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30 Nov 2018
22:07:07@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson Thanks Andy
2 Dec 2018
00:21:10@dober:dobergroup.org.uaDoberGood luck, Jason Robinson ! Everything will be alright
01:05:59@jaywink:feneas.orgJason RobinsonThanks @dober:dobergroup.org.ua in the long run I hope so
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06:59:18@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикs joined the room.
07:17:17@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикsHello everyone. I'm looking for a federated platform to move over from Wordpress. SocialHome looks like a good match from description, although it is a bit strange looking with blocks scattered at random. From socialhome.network I gathered it's more like a personal page/profile with micro and full blogging capabilities, that can interact with other platforms and form 'streams' the person is interested in? I need primarily a publishing platform for a local community. A platform for relatively long posts with images, code examples, videos/animations, that would allow replies/comments, maybe some form of 'likes', and ability to share and repost on other platforms. Would anyone mind sharing their experiences and usecases for SocialHome?
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3 Dec 2018
08:58:52@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson

Hi Fеnикs 👋 Of course as the author of Socialhome I'd love to recommend it for you, but for pure blogging it's maybe a bit heavy. Unlike many similar platforms SH does easily allow you to upload images inline. Code formatting is also supported as is replies. Videos and likes are currently not supported. Socialhome could be thought of a merge between Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr, in terms of features.

Have you seen the federated blogging platforms like https://writefreely.org/ and https://plume-org.github.io/Plume/ ? I think they are closer to something like Medium though, not really social apps for consuming social content like Socialhome.

09:00:12@jaywink:feneas.orgJason RobinsonAlso, there is an ActivityPub plugin for Wordpress being built, but I have no idea about maturity: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pterotype/
09:14:59@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикsJason Robinson: Thanks, Jason. I am currently jumping around matrix channels for different federated platforms, asking same things (hope I wount be mistaken for a bot), based on the-federation.info list, so, thank you again for that. Write-freely and Plume were among them, but so far they seem too minimalistic and alpha for the task.
09:16:33@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикsAs for this plugin, my goal is to get away from wordpress, and not only join the federated network.
09:19:36@jaywink:feneas.orgJason RobinsonSocialhome might be good for what you describe but ActivityPub support probably wont be ready until february/march. Also videos/likes sometime later and single-column / configurable layouts sometime around the same time I guess. I love the grid but not everyone does so decided to make it configurable 😆 Try it and play around. Definitely idea is to always keep long form blogging in mind.
09:32:07@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикsWill need to refresh my knowledge of Django first. SH is on GitLab now, Github is mirroring?
09:35:27@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson Fеnикs: yes, on gitlab for issues and code, github is fully mirrored, so PR's are welcome on github too. Mirroring issues just is not possible easily.
09:44:25@jaywink:feneas.orgJason RobinsonAh wait, channel here has the "wrong" code link still 😅
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09:51:24@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson changed the room topic to "Public server: https://socialhome.network || Code: https://git.feneas.org/socialhome/socialhome || Docs: http://socialhome.readthedocs.io" from "Public server: https://socialhome.network || Code: https://github.com/jaywink/socialhome || Docs: http://socialhome.readthedocs.io".
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10:35:33@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson changed the room topic to "https://socialhome.network || Servers: https://the-federation.info/socialhome || Code: https://git.feneas.org/socialhome/socialhome || Docs: http://socialhome.readthedocs.io" from "Public server: https://socialhome.network || Code: https://git.feneas.org/socialhome/socialhome || Docs: http://socialhome.readthedocs.io".
4 Dec 2018
15:45:05@pavi:disroot.orgpaviWill social home federate with Pleroma?
15:45:22@pavi:disroot.orgpaviI installed Pleroma today and it feels so nice. 😃
15:46:02@jaywink:feneas.orgJason Robinson pavi: yes, pleroma is activitypub. but maybe sometime in february
15:46:58@pavi:disroot.orgpaviCool, I remembered to ask here cause I am enjoying the federation relay provided in pleroma. I see your comment there.
15:47:25@pavi:disroot.orgpaviI am able to subscribe to a mastodon relay from pleroma which is cool 😎
8 Dec 2018
02:53:23@blakec:matrix.orgblakec set a profile picture.
9 Dec 2018
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