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3 Apr 2020
03:48:10@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre * @Jerl set inputmaps <JSON> will set inputmaps to a string I think. Try either bind --mode=input <C-a> text.beginning_of_line or js tri.config.set("inputmaps", <JSON>) - although the latter might break everything if something goes wrong
04:54:59@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreI think I'm going to cry
04:55:17@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreFirst because there's a security vulnerability in https://github.com/jonschlinkert/kind-of
04:55:29@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreThen because every javascript package depends on it
04:55:33@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreThis insane
04:55:37@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreWhy do people do this
In reply to @glacambre:matrix.org
Why do people do this
I like to think of the standard library like public health education. If you don't do it well enough they'll get it from random people on the internet and end up with all sorts of viruses
In reply to @freenode_Jerl:matrix.org
Any time I attempt to use `help`, I get the following error: `# controller in excmd: Error: cannot use 'in' operator to search for "" in "{\"<Escape>\":\"com..."`
Do you remember doing anything odd to your configuration?
06:13:07@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom Config objects shouldn't just get turned into strings willy nilly, that's quite a scary prospect
11:23:50@gitter_dlobue:matrix.orgDominic LoBue (Gitter) joined the room.
11:23:53@gitter_dlobue:matrix.orgDominic LoBue (Gitter) Hi guys, does tridactyl support "plugins" like pentadactyl did? Or the ability to load functions from a JS file?
11:26:17@gitter_dlobue:matrix.orgDominic LoBue (Gitter) I want to create some ex commands to control the Simple Tab Groups extension, and it'd be nice to not have to try and do them all as one-liners
In reply to @gitter_dlobue:matrix.org
Hi guys, does tridactyl support "plugins" like pentadactyl did? Or the ability to load functions from a JS file?
js -s, see help js
11:27:13@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom(dunno if that is in stable yet, it is definitely in the betas)
11:28:24@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom I'm not sure how well that works for "very interactive" commands as reading from disk might be quite slow

If it is slow you're better off doing

alias myexcommand js blah \
2 * 3

In an RC file and then sourcing it as that will bring it into quick-ish storage

11:38:56@gitter_dlobue:matrix.orgDominic LoBue (Gitter)Oh, that looks promising!
11:42:50@gitter_dlobue:matrix.orgDominic LoBue (Gitter) Could I use jsb -r to load the functions from a separate file, and then reference one of those functions from an ex command in the page context?
11:43:01@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom I hope so! Very few extensions allow you to control them though so I wouldn't get your hopes up
11:47:55@gitter_dlobue:matrix.orgDominic LoBue (Gitter)Nice! STG actually does have support for being controlled from another extension luckily. They have some very rough instructions on how to control the extension from Gesturefy on the addon page
11:48:27@gitter_dlobue:matrix.orgDominic LoBue (Gitter) I'll let you guys know how it goes
11:49:31@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom Ah that's cool. If you think what you make is good enough for Tridactyl we had been considering making an interop bit, mostly for TST
11:49:44@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domSo a PR would be welcome :)
12:23:43@tek:tryp.iotek joined the room.
12:31:44@tek:tryp.iotek yanking an image is not possible with hint, right?
12:32:25@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom To clipboard, I don't think so
12:32:43@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domYou can save them and yank the links though
12:33:34@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3dom I'm not sure why it isn't there, I imagine either because no-one has asked or because it isn't possible

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