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14 Feb 2019
07:30:38@telegram_311572856:t2bot.ioMalte (Telegram)Misan: are you going to the hackathon by car?
07:54:46@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram)I think not alone, but if you want to come along, then I would go by car
10:59:15@telegram_311572856:t2bot.ioMalte (Telegram)Nice :) yeah I was thinking about that
11:03:55@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram) Would also take Lennard if wanted/needed :)
11:04:00@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram)
Edit to Misan (Telegram)
Would also take Lennard if wanted/needed :)
Edit: Would also take Lennard with meif wanted/needed :)
11:04:04@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram)
Edit to Misan (Telegram)
Edit: Would also take Lennard with meif wanted/needed :)
Edit: Would also take Lennard with me if wanted/needed :)
11:45:36@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger (Telegram)That would be nice
11:45:36@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger (Telegram)Depending on your route I can also come to Herrenberg
11:45:36@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger (Telegram)Which is probably better
13:00:22@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram) https://goo.gl/maps/MSi6cMbJpA22
13:00:32@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram)There are two routes, one also via Herrenberg
13:01:38@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram)image.jpg
14:16:06@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger (Telegram)Yeah 15 minutes difference🙈
14:17:11@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram) @Pum_Amurcat said that if I'm going to drive via herrenberg, I'd need new winter tires for my car :P
14:29:33@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger (Telegram)Haha
14:29:59@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger (Telegram)It's not that bad in Herrenberg but further down the road could indeed be snowy
14:30:10@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger (Telegram)But Freiburg will also be snowy I guess
16:02:07@telegram_311572856:t2bot.ioMalte (Telegram)
In reply to Misan (Telegram)
@Pum_Amurcat said that if I'm going to drive via herrenberg, I'd need new winter tires for my car :P
I think that is only true if you skip over the black forest (my parents always do that)
16:02:58@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram)As long as I don't die alone 🤣
16:34:05@telegram_311572856:t2bot.ioMalte (Telegram)😂
17:00:06@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneider (Telegram)Since I fucked up my exam today I can finally refocus on Inexor again
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15 Feb 2019
02:54:50@Croydon:matrix.orgCroydonRiot just got a major UI redesign. You might want to check it out 🙂
03:23:13@telegram_23297845:t2bot.ioMoritz Bock (Telegram) @croydon do you have a link? Can't see screenshots on the website and am on mobile. :/
03:57:13@telegram_227433749:t2bot.ioAndreas Schaeffer (Telegram) matrix.org ?
08:44:27@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisan (Telegram)image.jpg
16 Feb 2019
00:20:51@telegram_227433749:t2bot.ioAndreas Schaeffer (Telegram)image.jpg
00:20:51@telegram_227433749:t2bot.ioAndreas Schaeffer (Telegram)Beware of Herrenberg ...
18 Feb 2019
17:36:04@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger (Telegram)I'll get my MacBook back tomorrow finally☺️

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