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18 Dec 2018
12:21:01@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyWhere are all the RC Riot rooms.
12:21:06@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezaShips 3cmc, aphp, apihp, etizolam to Europe, wickr ereza1
12:22:22@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/ereza Don't work ur link mate
12:23:57@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyHuh looks like it was hacked.
12:24:17@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezaWhat was it? Yours?
12:29:07@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/ereza500 is a server issue no?
12:30:16@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/ereza The 500 Internal Server Error is a very general HTTP status code that means something has gone wrong on the web site's server but the server could not be more specific on what the exact problem is.
12:30:36@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boy I should chekc my hosting then
12:30:45@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezaTalk to host
12:34:10@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyHowve you been
12:39:54@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezaWell I have been illegally raided, trespasser tipped police and so two crimes one trespassing on my property entering storage room of mine see things tips police whom raids me over these tips and so an illegal raid too lol
12:42:00@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/ereza Lost most stock, but Ill make sure the procedures around this will be thoroughly and indeniably shown illegal and I won't fucking Bend over to a vigilante and dumbass cops who couldn't even protect the tipper I knew the moment the spoke lol
12:42:23@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezaPressed charges against him dropped after no investigation ofc though
12:42:34@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezaOther than that all is well
12:53:13@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyI think it owrks now.
12:53:20@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boySounds crazy man hahahaha wow wf
12:53:28@99dopeboy:matrix.org99_boyWhatd htey all get from ya
13:03:52@ereza:matrix.orgM3zaint/erezaNah nothing that serious aphp, apihp, hex-en (all non narcotics here) and about 2000etizolam (narcotics) but small amount, I hustled them rookie cops into givin me back a bottle of PG said I needed for my ejuice and this held 15000more etiz and they gave it back lol unknowingly even as labels were around stating 14mg etizolam/ml 😂
1 Feb 2019
12:12:21@andavi:matrix.orgthekhan joined the room.
13:20:07@andavi:matrix.orgthekhanIsn't etiz illegal in some states though?
14:36:48@andavi:matrix.orgthekhan changed their display name from andavi to thekhan.

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