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8 Sep 2019
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12 Sep 2019
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14 Sep 2019
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17 Sep 2019
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11:17:14@augierle42e:matrix.orgAugier jaywink: 'ssup?
11:21:30@augierle42e:matrix.orgAugier jaywink: So visibility API is the only missing piece to switch to new puclisher ?
11:21:31@augierle42e:matrix.orgAugierRedacted or Malformed Event
11:21:47@augierle42e:matrix.orgAugier * jaywink: So visibility API is the only missing piece to switch to new puclisher ?
11:27:46@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkHey! Yeah, I guess so. Not so much visibility API, but support for limitied visibility in the content API
11:31:05@augierle42e:matrix.orgAugierWhy is there no support? Why didn't I implement that support back then?
11:31:38@jaywink:federator.devjaywinksupport for limited content came after the content API was initially made
11:31:56@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkI was in a rush to get limited visibility content out so I only implemented it for the current publisher, not the API
11:32:20@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkin a "I'll add it to the API soon" but soon hasn't come yet
11:32:49@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkif you want to tackle it, that would be epic <3
11:33:29@augierle42e:matrix.orgAugierOk. Let's do it properly.
12:18:39@augierle42e:matrix.orgAugier jaywink: What's actually missing? visibility field is there on HTTP API. Is it implementation ?
12:20:32@jaywink:federator.devjaywink Augier: basically what is missing is the creation of limited_visibilities which links "Content" and "Profile" objects together into "who can see this limited content. See https://git.feneas.org/socialhome/socialhome/blob/master/socialhome/content/forms.py#L96
12:21:03@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkof course also the API needs to actually accept the profiles and other flags
12:21:35@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkfederation is already handled as signals, just the local objects part needs rewriting into the API layer
18 Sep 2019
18:28:31@sim6:matrix.orgSimó Albert i Beltran Is there a room to speak about https://the-federation.info/ ?
18:50:49@augierle42e:matrix.orgAugierSimó Albert i Beltran: Yes there is. Though I can't recall where. jaywink ?
18:57:12@sim6:matrix.orgSimó Albert i BeltranAps #thefederation:feneas.org
18:57:16@sim6:matrix.orgSimó Albert i BeltranThanks
19:15:20@jaywink:federator.devjaywinkyes :)
19 Sep 2019
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