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libQuotient 0.6.6 and Quaternion 0.0.95 beta5 released | libQuotient 0.7 will use Qt 5.12 | LGPL 2.1 or later -> LGPL 3 or later | CI binaries are at https://cloudsmith.io/~quotient/repos/quaternion | Quaternion status: https://github.com/quotient-im/Quaternion/projects/2 | lib status: https://github.com/quotient-im/libQuotient/projects/276 Servers

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11 Apr 2021
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune bard: That's true, not many keyboard shortcuts so far. The vast majority of them are discoverable via the main menu. The best I can offer to switch between rooms for now is Ctrl-O and start typing the room alias or user MXID. Ctrl-Tab to switch between recent rooms is on my mind but I'm not even sure I made an issue for it. 08:06:45
@bard:chat.weho.stbardCtrl-o is a bit rough to use the way it appears to work now. Something like Nheko's Ctrl-k bind would be really really nice to have. Ctrl-tab sounds good as well. I'd also love Alt-# to jump to a numbered room, but without manual room ordering (which I think is not an option currently) this wouldn't be that useful.08:17:48
@bard:chat.weho.stbardAh, "switch between recent rooms" is what you said. I'm not sure if I'd like that or not. I usually think of Ctrl-tab as a prev/next thing for adjacent things.08:19:17
@bard:chat.weho.stbardWhich also would be less useful without manual room ordering, but at least for favorites it could be handy if you don't have too many.08:19:38
@nephele:nheko.imnephele kitsune: could i have as a ticket/feature request to not send notifciations if quaternion is in focus/the room that the notif originated from is the current room, and quaternion is focused 10:55:26
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune If Quaternion is focused it shouldn't send notifications at all... 10:57:12
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Ah, no wait, it will send them, if a different room is selected. 10:57:38
@nephele:nheko.imnephele Hmm, that seems to be broken for me then 10:57:38
@nephele:nheko.imnephele in my case the fluffy room was selected and it generated the notif, and it did send a notif 10:57:59
@nephele:nheko.imnephele on the other hand i just now /didnt/ get a notification for a room i was mentioned, even though it appears golden in the list :) 10:58:40
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Hm, ok, after looking at the code the logic is actually rather screwed for now... 10:59:40
@nephele:nheko.imnephele heh :D 11:00:06
@nephele:nheko.imnephele so back to tickets i guess :P 11:00:24
@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [quotient-im/Quaternion] KitsuneRal opened issue #771: Messy logic for notifications sending [open] - https://github.com/quotient-im/Quaternion/issues/771 11:03:34
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune There you go. 11:03:41
@nephele:nheko.imnephele :D 12:02:18
12 Apr 2021
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14 Apr 2021
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@tobiasfella:kde.orgTobias Fella kitsune spam^ 15:07:21
@blue_penquin:fairydust.spaceblue_penquin You have the wrong room? 15:07:37
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune banned @trapmunewsdon1971:matrix.orgtrapmunewsdon1971.15:08:11
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Tobias Fella: thanks 15:08:24
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15 Apr 2021
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16 Apr 2021
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