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22 Oct 2020
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep and using -> left actively gives me an error about not beeing able to use kick .-. 14:21:34
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Ehm, wait, I rejected the invite. And you should be able to kick me. 14:22:11
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep well, i don't /see/ any member events where you left 14:22:43
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep maybe it just doesn't show it to me 14:22:51
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep but in that case left -> left really is illegal 14:23:09
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep so i guess it should have invited you again now? 14:23:16
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Yeah 14:23:44
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune And I'm trying to join again now. 14:23:58
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune {"errcode":"M_UNKNOWN","error":"Failed to make_join via any server"} 14:24:27
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep well, i need a break, i could check my dendrite logs later though to maybe gain some insight? 14:28:54
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Wouldn't mind. 14:29:48
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodHey! What have you two been up to? 14:59:10
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpodDebugging quotient or dendrite? 14:59:30
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpod* Debugging? 14:59:50
@tmpod:matrix.orgTmpod* Debugging quotient or dendrite? 15:00:15
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Tmpod (@tmpod:matrix.org): both :) 15:28:23
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Rather looking into compatibility of the two. 15:28:53
@strobilus:matrix.orgstrobilus joined the room.15:58:02
@strobilus:matrix.orgstrobiluscurious as to if voice call support is to be expected15:58:55
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune strobilus: Not in the nearest months. 16:05:02
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep kitsune: do you put the color atribute in the matrix user links on purpose? 17:53:59
@dolda:matrix.orgloftar joined the room.17:55:37
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep ouch, the last log line about the room seems to be this:
Monolith.log:time="2020-10-22T14:28:31.783789684Z" level=info msg="Sending invite" func="github.com/matrix-org/dendrite/federationsender/internal.(*FederationSenderInternalAPI).PerformInvite" file="/var/dendrite/dendrite/federationsender/internal/perform.go:379" destination=matrix.org event_id="$pCYFvfgF0TdTfD0kQo5bGaf_q-tAlVrqz_INeixzxOM" room_id="!gXT3yniLIB3bzkm4:purple.packageloss.eu" room_version=6 user_id="@kitsune:matrix.org"
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep but nothing after that 18:01:31
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep so no clue what matrix.org is doing 18:01:40
@nep:purple.packageloss.eunep i suppose, you can try to make a room and invite me? 18:03:55
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune Erm, Qt does. Perhaps I should drop it inside links, yeah. 18:48:14
@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsune (At least in Qt-generated links) 18:48:26
@strobilus:matrix.orgstrobilus left the room.23:45:49

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