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19 Nov 2020
@f3joule:matrix.orgF3Joule - Subsocial
In reply to @rubenkelevra:matrix.org
F3Joule - Subsocial: to have this detection running and repinning operation happening, at least one trusted node need to be connected to the cluster, since it needs to authorize the changes for the pin-set.
Could it be two nodes and one of them is "trusted"? But how to specify it then?
If it's the first one in the cluster, then isn't it the only one trusted by default?
@rubenkelevra:matrix.orgRubenKelevra F3Joule - Subsocial: by default the cluster trust all nodes. Trusted nodes are saved in the cluster configurations with their cluster-public-key. By default the array contains a * 15:34:29
@rubenkelevra:matrix.orgRubenKelevra F3Joule - Subsocial: let's turn this around, what do you like to achive? 15:34:53
@f3joule:matrix.orgF3Joule - SubsocialI want my second peer to connect and clone all data from the first peer, but it doesn't happen. First of all, I ran my IPFS Node, cleaned bootstrap (no need in it atm), set-up CORS policies (cluster IP included). Then: run cluster >> add needed peer to a peerstore file >> restart cluster. In about a minute (that's a configured discovery period), my cluster peer found the Peer-1, but that's all, no replication started. Any other configurations left by default, nothing else changed. The algorithm as it is.15:44:57
@rubenkelevra:matrix.orgRubenKelevra F3Joule - Subsocial: this sounds strange. Currently I have no idea why, maybe it's better to open a ticket for that :) 18:56:21
@rubenkelevra:matrix.orgRubenKelevra Wait. Did you even add anything to the cluster pinset? 🤔 18:57:00
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@f3joule:matrix.orgF3Joule - Subsocial
In reply to RubenKelevra
Wait. Did you even add anything to the cluster pinset? 🤔
With a time, it becomes larger, I don't know actualy reason tbh.
But yes, periodically we add content.
@f3joule:matrix.orgF3Joule - Subsocial* With a time, it becomes larger, I don't know actualy reason tbh. But yes, periodically we add content.21:47:43
@rubenkelevra:matrix.orgRubenKelevra Well I only use the cluster follower. When it starts first time (or after a while) the pinset update flys by after the start. Is there no output at all on your secondary node? 🤔 21:52:04

F3Joule - Subsocial: and what does the cluster status say for the pins on the node which added them? 🤔

It should list the secondary node and print a status for the pin one the secondary node.

@f3joule:matrix.orgF3Joule - SubsocialI should check this. It can take a while, cuz it's late here already.21:55:31
20 Nov 2020

F3Joule - Subsocial: just a reminder, the first start of a cluster node cannot be interrupted until it has processed the full pinset. So make sure when you use some kind of automation that it won't kill the daemon right away.

Processing the pinset might need hours to days depending on the history, the disk speed, connection speed and processing power.

Don't know how large your history is, but that's a thing which is printed to: It states something like '3000 items to go'.

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21 Nov 2020
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22 Nov 2020
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23 Nov 2020
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24 Nov 2020
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25 Nov 2020
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26 Nov 2020
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29 Nov 2020
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