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21 Dec 2019
13:32:08@pihkal33:matrix.orgpihkal33 joined the room.
22 Dec 2019
20:28:16@pa-trick:matrix.org@pa-trick:matrix.org joined the room.
20:28:54@pa-trick:matrix.org@pa-trick:matrix.org Rip /rcsources
23 Dec 2019
06:45:53@pa-trick:matrix.org@pa-trick:matrix.org 99_boy: hey is this room dead?
26 Dec 2019
20:39:24@pa-trick:matrix.org@pa-trick:matrix.org left the room.
27 Dec 2019
02:35:54@pirateparrot2.0:matrix.orgpirateparrot2.0 joined the room.
31 Dec 2019
09:14:52@b.petsch:matrix.org@b.petsch:matrix.org joined the room.
12 Jan 2020
23:23:34@kracker_kaps:matrix.org@kracker_kaps:matrix.org joined the room.
13 Jan 2020
01:00:49@kracker_kaps:matrix.org@kracker_kaps:matrix.org left the room.
14 Jan 2020
14:42:22@b.petsch:matrix.org@b.petsch:matrix.org left the room.
16 Jan 2020
01:07:12@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknew joined the room.
01:10:27@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknewtranquiltreats: tt is that u?
17 Jan 2020
08:27:51@elpeedee:matrix.orgelpeedee joined the room.
08:32:45@elpeedee:matrix.orgelpeedee Jenn: hey can I get invite to new server? I'm well known on discord
08:32:59@elpeedee:matrix.orgelpeedeewhoknew: ^
08:34:35@elpeedee:matrix.orgelpeedeeWackerOx: can I get an inv
08:51:20@elpeedee:matrix.orgelpeedee tranquiltreats: u know me as @lpd on discord
08:55:50@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknewOnly message me encrypted for now on avoid servers without encryption
18 Jan 2020
08:41:07@whiterice:matrix.org@whiterice:matrix.org joined the room.
08:44:29@whiterice:matrix.org@whiterice:matrix.org left the room.
23 Jan 2020
05:35:28@tylerebrandon:matrix.orgpsychike joined the room.
05:38:37@tylerebrandon:matrix.orgpsychike changed their display name from tylerebrandon to psychike.
09:24:45@stretch2:matrix.orgstretch joined the room.
09:34:17@stretch2:matrix.orgstretch set a profile picture.
09:34:24@stretch2:matrix.orgstretch changed their display name from stretch2 to stretch.
24 Jan 2020
08:18:15@arrrcodester:matrix.orgarrrcodester joined the room.
25 Jan 2020
13:01:40@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknew100 2mg $25 200 $35 300 45$ 500 $60 etizolam pez
13:24:57@noizfuk:matrix.orgnoizfukRedacted or Malformed Event
13:28:03@noizfuk:matrix.orgnoizfukwhoknew: interested. Best way to connect

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