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9 Jan 2020
11:17:54@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitl joined the room.
20:02:22@freenode__discord_417857235079790592[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_417857235079790592[m] Perhaps you could try
20:02:50@freenode__discord_417857235079790592[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_417857235079790592[m] What causes the scaling wall is that the pinset is stored as a DAG itself and requires walking it
20:03:04@freenode__discord_417857235079790592[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_417857235079790592[m] When you have hundreds of thousands of objects the walking can take a while
20:03:32@freenode__discord_417857235079790592[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_417857235079790592[m] Once you start getting up to around 3.5mil objects there appears to be about a 50% reduction in pinning performance
20:04:10@freenode__discord_417857235079790592[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_417857235079790592[m] The only solution is an overhaul of the pinning system
20:09:47@freenode__discord_417857235079790592[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_417857235079790592[m] Probably with reference counting tbh. I wrote a reference counter for a custom node I wrote and it's lightning fast
10 Jan 2020
08:05:58@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlThank you, this means there's a chance of it being fixed eventually. I can't be the only person who wants to pin more than a Tbyte on a single machine.
17:20:17@phy:sky.3que.nzPHYQNZ joined the room.
21:58:45@freenode__discord_417857235079790592[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_417857235079790592[m] the one short term work around is to use chunksizes 1MB in size, so you'll reduce the number of pinned objects 4x compared to using 256kb chunk size
23:19:29@niels:feneas.orgniels joined the room.
11 Jan 2020
09:47:47@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlThe problem is that it's going to change the CID, and I'm using the CID as a long-term registry ID for an immutable dataset.
09:54:07@freenode__discord_607248758790422538[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_607248758790422538[m] joined the room.
09:54:10@freenode__discord_607248758790422538[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_607248758790422538[m] Can somebody help me with this: https://discuss.ipfs.io/t/ipfs-cluster-fails-to-post-to-ipfs-node/6977
10:15:40@freenode__discord_607248758790422538[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_607248758790422538[m] never mind guys..got it working 🙂
15:29:52@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlAm I running into any interoperability issues with the rest of the IPFS grid including cluster members if I'm picking 1 Mbyte for chunk size?
13 Jan 2020
16:42:20@hsanjuan:matrix.orghsanjuan eleitl: I think you more or less got answers to your questions. But if something is pending, would you mind asking on discuss.ipfs.io? Really hard to keep track of things here once I leave for a couple of days
14 Jan 2020
15:00:33@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlThanks, will do that in future. Also, will use GitHub to raise issues.
15 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
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18 Jan 2020
18:52:35@freenode__discord_607248758790422538[m]:matrix.orgfreenode__discord_607248758790422538[m] does anybody know where is the IPFS Cluster config file stored in windows systems?
23:52:43@ferdinand:converser.euferdinand joined the room.

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