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20 Jan 2020
In reply to Johannes Schneider
same with sauer racing
at least now the racing servers in sauer are online, but in Ac the ban is still going on
In reply to Johannes Schneider
One core idea of Inexor is to let people do whatever THE FUCK they want to do with it
that's a good point there
00:02:18@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneidersauer has lifted ban on custom gamemodes
In reply to Johannes Schneider
thats going to be interesting
what's with these Chinese joining once in a while
15:49:54@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisanI never had that in another group. Maybe Inexor is already very popular for china bots :P
15:50:26@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisanwe link to telegram from the website, so anyone can crawl and connect randomly, what they do with the information is a mystery to me.
In reply to Misan
we link to telegram from the website, so anyone can crawl and connect randomly, what they do with the information is a mystery to me.
yeah, that's how I came
15:59:17@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisangood :)
16:03:44@telegram_531008067:t2bot.ioYeah Green
In reply to Federico
what's with these Chinese joining once in a while
telegram has a huge chinese spambot problem
16:04:10@telegram_531008067:t2bot.ioYeah Green look at @sminemgang
16:04:37@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred KoppensteinerBut remember that I once did send a bomb to Hanack
16:04:59@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred KoppensteinerOf course it was a 3d model
16:06:20@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred KoppensteinerMaybe I should build a new one this nightshift
21:26:32@telegram_509721765:t2bot.ioFedericoπŸ˜‚ (face with tears of joy)
πŸ˜‚ (face with tears of joy)
21:26:35@telegram_509721765:t2bot.ioFedericonow I understand
21:37:13@telegram_91672531:t2bot.ioMisanbe nice to each other πŸ‘
22:54:41@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteinerimage_2020-01-20_23-54-32.png
23:02:39@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteinerimage_2020-01-21_00-02-34.png
23:11:14@telegram_1034900910:t2bot.ioMarina joined the room.
23:35:12@telegram_944862305:t2bot.ioBing joined the room.
23:35:24@telegram_944862305:t2bot.ioBing changed their display name from telegram_944862305 to Bing.
23:55:11@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneiderhuh?
23:56:31@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneidernooo do not remove bing! my favorite search enginge of them all
23:56:46@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneidersaid nobody ever?
In reply to Johannes Schneider
the guy got mad cause once I forgot to quit the game and he couldn't skip the race, I guessπŸ˜†
23:58:56@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneiderthat would be capital punishment them Im sorry :D
23:59:18@telegram_165053728:t2bot.ioJohannes Schneidergood night
23:59:32@telegram_509721765:t2bot.ioFedericonight man
21 Jan 2020
00:47:35@telegram_141260646:t2bot.ioManfred Koppensteinerimage.jpeg

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