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27 Jan 2019
14:27:45@hankg:feneas.orghankgCompared to Friendica I'd say they have a more solid feeling UI/UX
14:27:58@hankg:feneas.orghankgbut in Friendica it depneds on your theme too

Oh yes, themes are very useful. Played with it.

I am using Pleroma some time but didn't explore this much as I did with Friendica.

In the hope, Friendica can be better for my need.

14:32:02@hankg:feneas.orghankgYeah I prefer Vier but it has some quirks
14:32:12@hankg:feneas.orghankgThe default theme feels a bit cluttered
14:32:21@hankg:feneas.orghankgbut after using it a few hours I'm getting around a little better
14:32:36@hankg:feneas.orghankgsomething between the two would be good haha
14:35:13@noorul:matrix.orgnoorul Here is mine https://squeet.me/display/962c3e10-165c-4d89-9e90-d96390890125
14:35:31@noorul:matrix.orgnoorulTheme and colour scheme along with background image
14:39:47@hankg:feneas.orghankgwhat's the performance like on there?

Performance wise, I cant say much.

Once you we start using Friendica we find it as "lagging" as pleroma and mastodon take care of this jquery.

E.g. the progress icon will be spinning for something when we like a post or comment.

Before it's posting directly rather than using jquery to perform at background.

The workflow can be definitely improve for better ux.

I am glad mastodon or pleroma has lightening fast for work flow and loading.

I felt this on Friendica but somewhat didnt see on Diaspora but I assume diaspora is not using jquery

14:58:07@hankg:feneas.orghankgThe main website uses Backbone
14:58:13@hankg:feneas.orghankgand traditional Rails
14:58:23@hankg:feneas.orghankgthe mobile site uses traditional rails and some jQuery
15:00:00@noorul:matrix.orgnoorulAnd you are person done the Diaspora API during Dec, right?

Oh, man, Hank,

It's good know about contribution today.

I am inspired by you!

15:02:02@hankg:feneas.orghankgthanks :D

I was reading the thread and one of core developer , you know, "demanding" 2 months, 12000$ .(he could be kidding, I don't know)

But you came as saviour. And I am impressed you completed all the api work in matter of time

15:04:03@hankg:feneas.orghankgHis point was it is/was a lot of work not trivial
15:04:24@noorul:matrix.orgnoorulI am even impressed by how you organise the chart with all steps, tests, aspect in color mode.
15:04:28@hankg:feneas.orghankgI didn't spend two man months on it (320 hours) but I spent a substantial percentage of that much time on it
15:04:44@noorul:matrix.orgnoorulThis is best thing, I learnt and got to know
15:04:54@hankg:feneas.orghankgthanks :) on something that big it's important to have a road map and track progress to get some interim "wins"
15:05:08@hankg:feneas.orghankgalso great for communicating with others

I like that part to be organising and communicative.

Working on it for past few months.

I am the stage where I see/observe, breakdown the system, priority and track on paper.

But fail to present. Will eventually deliever the presentable details too

15:08:59@noorul:matrix.orgnoorulThat kind of contribution/work shows and teaches some of us to be determine and try to solve the problem
15:26:43@hankg:feneas.orghankgI'm glad that was helpful to you so generally


You keep on rocking, Hank!

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