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29 Jun 2020
@finnwww-back-from-the-dead:matrix.org¡Finnwww Back From the Dead!Ah lucky18:54:34
@cm5002:matrix.orgcm5002* i’m going to take precautions just in case18:55:01
@cm5002:matrix.orgcm5002it sucked for like a week but overall since im a young healthy teenager it was unlikely it’d have much effect on me18:55:45
@finnwww-back-from-the-dead:matrix.org¡Finnwww Back From the Dead!And now you won't have to go through it again so that's hella lucky18:56:56
@cm5002:matrix.orgcm5002it was like 3-4 months ago at this point18:57:13
@finnwww-back-from-the-dead:matrix.org¡Finnwww Back From the Dead!damn yea18:57:23
@finnwww-back-from-the-dead:matrix.org¡Finnwww Back From the Dead!my mom thinks she might've gotten it18:57:34
@finnwww-back-from-the-dead:matrix.org¡Finnwww Back From the Dead!did you get the antibody test?18:58:45
@finnwww-back-from-the-dead:matrix.org¡Finnwww Back From the Dead!lol19:01:01
@cm5002:matrix.orgcm5002i dont even know where i’d go tbh19:01:18
In reply to @cm5002:matrix.org
they believe in a state
Oh, that’s definitely unfortunate. /s
30 Jun 2020
In reply to @cm5002:matrix.org
see i’m kinda lucky. i already had the virus, so i most likely am immune
@ezezagunae:midov.plezezaguna‮ changed their display name from ezezaguna to ezezaguna‮.19:06:28
2 Jul 2020
@cm5002:matrix.orgcm5002welp time to boycott youtube13:41:09
@cm5002:matrix.orgcm5002 they banned stefan molyneux 13:41:19
@SnqGrqDS1A:matrix.orgkompowiec2So maybe stefan molyneus start use peertube13:44:37
@cm5002:matrix.orgcm5002he uses lbry13:45:12
@SnqGrqDS1A:matrix.orgkompowiec2Peertube will never be a competition unless you have known creators13:45:18
@SnqGrqDS1A:matrix.orgkompowiec2If lbry is federated its fine13:45:42
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3 Jul 2020
@searchableguy:matrix.orgsearchableguyhello guys13:15:27
@searchableguy:matrix.orgsearchableguywhat are you doing13:15:32
@SnqGrqDS1A:matrix.orgkompowiec2oh yeah?.png
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