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18 Jan 2020
08:44:29@whiterice:matrix.org@whiterice:matrix.org left the room.
23 Jan 2020
05:35:28@tylerebrandon:matrix.orgpsychike joined the room.
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24 Jan 2020
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25 Jan 2020
13:01:40@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknew100 2mg $25 200 $35 300 45$ 500 $60 etizolam pez
13:24:57@noizfuk:matrix.orgnoizfukRedacted or Malformed Event
13:28:03@noizfuk:matrix.orgnoizfukwhoknew: interested. Best way to connect
28 Jan 2020
01:21:01@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknew2mg etizolam pez 100 $30 200 $45. And one special deal of 4mg 200 for $60 wikr Jackie Mackie
17:06:27@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknew4mg etiz pez sample 20 for $25
30 Jan 2020
03:40:06@therealpink.floyd24:matrix.orgtherealpink.floyd24 joined the room.
10:06:49@therealpink.floyd24:matrix.orgtherealpink.floyd24Redacted or Malformed Event
10:10:40@therealpink.floyd24:matrix.orgtherealpink.floyd24 * hey man can I hit you up on wick? whatever you prefer
10:42:25@therealpink.floyd24:matrix.orgtherealpink.floyd24Hey ohh< been off riot for 1year abd sine cgange now wondering u could pm me or if i coould discord u etc??
31 Jan 2020
22:23:00@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknew20 2mg pez sample $10
3 Feb 2020
00:40:54@denmarq:matrix.orgdenmarq joined the room.
4 Feb 2020
15:42:52@whoknew:matrix.orgwhoknew 100 2 mg etizolam pez today only
Wikr jackiemackie
9 Feb 2020
21:08:09@necron99:matrix.orgnineniner joined the room.
10 Feb 2020
06:07:11@spiceboi:matrix.orgspiceboi joined the room.
29 Feb 2020
03:35:40@trucha.ese:matrix.orgtrucha.ese joined the room.
5 Mar 2020
21:27:50@uh-1d:matrix.org@uh-1d:matrix.org joined the room.
21:28:28@uh-1d:matrix.org@uh-1d:matrix.org left the room.
9 Mar 2020
03:16:43@bernward:matrix.orgbernward joined the room.
13 Mar 2020
05:16:05@9_inch:matrix.org9_inch joined the room.
18 Mar 2020
02:52:40@necron99:matrix.orgnineniner changed their display name from necron99 to nineniner.
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