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22 May 2019
18:13:32@grin:grin.hugrinlet me see
18:13:37@hankg:feneas.orghankgHonestly I subscirbed to PixelFed accounts through Friendica so I don't know
18:13:57@grin:grin.hugrinfriendica... is it the best way into AP?
18:14:15@hankg:feneas.orghankgI'm using it as a cross-social media fusion platform
18:14:20@grin:grin.hugrinOH NO
18:14:28@grin:grin.hugrinI remember now why I have avoided these
18:15:08@hankg:feneas.orghankgwell I don't like being a code snob but as much as I tried I couldn't get over the hump on being a developer on there largely because of that too
18:15:12@hankg:feneas.orghankgI may try again at some point
18:15:24@hankg:feneas.orghankgthey have a docker install version if you want to go the container route
18:15:48@hankg:feneas.orghankgFriendica not PixelFed...although they may as well
18:16:03@grin:grin.hugrinI love to be a code snob, but apart from that 95% of the security incidents I have to handle roots in that pest of a language.
18:16:14@grin:grin.hugrinpixelfed is php as well
18:17:06@grin:grin.hugrinand of course at every upgrade where php is around I'm waiting things to break apart and the dust remaining getting blown away by the winds
18:17:16@hankg:feneas.orghankgFYI there is a general Fediverse Matrix room: https://matrix.to/#/!jxmYpWBPzliLDaQFDz:disroot.org?via=disroot.org&via=matrix.org&via=chat.weho.st
18:17:21@grin:grin.hugrinwhich happens way too often
18:20:22@hankg:feneas.orghankgyeah I can imagine
18:20:35@hankg:feneas.orghankgalthough the people in the Friendica room don't seem to have too many hiccups
18:20:55@hankg:feneas.orghankgdidn't have too many problems with my WP blog when it was wordpress (now Jekyll)
15 Jul 2019
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19 Jul 2019
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1 Aug 2019
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8 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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