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18 Nov 2019
20:46:58@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderI will work on the octree data structure and the game world after this.
20:47:08@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneiderfirst the renderer, then the editor.
20:47:40@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderThen the hardest parts should be over
22:08:11@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteiner @hanni yes you are a magician
19 Nov 2019
19:56:07@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderI will start working on that tomorrow
19:57:46@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderIn general I think materials should be editable just as geometry as well
19:58:29@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderI dont see any argument to split map geometry and materials like lava into 2 things
21:55:40@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Bergerafter Hanni talking about writing a tool to convert ogz I set out and build a small tool with go as well
21:56:02@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger however I must say that worldio.cpp is a *truly* horrific piece of software
21:56:37@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Bergercurrently it's just some pet code but I could put it online some time if its of any use
21:57:40@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Bergera piece of advice for Hanni: just remove all the code that deals with legacy map import
21:58:01@telegram_95267949:t2bot.ioLennard Berger it's crappy as hell and you will never encounter any maps done with that anyways, especially not map version <= 16
22:09:47@telegram_227433749:t2bot.ioAndreas Schaeffer👍
23:54:03@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneiderok
20 Nov 2019
07:37:39@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred KoppensteinerJust delivered some things for my daughter in my old school, where she and I made our nursing diploma. Strange how things changed past 30 years.
15:29:16@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderHanack and I had extensive discussions yesterday. Luckily I wrote it all down
In reply to Johannes Schneider
Hanack and I had extensive discussions yesterday. Luckily I wrote it all down
Nice :) wanna share?
15:31:04@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderI will write it together as a pad
17:31:27@telegram_227433749:t2bot.ioAndreas Schaeffer👍
17:49:34@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred KoppensteinerAnd prepare for hackathon
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18:23:20@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisanI am sick right now x.x
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18:23:32@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisanHope everything will be fine until hackathon
18:41:49@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes SchneiderWas the Gorgonzola sauce not good ! :O ?
18:45:43@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisanit was good, but I think the 6 hour all-you-can-play lasertag event was too much, and then the next day I was flying to Berlin for a science meeting.
18:47:02@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneideroh boy
21 Nov 2019
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