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28 Mar 2023
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee wait 19:38:54
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee ffs bastian dont implement dread mode 19:39:01
@_discord_171016065105526785:t2bot.ioBastion B-56#8015 19:44:04
@_discord_598713238355443722:t2bot.ioPixl Oh no 19:52:41
@_discord_171016065105526785:t2bot.ioBastion B-56#8015 We're testing it rn in lounge xd 20:00:19
@_discord_171016065105526785:t2bot.ioBastion B-56#8015 It's... eventful xd 20:00:27
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee smh my head, testing dumb dread mode, but not helping improve the level editor for all 20:01:25
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You now use a racing wheel 20:01:34
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse I don't need to play it cuz I already finished a run on horde 20:08:03
@_discord_598713238355443722:t2bot.ioPixl Play the game with the power glove 20:08:31
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse blame abyss 20:08:32
@_discord_171016065105526785:t2bot.ioBastion B-56#8015 Oh hey druid, I meant to ask you anyways, do you know of any am2r run that has been done completely hitless? 20:08:52
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse hmm not that I know of 20:09:48
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse also damageless is impossible unless you skip the queen or if it's forced to be in-bounds 20:10:42
@_discord_171016065105526785:t2bot.ioBastion B-56#8015 Because of the queen grabbing you right? 20:11:03
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse yup 20:13:09
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee isnt it possible to kill the queen before she grabs you? 20:13:24
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse also could say the explosion from the geothermal plant too but that might not be needed to do or it's scripted and impossible to avoid. 20:13:45
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse yes, can't remember in any% tho 20:13:55
@_discord_328802974635655170:t2bot.ioDodoBirb presumably you wouldn't be doing the any% route if you're trying for hitless 20:26:26
@_discord_146029972455292928:t2bot.ioDruidVorse I meant with the set of supers 20:27:11
@_discord_171016065105526785:t2bot.ioBastion B-56#8015image.png
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@_discord_171016065105526785:t2bot.ioBastion B-56#8015 Oh no 20:28:03
@_discord_171016065105526785:t2bot.ioBastion B-56#8015 I am scared 20:28:07
@_discord_598713238355443722:t2bot.ioPixl Samus looks like Christmas 20:28:41
@_discord_598713238355443722:t2bot.ioPixl I love 20:28:44
@_discord_871638081831329822:t2bot.ioJuan 3M3R changed their display name from Juan 3M3R to Juan 3M3R#7015.22:35:14
@_discord_871638081831329822:t2bot.ioJuan 3M3R changed their display name from Juan 3M3R#7015 to Juan 3M3R.22:35:19
29 Mar 2023
@_discord_497138039190192138:t2bot.ioEhseezed#7225 I am asking for an opinion from the general population here
in the multiworld implementation should enabling traps remove (up to 6 of the 10 at 100% fill) E-Tanks or should all 10 be acessible regardless of trap fill percentage
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