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20 Jan 2021
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgward ran past two days, not risking number three while recovering from ankle + muscles tired from not enough sleep + still waiting for sunrise. It's screaming for trouble :P 06:59:16
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgward running Thu and Sat will be enough stress for the ankle/leg :> 06:59:43
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgward8:34 sunrise today, days sloooowly getting longer \o/07:02:25
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgward also I dont feel like I am sleepy after a run so not sure it would've helped anyway, alas 07:06:08
@freenode_chesty:matrix.orgchesty 8:34? wow. does everyone take vit-d there? An estonian friend said there's a government program to make sure everyone especially kids has enough vit-d 07:10:59
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgward it's not as common to do so here, but I started doing it a winter or two ago ye 07:12:43
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgwardam in brussels so we dont necessarily consider ourselves to be very north07:13:37
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgward even if we're more north than the usa-canadian border :P 07:14:51
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgwardwell, more north than the straight part, I guess their actually populated areas are even lower still07:16:01
@freenode_chesty:matrix.orgchesty8:34 sunrise is so weird to me. there are two usa-canadian boarders ;)07:16:54
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgwardhehe, ye I mean the horizontal line on the western side of the large part07:19:09
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgwardand at least the sunset is past 17:00 again, small victories07:23:05
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgward I'm sure Mattias can wow you with much worse sunrises/sets 07:23:15
@freenode_chesty:matrix.orgchesty I couldn't visualise it. alaska's boarder is vertical. one day I have to go to alaska and canada. nordic countries too. 07:25:46
@freenode_Mattias:matrix.orgMattias https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/sweden/vasteras <-- 07:37:02
@freenode_ward:matrix.orgwardyup that looks rough xD07:47:10
@freenode_ArtOfWar:matrix.orgArtOfWar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF7cbKMJ-rg&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=DaveDays 10:43:05
@freenode_storkme:matrix.orgstorkme2007 was such a simple time10:44:14
@freenode_ArtOfWar:matrix.orgArtOfWarescape to 199810:44:27
@freenode_aclonedsheep:matrix.orgaclonedsheepward: woke up too early myself. Gonna make the run this morning a little harder. Gotta avoid alcohol nights before runs lol11:01:30
@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDee joined the room.11:48:30
@wardmuylaert:matrix.orgwardHa, yuup that would do it11:51:32
@freenode_effortDee:matrix.orgeffortDeethats the way to do it12:06:38
@freenode_aclonedsheep:matrix.orgaclonedsheepeffortDee: oh so i should drink every night before a morning run? Haha12:08:47
@freenode_aclonedsheep:matrix.orgaclonedsheepeffortDee: oh just what i mentioned that ward responded to before you joined12:28:42
@freenode_aclonedsheep:matrix.orgaclonedsheep I didn't sleep well because i had booze last night but im running anyway 12:29:06
@freenode_aclonedsheep:matrix.orgaclonedsheepNow that i know the way i wanna do it with less map checking12:29:15
@freenode_aclonedsheep:matrix.orgaclonedsheepAnd im gonna bring a snack this time lol12:29:26

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