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8 Mar 2021
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) I've acutally used Dart a little bit. 01:49:04
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) seems simpler, no? 01:49:20
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) they typing side of things anyway 01:49:56
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) *the 01:50:00
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) yeah, it's definitely simpler on the typing side. Unlike Typescript it enforces most of its types at runtime 01:50:22
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) Dart is much closer to javascript, than it is to typescript and other languages that check types at compile time. 01:52:29
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) ya, maybe what I like about it 01:52:46
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) But even there, if you define
class Foo {
   int x;
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) * But even there, if you define
class Foo {
   int x;
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) if you use Foo in a type-context, you get an instance-type, not a class-type:
class Bar {
    Foo y;
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) ya, but I never seem to get caught up in any of the type things like I do with TS 01:55:26
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) a class is a class is a class 01:55:38
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) and typeof gets used at runtime 01:55:58
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) same as it does at compile 01:56:02
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) I wish dart had the same scale as js 01:56:44
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) I'm not that experienced with Dart, I don't think it has a typeof? Only obj.runtimeType? 01:56:49
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) ya 01:57:36
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) maybe that is my issue 01:57:45
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) I’m using and thinking of typeof as instanceof (or the reverse) 01:58:00
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) I hear the family calling for dinner downstairs 01:58:44
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) yeah, there's another type InstanceType<T> which will take a constructor new (...args: any) => U and return just the U 01:58:44
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) I’ll catch you later webstrand 01:59:04
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) thanks again for your insight 01:59:08
@tcf909-5c57735bd73408ce4fb6c954:gitter.imtcf909 (T.C. Ferguson) I really appreciate the thoughts 01:59:14
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) good luck, I hope you make a breakthrough. 01:59:20
@webstrand-5c5dc68dd73408ce4fb7426f:gitter.imwebstrand (webstrand) I learned Dart after learning typescript, I really prefer Typescript's type-system to Dart's. It's so much more expressive. 02:00:04
@fatcerberus-59ace8b6d73408ce4f7431dc:gitter.imfatcerberus (Bruce Pascoe) It's easiest, I've found, to think of all the type-level stuff in TS as just you programming the type checker 02:56:03
@fatcerberus-59ace8b6d73408ce4f7431dc:gitter.imfatcerberus (Bruce Pascoe) It's even turing complete 02:56:07
@fatcerberus-59ace8b6d73408ce4f7431dc:gitter.imfatcerberus (Bruce Pascoe) So typeof foo is just whatever TS thinks the type of foo-the-identifier is, i.e. if you pass that identifier to a function, what is its type 02:57:31
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