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26 May 2022
@duolabs_333:matrix.orgDUO LabsI just rebuilt invidious, and the problem persists.00:01:40
@samantazfox:pussthecat.orgSamantaz Fox

DUO Labs that's super weird....

@samantazfox:pussthecat.orgSamantaz Foxdo you mind sending me some devtool XHR in DM?00:05:22
@duolabs_333:matrix.orgDUO Labs Sure.... what does devtool XHR mean? 00:05:55
@samantazfox:pussthecat.orgSamantaz Foxwhen you open your browsers devtool, you can save the network log to a XHR file00:07:20
@duolabs_333:matrix.orgDUO LabsOk00:07:29
@samantazfox:pussthecat.orgSamantaz Foxnote that it may contain sensitive infos00:07:44
@samantazfox:pussthecat.orgSamantaz Fox

(hence why I'm asking you to send it in private)

@izumisena:matrix.orgIzumi Sena SoraCan i run invidous with mysql database?00:39:50
@duolabs_333:matrix.orgDUO LabsI don't think so00:43:41
@duolabs_333:matrix.orgDUO Labs * I don't think so.00:43:45
@samantazfox:pussthecat.orgSamantaz Fox
In reply to @izumisena:matrix.org
Can i run invidous with mysql database?

No, sorry

@samantazfox:pussthecat.orgSamantaz FoxI hope that one day invidious can run with anything (No DB, MySQL, PG, SQLite), but currently PG is mandatory and the only one supported01:02:07
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@duolabs_333:matrix.orgDUO LabsIt seems that the storyboards don't line up to the proper sections of video.22:14:23
@duolabs_333:matrix.orgDUO Labs * It seems that the storyboards don't line up to the proper sections of video --- they're about 2 seconds behind.22:19:06
@samantazfox:pussthecat.orgSamantaz Foxstoryboard can span multiple seconds of content (that depends on the video, but it seems to be around 5s)22:27:10
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@duolabs_333:matrix.orgDUO LabsBut Youtube's are far more accurate.22:53:43

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