Donic:matrix.orgDonicI am a weirdo, I do not drink coffee nor tea ^^08:39:08
@freenode_Jan-:matrix.orgJan-great more for me08:39:41
* @freenode_Jan-:matrix.orgJan- guzzles08:39:43
@freenode_Jyrsa^:matrix.orgJyrsa^ Donic, i'm a weirdo, i drink coffee XOR tea 08:43:35
@freenode_Jyrsa^:matrix.orgJyrsa^never both :P08:43:49
@freenode_Donic:matrix.orgDonicat least you drink one of these ^^08:46:06
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@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgward Donic Danish = pastries for some dark reason 08:54:25

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