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28 Feb 2019
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21 Mar 2019
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4 Apr 2019
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18 Apr 2019
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21 Apr 2019
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In reply to @wackerox:matrix.org
Anyone who is interested in talking about research chemical sources,, experiences, and chemistry ask me for an invite to the new Research Chemicals Market room (RCM:matrix.org).
Yo, I did message, are you even around here? Is that board dead anyway?
22 Apr 2019
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29 Apr 2019
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03:44:02@premiumdissos:matrix.orgpremiumdissosMany peeps use energy control international?
30 Apr 2019
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19:45:07@killahcameron:matrix.orgkillahcameron Hey guys. I’m a trusted vendor from discord looking to expand.
19:47:07@killahcameron:matrix.orgkillahcameron This is my paste
3 May 2019
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11:30:50@blqt:matrix.orgblqtHello can we make review of rc sellers website here?
19:40:49@jenn6827:matrix.orgJenn Yes that I'd say is allowed
13 May 2019
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30 May 2019
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31 May 2019
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01:33:40@thats_just_like_your_opinion_man:matrix.orgthats_just_like_your_opinion_manPosting to say RIP to r/RCSources, hope this is the next stop for that. Was the discord popping off? Never knew there was one
6 Jul 2019
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1 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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29 Aug 2019
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12 Sep 2019
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26 Sep 2019
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