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18 Nov 2019
03:53:50@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter)
03:53:53@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter) ^ Gitter is interesting. Look what else it did: I opened it in Safari (and I haven't signed into anything in Safari, it's like Vanilla Safari straight out of the box), and look what it put on the home page.
03:54:12@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter)
03:54:27@gitter_keithlayne:matrix.orgKeith Layne (Gitter)IP address
03:54:28@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter) Shanon's avatar and mine
03:54:42@gitter_gerrit0:matrix.orgGerrit Birkeland (Gitter) I'm jealous of your monitor... that's huge.
03:54:42@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter) I'm not in Australia though.
03:55:11@gitter_keithlayne:matrix.orgKeith Layne (Gitter)neither is your avatar?
03:55:11@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter)haha, nope
03:55:18@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter)both in Oakland
03:55:18@gitter_keithlayne:matrix.orgKeith Layne (Gitter) I assume Shanon isn't in Greenland either :P
03:55:28@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter)My monitor is the MacBook Pro 15
03:55:39@gitter_keithlayne:matrix.orgKeith Layne (Gitter)pretty far from NZ
03:55:48@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter) (edited) ... Pro 15 => ... Pro 15 Retina
03:56:13@gitter_keithlayne:matrix.orgKeith Layne (Gitter) But they may have some kind of Proxy polyfill...obviously you can't really polyfill it, but still there are some out there
03:56:19@gitter_keithlayne:matrix.orgKeith Layne (Gitter)dang it
03:56:37@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter)So it looks like some Proxy polyfill is the culprit
03:56:47@gitter_trusktr:matrix.orgJoe Pea (Gitter)haha
03:57:11@gitter_gerrit0:matrix.orgGerrit Birkeland (Gitter) But window.Proxyclaims to be native code...
03:59:21@gitter_tnthacker2015:matrix.orgTNThacker2015 (Gitter) Is there a way to convert two union types into an object type?
03:59:24@gitter_tnthacker2015:matrix.orgTNThacker2015 (Gitter) (edited) ... like ```js => ... like
03:59:47@gitter_gerrit0:matrix.orgGerrit Birkeland (Gitter)
type UnionToIntersection<U> = 
  (U extends any ? (k: U)=>void : never) extends ((k: infer I)=>void) ? I : never
04:00:16@gitter_gerrit0:matrix.orgGerrit Birkeland (Gitter)Probably what you want, without more context
04:01:40@gitter_tnthacker2015:matrix.orgTNThacker2015 (Gitter)
type a = "e" | "i" | "o"
type b = 1 | 2 | 3
type c = ConvertIntoObject<a, b> // type c is { e: 1, i: 2, o: 3}
04:02:40@gitter_gerrit0:matrix.orgGerrit Birkeland (Gitter) Unions aren't ordered.
04:03:06@gitter_gerrit0:matrix.orgGerrit Birkeland (Gitter) 1 | 2 | 3 === 3 | 1 | 2
04:03:27@gitter_tnthacker2015:matrix.orgTNThacker2015 (Gitter) ah.
alright, thanks for the information
04:03:44@gitter_keithlayne:matrix.orgKeith Layne (Gitter)you could probably do it with tuples
04:04:03@gitter_keithlayne:matrix.orgKeith Layne (Gitter)and get the tuples as unions if you needed them that way
04:04:07@gitter_tnthacker2015:matrix.orgTNThacker2015 (Gitter)how would tuples do it?

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