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1 Sep 2019
03:27:37@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [quotient-im/libQuotient] KitsuneRal edited issue #95: Extend support of m.room.encryption events [open] to a-andreyev - https://github.com/quotient-im/libQuotient/issues/95
14:44:06@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOut changed their display name from PureTryOut to PureTryOu.
14:46:24@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOut changed their display name from PureTryOu to PureTryOut.
3 Sep 2019
09:14:19@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleCould you add that the sidebars can be resized to the minimum size and expanded by dragging the border back then?
09:14:28@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleIt is a better ui than having to enable or disable the sidebars imo
09:16:06@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleAlso please remove the left to right scrollbar that appears at a very tine size, it simply is not usefull
09:16:42@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleIt'd be usefull instead to have an option to hide pictures in the sidebar (and also, add an empty space infront of sidebars that do not have a picture)
23:00:23@nep:pink.packageloss.eunepheleStill no way to disable the fake people category...
6 Sep 2019
21:00:56@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [quotient-im/Quaternion] krkk opened pull request #635: MainWindow: show lib SHA in About [open] - https://github.com/quotient-im/Quaternion/pull/635
7 Sep 2019
03:12:35@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdi changed their display name from jwhvkvthdi to The Dark Jedi of Free Software.
03:12:56@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdi changed their profile picture.
03:13:18@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdi changed their profile picture.
03:17:51@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdi changed their profile picture.
19:28:40@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdi changed their display name from The Dark Jedi of Free Software to TheDarkJediofFreeSoftware.
22:07:34@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdi changed their display name from TheDarkJediofFreeSoftware to jwhvkvthdi.
22:07:51@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdi changed their profile picture.
8 Sep 2019
22:31:44@jwhvkvthdi:matrix.orgjwhvkvthdi changed their profile picture.
9 Sep 2019
01:28:57@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [quotient-im/Quaternion] KitsuneRal closed issue #616: No lib SHA in About [closed] to krkk - https://github.com/quotient-im/Quaternion/issues/616
01:28:57@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [quotient-im/Quaternion] KitsuneRal closed pull request #635: MainWindow: show lib SHA in About [closed] - https://github.com/quotient-im/Quaternion/pull/635
08:44:00@r4mp:matrix.orgr4mp joined the room.
10 Sep 2019
12:24:00@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [quotient-im/Quaternion] KitsuneRal closed issue #622: Optionally hide some tags [closed] - https://github.com/quotient-im/Quaternion/issues/622
11 Sep 2019
07:04:26@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [quotient-im/Quaternion] KitsuneRal closed issue #392: Support the server notices room tag [closed] to KitsuneRal - https://github.com/quotient-im/Quaternion/issues/392
12 Sep 2019
02:24:21@_neb_github_=40kitsune=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgGithub [@kitsune:matrix.org] [quotient-im/libQuotient] KitsuneRal opened issue #352: Rename qmc-example [open] - https://github.com/quotient-im/libQuotient/issues/352
15:20:33@amittel:matrix.orgamittel joined the room.
15:25:24@amittel:matrix.orgamittelPuhhh. Finally made. Win and OpenSSL are not playing well together. Running Ended up copying both dlls into the Quotient dir.
13 Sep 2019
01:11:04@kitsune:matrix.orgkitsuneYeah, it's a bit complicated. Thanks for getting through. Hopefully, it will get easier when Qt gets built with Secure Channel that is native to Windows.
10:36:56@amittel:matrix.orgamittelYeah. Now on last bintray. And since knowing to copy both dlls into quotients dir, setting up was much easier.
11:07:18@coque:matrix.orgcoque joined the room.
14 Sep 2019
04:28:07@rushsteve1:rushsteve1.usrushsteve1 joined the room.
15 Sep 2019
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