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4 Oct 2020
@joe:cyberia.clubjoe 08:58:24
14 Oct 2020
@josef:bau-ha.us@josef:bau-ha.us 12:01:40
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17 Oct 2020
@redsplochy:matrix.org@redsplochy:matrix.org joined the room.21:58:48
26 Oct 2020
@theo:webair.xyztheo joined the room.17:30:33
@theo:webair.xyztheohey, is this room still active ?17:33:24
@theo:webair.xyztheois there any other pm modding room where i can get some help ? ^^'17:53:39
27 Oct 2020
@groce21210:matrix.org@groce21210:matrix.orgI'm curious why you chose this one hahaha01:53:03
@theo:webair.xyztheoI was searching for a matrix room, there's plenty of discord servers but I don't have an account and don't want to06:54:14
4 Nov 2020
@redsplochy:matrix.org@redsplochy:matrix.org changed their display name from redsplochy to twirly.23:03:42
30 Nov 2020
@redsplochy:matrix.org@redsplochy:matrix.org left the room.07:35:19
3 Dec 2020
@phanaeus_phineas:matrix.org@phanaeus_phineas:matrix.org left the room.21:47:37
13 Dec 2020
@vladimir:sibnsk.net@vladimir:sibnsk.net left the room.17:32:40
25 Dec 2020
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26 Dec 2020
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27 Dec 2020
@cyril:fairydust.space@cyril:fairydust.space 17:44:19
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28 Dec 2020
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30 Dec 2020
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4 Jan 2021
@supplementalsyrup:matrix.org@supplementalsyrup:matrix.org joined the room.06:53:41
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10 Jan 2021
@starsailor5:matrix.orgstarsailor5 joined the room.02:16:35

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