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12 Dec 2019

That's the complete thing from the browser:

Host: jellyfin.<domain>
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:71.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/71.0
Accept: application/json
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.7,de;q=0.3
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
Referer: https://jellyfin.<domain>/jellyfin/web/index.html
X-Emby-Authorization: MediaBrowser Client="Jellyfin Web", Device="Firefox", DeviceId="TW96aWxsYS81LjAgKFgxMTsgVWJ1bnR1OyBMaW51eCB4ODZfNjQ7IHJ2OjY4LjApIEdlY2tvLzIwMTAwMTAxIEZpcmVmb3gvNjguMHwxNTYzMjcwNDg1ODE3", Version="10.4.3"
Content-Type: application/json
Origin: https://jellyfin.<domain>
Content-Length: 54
DNT: 1
Connection: keep-alive
TE: Trailers
21:16:38@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManOh... Bad error handling server side then
21:17:04@justaman:matrix.orgJustAMan Should be something like "error parsing authorization header", not ArgumentNullException
In reply to @justaman:matrix.org
What was the issue?
I didn't mean that the problem is resolved I only added quotes but it changed nothing

here's an interesting bit. when I hit httpbin.org/post, it populates my form, while it's returning data for you

{'args': {},
 'data': '',
 'files': {},
 'form': {'Pw': 'blah', 'Username': 'Matt'},
 'headers': {'Accept': '*/*',
             'Accept-Encoding': 'gzip, deflate',
             'Content-Length': '21',
             'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
             'Host': 'httpbin.org',
             'User-Agent': 'python-requests/2.22.0',
             'X-Emby-Authorization': 'MediaBrowser , Client="other", '
                                     'Device="computer", '
                                     'DeviceId="auto-playlist", '
 'json': None,
 'origin': ',',
 'url': 'https://httpbin.org/post'}
21:22:46@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_Because you are not sending json, but form encoded data
21:29:43@mcarlton:nerdyredneck.netmcarltonat this point, my bet is on the x-emby-authorization header. it's working with both form and json for me, so there seems to be a formatting error somewhere. maybe it doesn't like the escaped quotes?
21:30:21@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_They are escaped by httpbin
21:30:37@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_ * They are escaped by httpbin
21:32:24@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_ Does Version have to be X.X.X?
21:35:26@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_Where does the parsing of this header happen?
21:50:48@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_Also your script doesn't work, the server returns html
21:51:13@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_(On which the json parse fails)
21:51:50@sparky:matrix.possumlodge.mesparkyYeah see... Header stuff was fucking with me when I did my Rust stuff too
21:52:40@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_Yeah I'd debug the server normally but I don't know C# well enough
22:01:09@cromefire_:matrix.orgcromefire_But I guess I'll try debugging it tomorrow...
13 Dec 2019
02:41:46@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadahalfway through the PR chaosinnovator
02:42:19@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaits friday so I might take some time at work and finish the rest real quick :p
02:42:37@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadafound a few minor issues and some suggestions but it looks good so far
In reply to @dkanada:plsno.com
halfway through the PR chaosinnovator
Thanks! It's a long one
In reply to @dkanada:plsno.com
found a few minor issues and some suggestions but it looks good so far
Sure thing. Please excuse some of the existing styling, it's legacy and I do plan to go back and tidy some more! Also, I think there are 2 or 3 web socket implementations on there, will check that out in more detail and remove anything redundant soon.
02:53:05@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadayeah I figured most of the deleted and new files were simply git not recognizing the directory changes
02:56:59@chaosinnovator:matrix.orgchaosinnovator Actually most of the deleted files are dead code (i.e. the entire Sync/ for) and the new files are re-implementing Query/Dto classes that were no longer available MediaBrowser.Model. I'm pretty sure some are redundant or no longer implemented in the server API so once I actually start working on API calls for the client I'll prune out/update whatever needs it
02:57:06@chaosinnovator:matrix.orgchaosinnovatorRedacted or Malformed Event
02:58:56@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaah okay
03:07:32@chaosinnovator:matrix.orgchaosinnovator Ah I looked at it again and yea there are a few that aren't being recognized because of the Emby.ApiClient -> Jellyfin.ApiClient directory change. Sorry! It recognizes properly at the commit level because all the renames are in a separate commit, so might be easier to review. There are 13 commits tho
04:44:19@chaosinnovator:matrix.orgchaosinnovatorRedacted or Malformed Event
04:44:41@chaosinnovator:matrix.orgchaosinnovatorNative app progress 👀
04:45:10@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadanice 😁

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