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Are you tired of mods getting in your way? Do you want to post weebshit without getting the banhammer? Welcome to TechWh0re, where the admins are just as much of a weeb as you. Nothing illegal, bring sauce, spread no FUD, and go wild. If you post meat I will ruthlessly make fun of you. Please observe a moment of silence for pleasecuminside.me. Pictures of anime midriff/thighs and cute anime girls are not only allowed but encouraged. NSFW is allowed, but discouraged and should not be overused. Keep degeneracy spam in PTIO Degeneracy. In this chat we eat our own cum (social distancing prevents sharing). You are advised to use any home server BUT privacytools.io or matrix.org.22 Servers

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16 Mar 2021
@stacy_:matrix.org👑😌💅 uwu 👑😌💅 changed their profile picture.13:07:08
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19 Mar 2021
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23 Mar 2021
@linus:nitro.chatLinus Sex Tips joined the room.17:30:20
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25 Mar 2021
@djdbdb:matrix.orgdjdbdb joined the room.16:47:44
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27 Mar 2021
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29 Mar 2021
@pr0_org:matrix.orgprogramming changed their profile picture.14:00:48
30 Mar 2021
@gudishvibes:midov.plBowlbear changed their display name from Poopbear to Bowlbear.16:31:37
1 Apr 2021
@skyther:matrix.orgziket joined the room.15:21:16
@skyther:matrix.orgziket changed their display name from skyther to ziket.15:27:38
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2 Apr 2021
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3 Apr 2021
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4 Apr 2021
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5 Apr 2021
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6 Apr 2021
@pr0_org:matrix.orgprogramming changed their display name from variable to programming.12:19:43
11 Apr 2021
@the_proxster:midov.plProx [Midov] rejected invite.15:45:27
13 Apr 2021
@gudishvibes:midov.plBowlbear left the room.05:19:01

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