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10 Jan 2021
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11 Jan 2021
@_discord_562710213363367937:t2bot.ioLaura Wallendal | GM at Thesis joined the room.10:15:48
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@_discord_786753068146229248:t2bot.ioKyleB Hey all - independent of crypto really but had an issue trying install discord today - anyone have any experience with the raspberry pi 4/400 - more specifically with installing normal Debian packages on Raspbian 10? Figured this group may have some folks who dabble with Pi (my 2 cents: really happy with the Pi 400 so far!) 18:41:33
@_discord_445384791194337301:t2bot.ioNukeManDan might be best discussed in #developers , AFAIK raspian uses apt .
But also best practice for using electron apps if there is a webapp you can use in the browser (like discord) is to use it in the browser.

The security and sandboxing of the app is better there, and the overhead is less.
@_discord_786753068146229248:t2bot.ioKyleB Cool - I was wondering that actually - if there’s a benefit to the desktop app vs browser. Always curious to see how the different apps look/feel but I’ll probably just go with browser then 18:51:00
@_discord_445384791194337301:t2bot.ioNukeManDan The desktop app is the webapp so it's the same look and feel 😉 18:51:40
13 Jan 2021
@_discord_450379967570771978:t2bot.ioVERSUSJL changed their display name from VERSUSJL to VERSUSJL#6506.02:06:06
@_discord_450379967570771978:t2bot.ioVERSUSJL changed their display name from VERSUSJL#6506 to VERSUSJL.02:06:06
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14 Jan 2021
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15 Jan 2021
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@_discord_466631246038958080:t2bot.iosimplified mike changed their display name from simplified mike#5815 to simplified mike.19:26:11
@_discord_445384791194337301:t2bot.ioNukeManDan https://twitter.com/PallerJohn/status/1349918749508321283?s=20 19:33:55
@_discord_636261045606023169:t2bot.iotaekikz i nominate nukemandan ^ 23:10:08
@_discord_445384791194337301:t2bot.ioNukeManDan 🤐 23:41:41
@_discord_445384791194337301:t2bot.ioNukeManDan keynote? ah hell no. I am not qualified. 23:42:00
@_discord_445384791194337301:t2bot.ioNukeManDan not enough hype generation and/or notoriety 😈 23:42:43
16 Jan 2021
@_discord_445384791194337301:t2bot.ioNukeManDan https://medium.com/ethdenver/join-the-multiverse-ethdenver-2021-call-for-artists-b3f3c9fba634 03:00:09
@_discord_445384791194337301:t2bot.ioNukeManDan know someone that should show off their art?
Better get those in QUICK!
due date 1/19/21 ⏰
17 Jan 2021
@_discord_137714131477200896:t2bot.ioAstral joined the room.00:54:05

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