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26 Oct 2019
01:31:32@hankg:feneas.orghankgfor example this is a meme I just shared on facebook to just my friends yet you should be able to load it in your browser: https://scontent-ort2-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/73533056_2846095238735264_1434170316929630208_n.jpg?_nc_cat=107&_nc_oc=AQnBA5ZfU-jBNCLHyqY6D15GX2zckipnb5pVoCU2sVgCjr6PSV9qbeq1iuHBjfvLw4c&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.xx&oh=3932874dd8ea935d0448fd36ed0efa08&oe=5E5CDF27
01:32:21@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCati see..
01:32:41@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatand i am able to open it,yeah
01:33:00@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatso that feature of permissions is a good one by friendica
01:33:20@hankg:feneas.orghankgit's unique
01:33:23@hankg:feneas.orghankgnot completely unique but unusual
01:33:39@hankg:feneas.orghankgit creates substantial hosting overhead on the server though because the content is getting re-rendered out of the database IIRC
01:33:52@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatits very useful for ppl looking for prvicay control,like i am
01:33:57@hankg:feneas.orghankgeither way you can't put a CDN in front of it like you can these other systems, including D*
01:34:01@hankg:feneas.orghankgto address scaling
01:34:44@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCati see,thats an quite good point too
01:35:48@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatdoes D* actually support to theme the look and fell of it,like friendica does?
01:36:02@hankg:feneas.orghankgYou can theme it but it's not as flexible as friendica
01:36:13@hankg:feneas.orghankgfriendica has several themes it "ships" with out of the box
01:36:30@hankg:feneas.orghankgand by themes I don't just mean color wheel changes
01:36:41@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatyes,that is what i like about friendica
01:37:02@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatbc dspr gets kinda boring,with its default theme
01:37:07@hankg:feneas.orghankgYou can get a look at it at https://friendica-themes.com
01:37:23@hankg:feneas.orghankgI like their default theme :) but yes it can feel a bit stuffy to some
01:38:03@hankg:feneas.orghankgI believe some sites have done a lot more theme customization but it's not packaged as nicely as in Friendica IIRC. I haven't played with it so I can't speak from personal experience
01:42:13@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatwow,there is some nice themes,on that pic within the link,provided by you.will definitely be trying out friendica next and hope to dive in as quickly as i did with D*.i will try to establish the same connections on friendica,that i have on D*,so that it does not wether i log in to D* or frndc,as the timeline i am getting to ready should be equally same.i had it like that with Hubzilla and D* for like 6 months,where i kept having the same connections
01:42:51@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCat*matter whether i log in.....
01:43:00@hankg:feneas.orghankgYeah once it's had a bit of time to season
01:44:32@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatthank you for all your helpful insights.very appreciated!those kind of insights as shared are very helpful to me
01:44:51@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCatas shared *by you
01:45:16@fare:matrix.orgFluffyCati am missing whole words.sorry.i am just typeing too fast
01:53:19@hankg:feneas.orghankgyou are welcome :)
6 Nov 2019
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15 Nov 2019
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18 Jan 2020
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