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4 Mar 2018
17:08:45@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardmaybe we need a Strava group and everything
17:09:27@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardor link it to the existing IRC channel, but we'd need an operator of the IRC channel for that + idk if that gives permanent changes that may not be desired
17:10:07@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardwell for future reference, this is me https://www.strava.com/athletes/wardmuylaert
17:10:37@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardI installed the riot web app (aka just some electron thing I guess) as an extra reminder to check this place more often :>
17:34:30@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardodd that it shows me offline on the side while I'm here, wonder if I messed up some setup
17:34:36@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardanyhow, time to make food
9 Mar 2018
15:11:31@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardwant to have a go at making a matrix bot, but it does not feel as straightforward as irc bots since not every language has a decent library lying around
15:12:13@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardlet alone documentation at times... maybe I should google for random blog posts and the like to get into the details of how matrix works. Reading the spec is probably a bit dry
11 Mar 2018
18:40:08@kunalbadgujar:matrix.orgkunalbadgujar joined the room.
14 Mar 2018
13:40:37@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardahoi ./
8 Apr 2018
12:01:33@pskosinski:matrix.orgpskosinskiI stopped using Matrix too. I just don't like it. Its clients suck. Its spec is weird.
12:03:04@pskosinski:matrix.orgpskosinskiIn theory it's supposed to be decentralized and federated. In practice everyone uses one single huge server, matrix.org, and it's as centralized as Facebook
9 Apr 2018
07:28:20@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardye not the biggest fan of the riot client either
07:28:28@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardstill havent looked too in depth into the spec
07:28:55@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardbut the lack of actual decentralized aspect is just cause nobody bothers (yet?) since it is still too small, I would think
17 Apr 2018
09:03:03@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardhuh, France is going to use matrix https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16855501
09:03:15@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardrelevant comment https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16856233
25 Apr 2018
08:27:37@merderein:matrix.orgmerderein joined the room.
31 May 2018
07:54:01@yokto:matrix.orgsilvio joined the room.
18 Jul 2018
10:56:01@pskosinski:matrix.orgpskosinski changed their profile picture.
28 Aug 2018
13:40:41@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardchanged room power levels.
13:40:41@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgward changed the room name to "Running" from "#running".
8 Sep 2018
14:17:23@pskosinski:matrix.orgpskosinski changed their profile picture.
17 Sep 2018
09:25:38@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardcrazy stuff that marathon WR
18 Sep 2018
11:52:02@pskosinski:matrix.orgpskosinski I really don't like idea of army of pacemakers blocking wind
13:52:58@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardtrue, but he still had to do the second half on his own, so it's not all bad
  • if you rule that out, then you can basically only set WRs in time trials, which would be a bit of a pity
13:54:46@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardoh, that + turned it into a list I guess

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