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7 Aug 2019
22:17:05@crypt17:matrix.orgcrypt17 set a profile picture.
23 Aug 2019
04:13:22@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Graham joined the room.
04:13:51@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahamhey anyone able to help me with my config? im trying to get discord auto open in ws2 but it keeps opening in 1
04:19:51@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahamnm i think i got it
12:21:23@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Graham2019-08-23_1920x1080_scrot.png
12:21:36@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahamwhy is this looking like this on my HDTV
12:34:43@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostresolution and DPI conflict?... not sure myself
15:23:08@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahamany good recomendations on a weather info on the status bar?
15:23:28@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahamive tried a couple but couldnt get them to work, seemed old and out of date
15:28:20@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostive never customized the bar, so no idea
15:34:36@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahameven conky lol
15:34:51@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahami just not sure where to start with conky
15:41:18@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostyea i have no idea there either
15:41:33@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostthe defaults are nice and im lazy ha
15:42:12@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahamlol
24 Aug 2019
11:40:01@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek GrahamCurious I setup a custom font and size for i3status bar, which works but when I logout and login it reverts until I reload i3 bar { font pango: System San Francisco Display 10 status_command i3status
25 Aug 2019
07:09:58@inbonove3:matrix.org@inbonove3:matrix.org joined the room.
07:10:08@inbonove3:matrix.org@inbonove3:matrix.org left the room.
31 Aug 2019
14:47:31@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Graham changed their display name from derekagraham78 to Derek Graham.
15:38:23@choskyo:matrix.orgchoout of curiosity, does everyone have the problem with i3-scrot where the box gets stuck and shows up in the capture in -s / selection mode?
15:42:41@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahami just capture the entire screen so havent gotten there yet
15:43:29@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostjust did one now, doesnt get stuck for me
15:43:48@choskyo:matrix.orgchofair, I think I've had the problem since the last time I installed manjaro.. 18 or so months ago, just been too lazy to fix it
20:55:04@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Graham changed their profile picture.
3 Sep 2019
01:14:49@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahamany ideas how to reopen a app thats gone to the system tray when the system tray icons are hidden?
01:15:00@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Graham2019-09-02_1920x1080_scrot.png
02:01:49@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostdidnt think that was possible
17:13:33@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek GrahamA reddit user fixed a bash script that makes a scrolling spotify titler for Polybar, its on https://github.com/derekagraham78/scrolling_spotify_bash
17:13:54@derekagraham78:matrix.orgDerek Grahamits not my own script, I provided a sample non working script and he got it to work, original is available here but I provide the instructions for others on mine. https://gitlab.com/xPMo/snippets/blob/master/shell/playerctl-zscroll.sh
19 Sep 2019
15:31:33@samuelrajan747:matrix.orgsamuelrajan747 joined the room.

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