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7 Sep 2020
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9 Sep 2020
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17 Sep 2020
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedRunning into an issue here while trying to start a diaspora docker instance- "W, [2020-09-17T04:04:22.713305 #163] WARN -- : [diaspora:sidekiq:sidekiq1] check_alive: process <11470> not found stdout 04:04:22 "04:05:15
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedIt seems to not be able to find a process, then keep crashing and restoring itself.04:05:33
19 Sep 2020
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21 Sep 2020
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedRedacted or Malformed Event07:57:33
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynoted * This specific spot seems to be where things go wrong- what kind of PID file is it looking for? "[diaspora:sidekiq:sidekiq1] load_external_pid_fil e: pid_file not found "07:57:40
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedRedacted or Malformed Event07:58:21
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynoted * Interesting other observation, all log files are entirely empty07:58:29
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedFound out which PID it is, just not sure what's going on with it:08:18:28
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedRedacted or Malformed Event08:18:37
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynoted * "E, [2020-09-21T08:17:06.987422 #162] ERROR -- : [diaspora:web] exit status 1, process <335> (from /home/diaspora/diaspora/tmp/pids/web.pid) was not found; ensure that the pid_file is being updat ed correctly (you should check the process logs ["/home/diaspora/diaspora/log/eye_processes_stdou t.log", "/home/diaspora/diaspora/log/eye_processes_stderr.log"]) " Oddly enough, I've checked and the file is there08:23:36
22 Sep 2020
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedI have an update! So the server is running correctly, but I'm having trouble with Nginx01:33:26
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedFor some reason, when I go to load the https webpage the server is set to proxy under, it loads up content for another web server I have up. Nothing in the block would point it to that content that I'm aware of. 01:33:55
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedRedacted or Malformed Event01:34:52
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedThis is the current server block for the site. I'm thinking there must be an issue somewhere in here that's causing it to load up content from the wrong subdomain01:35:08
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedRedacted or Malformed Event02:37:23
@casuallynoted:casually.catcasuallynotedRedacted or Malformed Event02:37:39
26 Sep 2020
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4 Oct 2020
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9 Oct 2020
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10 Oct 2020
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13 Oct 2020
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21 Oct 2020
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