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2 Apr 2020
20:50:09@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteinerimage.jpeg
20:50:09@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteinererror 404 teacher not found
20:57:52@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LTtr45y7P0
20:57:54@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderThis talk...
20:57:57@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneideris pure gold xD
20:58:17@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderIt's about 30 mistakes people make when trying to sell games to people
21:48:16@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteiner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyjyWUrHsFc
21:48:45@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteinera long way to vulkan. 😁
21:58:25@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisanso many videos.. no time to watch x.x
21:59:15@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred KoppensteinerI thought thats what people do at home office. 😇
22:17:14@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteinergn8
22:31:52@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneidernight
3 Apr 2020
16:16:08@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderDoes everything have a texture?
16:16:36@telegram_910797813:t2bot.ioMH Sauceright now cannot have very small ctf maps made for 2 vs 2 in sauer
16:17:16@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneiderhmm right
16:17:29@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderI feel like reissen is okay for 2v2
16:17:43@telegram_910797813:t2bot.ioMH Sauceso that style of map cannot exist, but played one made on tess for 2vs2 played a couple and was fun
16:17:49@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneiderforge seems to be one of the greatest maps for all types of gameplay. It's symmetric, it supports all modes and its medium sized
16:17:51@telegram_910797813:t2bot.ioMH Sauceya but is not made for it
16:18:46@telegram_910797813:t2bot.ioMH Sauceso games would never be over crowded and maps would never be too big
16:18:49@telegram_910797813:t2bot.ioMH Saucewould always be optimal
In reply to Johannes Schneider
@martinmuzatko I would like to talk to you and nothing about automated map design guides in Inexor.
Sure! Hope I find some time this weekend
19:50:46@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred KoppensteinerMe too. Just tell me when.
21:25:13@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderValidation layers saved the day again
21:26:10@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderIt looks like many errors, but is in a loop so its the same error over and over again
21:25:59@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderValidation_layers_glTF_model_rendering_errors_1.jpg
21:27:08@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderRenderDoc_Inexor_model_rendering_fail.jpg
21:27:30@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderRenderDoc actually reveals that the models were loaded correctly, but something else did not work
4 Apr 2020
02:52:30@telegram_1154955253:t2bot.ioNiTian Erxing joined the room.
02:53:49@telegram_1154955253:t2bot.ioNiTian ErxingHi, wondering if Inexor is still being developed? Got a binary I could try out or something? :D

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