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15 Dec 2018
21:29:26@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domoh wow glacambre
21:29:31@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domI can't open the command line at all
21:29:42@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domit's like vimium or something
21:29:57@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreYes, I accidentally re-added a condition that I had removed
21:30:10@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreI can't find how to resubmit my pr
21:30:31@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domdo you want me to revert it, or will you have an actual fix quickly enough?
21:30:35@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domyou can just tell me in words if you want
21:31:01@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dombtw this diff-so-fancy thing is really actually nice
21:31:06@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreWell I assumed that you'd revert
21:31:15@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreYou can just take a look at he new PR if you want
21:31:28@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambrebasically remove cmdline_iframe == undefined from the condition in init()
21:32:45@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreCould probably remove the !enabled too now that I think about it
21:37:34@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreI'm very sorry, I don't know how I managed to do that
21:37:50@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre Pressing u without realizing seems quite far fetched
21:38:03@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreMaybe I forgot to re-git add my file
21:42:00@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom1.14.6-7-g7e6d0ca works : )
21:42:16@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreYup, thank you
21:42:37@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domthanks for noticing it was broken so quickly
21:43:53@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreLeast I can do when breaking Tridactyl as much as I do
21:44:20@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domI don't think you've totally broken it for ages
21:46:58@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domI only see 16 reverts
21:47:04@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dombarely any
21:47:27@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreI submitted about 200 PRs
21:47:33@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreSo that's like 8%
21:47:37@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domsome of them aren't even your fault e.g, Merge branch 'Koushien-completion'
21:47:39@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreOne out of ten
16 Dec 2018
05:12:36@xx1987:matrix.orgxx1987 joined the room.

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