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7 Jul 2020
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang Tze * Good morning orrows.08:33:35
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang Tze * Good morning chinasorrows.08:34:55
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeAlso I replied to your post barney_fife. Meet Tumtu, he's my guardian elephant.08:36:07
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeIMG_20200707_043947.jpg
Download IMG_20200707_043947.jpg
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeHe's very protective of Shi Zhen Li.08:42:45
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeAnd also kind of a jerk.08:43:21
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeEspecially when he's hungry.08:45:11
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeDespite his size tho, he's like most elephants, somewhat of a coward.08:49:34
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeYour new experimental light-mass fabricator device appears to have startled him. Animals have very simple minds.08:51:19
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang Tze * Despite his size tho, he's like most elephants, somewhat of a coward.08:56:03
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeAt least it's not Pawpu.09:05:08
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeI am crying right now 😭 that hurts so much. Don't ever go to the Shaolin Temple to learn gung fu or become a monk unless you are absolutely ready to devote your entire life to pain. Forget about tranquility and quiet solitude, because it is loud and noisy and crowded and it sucks. Also, forget about spirituality and meditation because, well, it sucks lol. Nobody at Shaolin ever meditates, that's bullcrap. The masters don't care about meditation, they are going to torture the hell out of you, and today I was tortured for nearly 3 hours straight. Now I am pretty sure I need an ice bath. The box splits are by far the worst pain I have experienced, and once you agree to doing it, there is no way out. You can not escape, and the masters do not care if you are injured or in pain. If you're not dead, then basically you can train, and forget about those kind, gentle understanding patient gung fu masters who smile and give you some kind of philosophical poetic teachings to help you. That's crap. Pure fantasy. In real life they are mean, loud, ruthless and barbaric, and omg it hurts so much.12:20:32
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeReal Shaolin Temple gung fu is 0% at all like they portray in TV documentaries or advertisements. It's not peaceful. It's not quiet. It's not spiritual. It's not solitary. It's not friendly, and really it's nothing at all like TV, it's more like boot camp. Or like hell week at the USMC, only it's not just a week, it's every day, all day, forever or until you quit.12:29:27
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeIf you can't do a box split, don't worry, they will help you, and by help you I mean force you physically with assistance. There is no other way to stretch your legs and do a split, someone just kind of sneaks up behind you when you're not ready, wraps your arms up from behind so you can't move, and then literally sits on you, forcing you to do a split.12:39:02
@lee_fang_tze:roleplaygateway.comLee Fang TzeI learned that it's extremely important, and I can't stress this enough, to relax and breathe. I now know why they try to stress this so much, because if you tense up, it can literally cause severe injuries, like life altering career ending serious injuries, especially when stretching and doing splits.12:45:45
* @riverstyx777:roleplaygateway.comriverstyx777 mindlessly meanders.14:57:07
@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, Riverstyx777. You were last active 5 days ago. 14:57:08
@riverstyx777:roleplaygateway.comriverstyx777 Nobody alive anymore? claims dead Chat in the name of Riverdom! 15:39:21
@martinvole:roleplaygateway.comMartin VoleWelcome to the graveyard15:42:47
@welcomeback:t2bot.ioWelcome Back Bot Welcome back, Martin Vole. You were last active a day ago. 15:42:48
@riverstyx777:roleplaygateway.comriverstyx777hey Marvole15:53:13
@martinvole:roleplaygateway.comMartin VoleWhat's up?16:04:58
@rowan6337:matrix.orgrowan6337 joined the room.16:15:31
@chinasorrows:roleplaygateway.comchinasorrowsI'm around16:36:47
@barney_fife:roleplaygateway.combarney_fife Tumtu gon' die 17:27:57
@_discord_403601536871301122:roleplaygateway.comnonconformingrole changed their display name from nonconformingrole to nonconformingrole#5095.17:31:17
@_discord_403601536871301122:roleplaygateway.comnonconformingrole changed their display name from nonconformingrole#5095 to nonconformingrole.17:31:18
@chinasorrows:roleplaygateway.comchinasorrowsI'm insanely bored17:36:06
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I'm insanely bored
Have you considered joining things in the MV?

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