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18 Oct 2019
14:17:14@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13Is Kodi also being made aware of different movie file versions? so that multiple servers with the same movie (with potentially different qualities) can work seamlessly?
14:18:09@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13Yea, proper multi server support is something I'd like, but it isn't essential for me (yet)
14:18:12@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangI am not sure if it has been merged yet, but a pull request was submitted.
14:19:34@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13I've currently got one server at school, and one at home, so I'm just nuking the local Kodi config whenever I travel between - I don't currently have the bandwith (or transcoding power) to stream from my home server anyways
14:19:35@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangIt handles the pooling of TV Shows, the individual episodes should have a pull request as well. Haven't checked in a while
14:20:41@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13Last time I checked (Kodi 17.something) a few months ago, movies were duplicated at least
14:20:48@oddstr13:matrix.orgOddstr13 * Last time I checked (Kodi 17.something) a few months ago, movies were duplicated at least
14:30:18@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangThe PR is for 19 and Media Import would be for 19 as well.
14:34:19@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangCan anyone shed some light on this. "I just checked the code again and the fact that your URL is http://<IP>:<Port>/Views and not http://<IP>:<Port>/Users/<User ID>/Views indicates that your user authentication did not work / succeed.
14:36:51@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangThe server saysthe user is authenicated. But he is saying the request string is incorrect.
14:49:10@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangBTW, this with Emby Server as that is the one he is working with now.
14:49:48@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManwell, actually if the guy makes it for emby we can easily slap JF on top :)
14:50:02@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManwe're mostly identical in terms of API still
14:52:03@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangAs I said earlier it time is limited. He does not use Emby normally. He chose Emby because at the time it was open source and documented.
14:52:42@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangHe has continued because of his little knowledge of Emby.
14:53:46@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangThe actual server does not matter. If there is someone with knowledge of the server that can help him debug it would make it go much faster
14:55:46@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangFor example, if someone says this is the difference in authenticating and I will answer your questions and help you test, he would use Jellyfin. Emby was just the one there at the time
14:57:19@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManwell, Emby is closed now, so he as well might just switch to JF instead without lots of efforts from our side
14:58:02@justaman:matrix.orgJustAManwhat I want to convey is that we don't currently have volunteers here to help that guy; he's more than welcome to come here and ask questions and stuff, but we cannot force anyone to go help him
14:59:32@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangThat's Reasonable.
15:01:25@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangCould you say if the request string would show the difference mentioned above if a user has not been properly authenticated?
15:03:42@mcarlton:matrix.org@mcarlton:matrix.orgso doing ip:port/Views is basically trying to load everything from an admin perspective. Afaik, that will only work with an api key (but i could be wrong)
15:04:33@mcarlton:matrix.org@mcarlton:matrix.orgnot sure where those URLs are coming from, but if that's what they're trying to send, it seems like it's not even trying authentication
15:05:25@copperyang:matrix.orgCopperYangThe server says that the 'user' has been authenticated.
15:12:38@justaman:matrix.orgJustAMan I would even say if he uses pw instead of a hash that would work for both JF and Emby
15:18:15@mcarlton:matrix.org@mcarlton:matrix.org according to the emby docs, it should. i haven't tested that though
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19 Oct 2019

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