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25 Jan 2021
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domAs in and edit-in-vim one? Probably firenvim13:46:04
@freenode_caveman:matrix.orgcavemanno as in a tridactyl alternative13:47:04
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domlol. Qutebrowser lists a few13:47:29
@freenode_caveman:matrix.orgcavemanoo. i hope their list is up-to-date.13:48:16
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domIt's hardly an area where a new extension gets released each day13:48:58
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domIf you like JS you'll probably like Surfingkeys13:49:42
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domVimium if you want it simple13:49:52
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domVim vixen is fairly similar to Tridactyl I think13:50:12
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domI have genuinely used all of them though and I prefer Tridactyl's set of bugs13:50:39
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domIf you find one you prefer it'd be nice to know why13:50:57
@freenode_caveman:matrix.orgcaveman why do you prefer tridactyl's bugs? 13:51:30
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domHave you heard of the anthropic principle? It's not so far from that13:52:04
@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domIf a bug in Tridactyl annoys me enough I fix it13:52:16
@freenode_caveman:matrix.orgcavemanare you a tridactyl dev?13:52:50
@freenode_caveman:matrix.orgcavemanis webkit2 a fork to resist blink?13:54:06
@freenode_caveman:matrix.orgcaveman how good is webkit2 at viewing websites compared to firefox's recent engine or blink? 14:04:39
In reply to @freenode_caveman:matrix.org
how good is webkit2 at viewing websites compared to firefox's recent engine or blink?

Hello caveman! See here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebKit#WebKit2

The original WebKit API has been renamed WebKitLegacy API.[41] WebKit2 API has been renamed just plain WebKit API.

@freenode_caveman:matrix.orgcaveman Lexi: i know that much. but i don't know details about the internals and how they are in terms of compatibility with tody's websites, security, privacy, etc. 15:45:25
@rummskartoffel:matrix.orgRummskartoffelwithout having done any empirical research, I would assume that Firefox is probably among the best browsers in terms of privacy16:17:08
@rummskartoffel:matrix.orgRummskartoffelin terms of compatibility/standards support, WebKit, Blink and Gecko should all be nigh-identical in the majority of cases, seeing as Mozilla, Google and Apple make up three of the four members of WHATWG, the group that makes the HTML and related standards16:20:37
@n123nn:matrix.orgn123nnyou can see support for web apis here https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/Browser_support_for_JavaScript_APIs16:39:03
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26 Jan 2021
@digital-mystik:matrix.orgdigital mystik is anyone familiar with Librewolf? just found out about tridactyl today and think it's great! noticed something interesting.. librewolf uses its own directory ~/.librewolf instead of ~/.mozilla, but native messenger still works in librewolf even though it installs to ~/.mozilla by default. I'm guessing as long as the python script in ~/.local sees that the mozilla directory exists it doesn't matter? bit of a noobie so apologies in advance haha 01:07:13
@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre digital mystik: The native messenger requries having a file named manifest.json in ~/.mozilla/, so it's likely that the librewolf developpers forgot to (or wilfully didn't) update the code that checks if that manifest file exists 06:34:38
@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre And so it checks in ~/.mozilla instead of ~/.librewolf 06:35:04
@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreLots of chromium browsers do that too06:35:12
@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre (I mean checking in ~/.config/chrome instead of ~/.config/nameofthechromiumbrowser) 06:36:10
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