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3 Sep 2018
21:57:03@mau55trapp:matrix.orgAnastîas All good have a good day brother
21:57:10@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyIm not having a good day.
21:57:20@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyI'm miserable and lonely and want a quick swift death
21:57:24@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyWHen will this ride end.
21:57:29@mau55trapp:matrix.orgAnastîas Sorry well I hope it gets better
21:57:37@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyYou dont care
21:59:04@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyI want some fuck
4 Sep 2018
01:19:57@mau55trapp:matrix.orgAnastîas changed their display name from mau55trapp to Anastias.
01:32:04@mau55trapp:matrix.orgAnastîas changed their display name from Anastias to Anastîas.
16 Sep 2018
09:58:43@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyMei nigga mei niggah.
09:58:49@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyWhy are there so many people here.
17 Sep 2018
16:13:50@redrabbit:matrix.orgredrabbit joined the room.
19 Sep 2018
01:51:08@platinumbanshee:matrix.orgplatinumbanshee joined the room.
24 Sep 2018
02:29:46@melaniasmelons:matrix.orgmelaniasmelons joined the room.
25 Sep 2018
16:11:33@travisbic:matrix.org@travisbic:matrix.org joined the room.
16:33:58@travisbic:matrix.org@travisbic:matrix.org left the room.
26 Sep 2018
19:07:05@pythagorasfolly:matrix.orgpythagorasfolly joined the room.
4 Oct 2018
07:32:59@tarpball9:matrix.orgtarpball9 joined the room.
14 Oct 2018
10:32:43@noizfuk:matrix.orgnoizfuk joined the room.
In reply to @mau55trapp:matrix.org
Hi guys.. new here. Long term r/RCSource user, then discord, then was told to come here in case discord server gets shut down.
What kind of research papers school friend
17 Oct 2018
02:45:46@fliegenmann:matrix.org@fliegenmann:matrix.org joined the room.
03:35:13@fliegenmann:matrix.org@fliegenmann:matrix.orgWhat about noids, are there some News?
22 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018
04:34:55@fliegenmann:matrix.org@fliegenmann:matrix.org left the room.
4 Nov 2018
04:05:20@wallst.drugs:matrix.orgwallst.drugs joined the room.
04:05:35@wallst.drugs:matrix.orgwallst.drugsthank god
04:05:38@wallst.drugs:matrix.orgwallst.drugsim back online
7 Nov 2018
09:09:16@jpht1211:matrix.orgjpht1211 I don’t know how to leave a review here but Chemlogix 10 all day way around
09:11:46@jpht1211:matrix.orgjpht1211Need a cLam powder source
09:12:28@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezaMe too 🇪🇺

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