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10 May 2022
@_discord_704093436952969246:t2bot.ioTimothy.AthenaProtocol.Eth#2384 where is the event cal? 01:19:07
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@_discord_235830803618201601:t2bot.ioJonathan Is there a resource to look for CO jobs in the blockchain space? 17:49:52
11 May 2022
@_discord_916118584390975528:t2bot.ionukemandan https://Cryptorado.org 12:43:45
@_discord_916118584390975528:t2bot.ionukemandan #opt-into-more-chats and react to see local and DAO channels, #🔌|jobs-opportunities 12:44:18
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12 May 2022
@_discord_698224279443210360:t2bot.iobalsamic | FUTURE-RELICS.xyz#9741 changed their display name from balsamic | ARTIFAKTS.xyz#9741 to balsamic | FUTURE-RELICS.xyz#9741.19:10:41
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13 May 2022
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@jefferytokens2573:matrix.org@jefferytokens2573:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event06:28:19
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@_discord_141786203052703744:t2bot.ioJonwithnoH Do you have any resources on falcon training rather than trading? I would find that more useful personally. 12:12:11
@dan.shields:matrix.parity.ioDan | Parity banned @jefferytokens2573:matrix.org@jefferytokens2573:matrix.org.13:32:54
@_discord_916118584390975528:t2bot.ionukemandan Love the spam engagement 🙅 13:33:56
17 May 2022
@_discord_225732485261033484:t2bot.ioJust John So I was in Durango with no computer when the whole Terra Luna thing happened. Anyone have insights or thoughts to share? Anyone buying Do Kwon's recovery plan? 02:03:10
@_discord_675184776919121930:t2bot.iooddaran Just John It's basically summed up in #🤣|memes-giggles 02:15:52
@_discord_120491717865635840:t2bot.iocryptoquick Bitcoin has been really decent as a stablecoin lately

I only noticed because I don't trust banks and keep all my savings in Bitcoin
18 May 2022
@_discord_916118584390975528:t2bot.ionukemandan By what metrics is bitcoin a good stable coin? 00:59:20
@_discord_225732485261033484:t2bot.ioJust John Stayed in a tight range for almost 5 days now. Seems pretty obvious Dan. :kappa: 01:10:30
@_discord_162116582896566272:t2bot.ioSteven#6101 ngl every year that goes by, and every convo I have with Caitlin Long, I become more and more of a Bitcoin Maxi each passing day. Lol 03:15:55
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@judithbnks:matrix.org@judithbnks:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event05:04:25
@_discord_120491717865635840:t2bot.iocryptoquick lol, 6 days now. Just been trading at a tight range, sometimes a little under 30k, sometimes a little over. A stark contrast to the rest of the market. As people begin to ask the hard questions that need to be asked around stablecoins, it's just a reminder, there's always good old reliable Bitcoin. 09:40:55
@_discord_120491717865635840:t2bot.iocryptoquick Bitcoin Maximalism 09:45:38
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