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30 May 2021
@themazz:matrix.orgthemazz joined the room.15:06:32
@themazz:matrix.orgthemazzIs this room active?16:39:37
@nausiyanmeow:matrix.org@nausiyanmeow:matrix.orgApparently not. First message I've seen since joining 18:16:46
1 Jun 2021
@themazz:matrix.orgthemazzWe should get it moving. 05:12:30
@themazz:matrix.orgthemazzHow many people are in the room? I don't even know how to figure out. I would say I'm not even a novice with element. Pre-novice might work lol05:13:23
@nausiyanmeow:matrix.org@nausiyanmeow:matrix.org96 peeps09:20:35
5 Jun 2021
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@hstan:matrix.org@hstan:matrix.org 23:46:00
6 Jun 2021
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8 Jun 2021
@veysel1landa:matrix.orgv1landa changed their profile picture.21:47:17
11 Jun 2021
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@anonrc:matrix.org@anonrc:matrix.orgHave no fear Anon is here01:23:10
13 Jun 2021
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21 Jun 2021
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@filipe1648:matrix.orgFilipe1648Hey guys, happy to join the community 19:48:49
23 Jun 2021
@clon1:matrix.orgclon1 joined the room.10:48:44
@clon1:matrix.orgclon1I bought 60 0,5 pellets clonazolam since all were saying it is the strongest. But flualprazolam 1mg seems much more, what do you think10:50:10
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24 Jun 2021
In reply to @thats_just_like_your_opinion_man:matrix.org
Posting to say RIP to r/RCSources, hope this is the next stop for that. Was the discord popping off? Never knew there was one
Google funcaps.np:) customer forblong time they have every possible rc especialy BZO
Download Screenshot_20210624-005405_edited~2.jpeg
Download IMG-20210604-WA0005.jpg
25 Jun 2021
@clon1:matrix.orgclon1 purple_carrot: 07:41:07
26 Jun 2021
@nausiyanmeow:matrix.org@nausiyanmeow:matrix.org changed their display name from Nausiyan Nyan (currently not well) to Nausiyan Nyan.22:12:19
7 Jul 2021
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12 Jul 2021
@sicfuck:matrix.orgAsmodeus changed their display name from Din Viesel to Asmodeus.15:17:29
22 Jul 2021
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