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18 Mar 2020
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19 Apr 2020
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25 Apr 2020
@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezahi! ISOTONITAZENE? insanely valuable chemical and extremely dangerous, need be handled with care.. last of it in the world looking to offload since ban has been put in place 07:15:36
27 Apr 2020
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2 May 2020
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4 May 2020
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16 May 2020
@anarcho-spoonie420:matrix.org🏴🏳️‍🌈anarcho-spoonie420 (he/they)♿♨️🍄🤘🏽🍵🌶️♿ joined the room.08:05:42
19 May 2020
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20 May 2020
@anarcho-spoonie420:matrix.org🏴🏳️‍🌈anarcho-spoonie420 (he/they)♿♨️🍄🤘🏽🍵🌶️♿ I'm new to this group and found it while using the chat room search for my favorite topics. Are there any rules here that I should be aware of? For example, the main one I'm wondering about is rules on sourcing. A lot of groups don't allow that one. 08:47:06
@anarcho-spoonie420:matrix.org🏴🏳️‍🌈anarcho-spoonie420 (he/they)♿♨️🍄🤘🏽🍵🌶️♿ changed their display name from anarcho-spoonie420 (he/they) to 🏴🏳️‍🌈anarcho-spoonie♿420 (he/they)♨️🍄🤘🏽🍵🌶️♿.09:31:05
@anarcho-spoonie420:matrix.org🏴🏳️‍🌈anarcho-spoonie420 (he/they)♿♨️🍄🤘🏽🍵🌶️♿ changed their display name from 🏴🏳️‍🌈anarcho-spoonie♿420 (he/they)♨️🍄🤘🏽🍵🌶️♿ to 🏴🏳️‍🌈anarcho-spoonie420 (he/they)♿♨️🍄🤘🏽🍵🌶️♿.09:32:10
2 Jun 2020
@necron99:matrix.orgnineniner🏴🏳️‍🌈anarcho-spoonie420 (he/they)♿♨️🍄🤘🏽🍵🌶️♿: pretty dead in this group but I haven’t seen any source posting . Hit me up I might be able to point you in the right direction or at least where to look. Also . Solidarity 🏴02:20:37
6 Jun 2020
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21 Jun 2020
@bluebanana:matrix.orgpurple_carrot Hello 17:06:34
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23 Jun 2020
25 Jun 2020
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4 Jul 2020
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5 Jul 2020
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6 Jul 2020
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11 Jul 2020
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