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3 Apr 2020
19:19:18@artrevinho:matrix.orgAKahello guys, im trying to add the net assembly System.Windows.Media.Imaging in gamma 2020 but doesnt appear in the assembly import list,, why?
19:21:38@tgd_:matrix.orgtgd_ AKa: its presentationcore
19:22:06@artrevinho:matrix.orgAKaah cool! i was looking in Net documentation, but didnt found this reference
19:24:58@artrevinho:matrix.orgAKai imported but there cant see the classes from windows.media.imaging like writeablebitmap or rendertargetbitmap
19:26:01@artrevinho:matrix.orgAKaah now i see thanks a lot
19:57:03@CeeYaa:matrix.org@CeeYaa:matrix.orgHi Folks, I want to have an Image (VideoIn) as Bytes - how do I get it? - I tried ToByteArray(OpenCV) no sucess - is there a skia way? do not understand how to work with SKData
20:05:34@joreg:matrix.orgiorec @CeeYaa:matrix.org: there is an (advanced) ImageEncoder with skia
20:07:21@CeeYaa:matrix.org@CeeYaa:matrix.orgMAZING - yes it does the job
20:07:27@joreg:matrix.orgiorecthat gives you the bytes of an encoded image
20:07:38@CeeYaa:matrix.org@CeeYaa:matrix.orgpuhhh it's still hard to find the right things
20:07:43@joreg:matrix.orgiorecnot the raw rgba bytes
20:08:19@joreg:matrix.orgiorecImageDecoder is the counterpart
20:08:54@CeeYaa:matrix.org@CeeYaa:matrix.orgI thought FromBytes
20:10:00@CeeYaa:matrix.org@CeeYaa:matrix.orgBoth it looks like decode it correct
20:11:31@joreg:matrix.orgiorecone is an operation, the other a processnode
20:11:43@joreg:matrix.orgiorecwhich ever suits you better
20:11:49@joreg:matrix.orgiorecthe naming of course is unfortunate
20:11:53@joreg:matrix.orgiorec * the naming of course is unfortunate
20:13:57@CeeYaa:matrix.org@CeeYaa:matrix.orgok, thanks for the quick help - playing around and try to get more familiar with gamma - I'm fighting with types but nice playing until now
21:44:39@joaovvvv:matrix.orgjoaoHey guys, quick question. Is there a quick way to create the Bezier shape with the Bezier editor and turn it to a mesh that can be inputed as geometry in a shader?
22:06:46@joreg:matrix.orgiorec joao: have a look at the helppatch of BezierEditor (2d) and use a Polygon (EX9 or DX11) node to generate a mesh from the output of the BezierSpread node.
22:08:01@joaovvvv:matrix.orgjoaoThanks iorec :)
22:11:05@joaovvvv:matrix.orgjoaothe bezier spread is empty, am I missing something?
22:14:28@joreg:matrix.orgiorecit has a count input where you specify the number of points along the spline you want
22:15:01@joaovvvv:matrix.orgjoaoha yeah got it
4 Apr 2020
01:50:22@zeos_:matrix.orgzeos_Is there a demo patch using Delegates? cheers
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