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17 Sep 2019
19:30:54@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanDid you enable advanced nodes in the Nodebrowser?
19:32:20@io____:matrix.orgio____mm i got all ticked on the browser but i notice no one is an Advanced filter
19:35:53@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanLook in that category
19:38:59@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanLog Errors
19:39:29@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanDoes the old 94 version have them too?
19:39:35@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanYou can just try
19:39:43@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanIt should work somehow
19:42:14@io____:matrix.orgio____looks like thos are only for XML while I am using BSON
19:44:54@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanYes, on the other side you need to use the same of course
19:45:30@io____:matrix.orgio____ZeroMQ wants BSON
19:45:32@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanWith string to bytes and from bytes
19:45:51@io____:matrix.orgio____ok let me try
19:45:51@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanIt just wants bytes
19:46:04@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanLike raw in vvvv
19:51:30@io____:matrix.orgio____the Advanced Serialize outputs an XElement object how can I get that into Bytes, or string and then ToBytes
19:51:36@io____:matrix.orgio____ * the Advanced Serialize outputs an XElement object how can I get that into Bytes, or string and then ToBytes
19:52:25@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanLook in the XML and string category
19:52:38@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanYou'll find the nodes
20:03:37@io____:matrix.orgio____This is what I came up with...
20:06:55@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanOnly deserialize on the receiver, of course
20:07:49@io____:matrix.orgio____that s the only way I ve found to go from string to xelement
20:11:28@io____:matrix.orgio____I tried before but no one would work
20:13:44@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanAfter serialize, you just need ToString
20:14:07@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanGetValue will give you only the inner XML

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