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20 Nov 2019
15:05:49@Lexi:matrix.orgLexiThanks glacambre, that gives me <code># controller in excmd: SyntaxError: await is only valid in async functions and async generators</code> Also, I want Tridactyl to trigger the third item with <code>selector</code>, is that possible? I also found the IDs out, so I could do ID++ in a loop. Ooor just use the hint, if that's possible to automate
15:06:15@Lexi:matrix.orgLexi tch, tags work with but not with </code> -_-
  • work with <d e l>
15:31:45@Lexi:matrix.orgLexi I'm trying to narrow down the hints so there is only one result returned. However with -c [class="foo"],[class="bar"] it seems Tridactyl shows hints for elements with class foo or class bar instead of class foo and class bar, right? How do I get Tridactyl to only get elements with both classes?
16:03:04@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre -c .foo.bar would work I thiink
16:04:52@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre Also for the async issue you could either try tri.excmds.sleep(2000).then(_ => tri.dom.simulateClick(...) or setInterval(() => { setTimeout(tri.dom.simulateClick(...), 1000); setTimeout(tri.dom.simulateClick(...), 2000); }
16:57:27@Lexi:matrix.orgLexiThanks, seems to work! Now my only remaining problem is that the even the class combination .foo.bar returns multiple elements still and I don't know how to tell Tridactyl to use ID as a CSS selector or alternatively how to tell Tridactyl which hint to hit when there are multiple ones, e.g. by passing a key, that shows up on said hint
16:58:53@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre -c #id should work. Otherwise you can use the inspector to rightclick on the element you're interested in and select Copy > Css Selectoor
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21 Nov 2019
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11:17:35@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domI was trying to update the readme to help people with ESR use Tridactyl, but the AMO still has 1.14.x delisted. : (
11:18:24@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreI think esr will soon be based on FF70 anyway
11:19:34@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreFF68 actually
11:19:48@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreAnd the switch already happened: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Release_Management/Calendar
11:20:04@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambreSo there's no reason for ESR users to not use a regular stable version of tridactyl, right?
11:21:10@glacambre:matrix.orgglacambre * So there's no reason for ESR users to not use a regular stable version of tridactyl, right?
11:23:36@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domIn theory no
11:23:36@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domLast time I looked we had loads on 1.14.x
11:24:55@bovine3dom:matrix.orgbovine3domApparently 4/5 ESRs are now on 68 rather than 60 so yeah, no reason to send them to old Tridactyl versions, yippee
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