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25 Feb 2024
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@Celmor:matrix.orgCelmorupon loading a video in browser the sound in the player starts but the video stays black for a few seconds until it kinda refreshes and the video starts playing from start normally. is this a known issue?22:18:10
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@invidious-bot:tchncs.deiv-bot<quinq> What web browser?22:24:15
@invidious-bot:tchncs.deiv-bot<jamesp> Looks like yewtu.be is broken again... https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Xd94WIfHuuY23:13:12
@invidious-bot:tchncs.deiv-bot<jamesp> So I don't know if ipv6 rotation works anymore but I don't know if it would be a good idea to report this on GitHub. Hopefully YouTube didn't block /64's yet: https://github.com/iv-org/invidious/issues/3915#issuecomment-185350664323:14:54
@Celmor:matrix.orgCelmor@quinq firefox23:16:32
@Celmor:matrix.orgCelmorit's the delay from 9 to 11 sec seen in dev tools here: https://i.imgur.com/nQdEx3k.png23:18:50
@invidious-bot:tchncs.deiv-bot<jamesp> Are you sure Matrix can see messages from IRC?23:25:17
@saladin:n8pjl.caSaladin [inv.n8pjl.ca]I can see that.23:25:42
@jamesp:kde.orgJames P. joined the room.23:26:02
@jamesp:kde.orgJames P.Apparently yewtu.be is broken again. Despite the use of ipv6-rotator I don't know why it's still blocked. Other instances work though. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=Xd94WIfHuuY23:28:24
26 Feb 2024
@invidious-bot:tchncs.deiv-bot<jamesp> Okay, it finally reset itself. Will return if it happens again.00:02:56
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@Celmor:matrix.orgCelmorhow do I add an existing playlist to my playlists page if I have the url? somehow I've added ones before but the only options I see now are import/export from/to files06:20:06
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@mezame:matrix.orgmezameScreenshot 2024-02-26 16.03.03.png
Download Screenshot 2024-02-26 16.03.03.png
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@mezame:matrix.orgmezameUsing iv.ggtyler.dev ran into this is puffayn down too21:04:28
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27 Feb 2024
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In reply to @mezame:matrix.org
Using iv.ggtyler.dev ran into this is puffayn down too
Probably because it doesnt have the ipv6 rotation
@ggtyler:matrix.orgggtyler idk why the reply pinged me and not the other message but i do have rotation setup and videos are loading fine on my instance rn. there is a small 1-2 minute window between the ip rotation and instance restart but it's definitely not that. can you post what URL is causing that @mezame ? 06:31:56
@unixfox:matrix.orgunixfoxI think it's because we need to update the client versions. These are too old. Can someone create a github issue? Thx07:05:37

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