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27 Jan 2023
@io____:matrix.orgsimonemarin[io]looking at regex options right now10:59:50
@io____:matrix.orgsimonemarin[io] * fromm a websocket I get an array of objects ej: [{"prop":"value"}, {"prop":"value1"}] 11:21:38

can you send it like this:


		"Objects": [

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@bj-rn:matrix.orgbj-rn *

can you send it like this?:


		"Objects": [

@io____:matrix.orgsimonemarin[io]yes I can change the JS code to send an object withthe array inside11:59:07
@io____:matrix.orgsimonemarin[io]on a side note, I am sending an array because if I try to send each object one by one there seem to be a bottelneck somewhere and I cannot get all of them in Gamma, trying to send around 100 messages per seconds, locally, that should be doable with websockets12:01:15
@chk:matrix.orgchkWhat is the way to go to switch between different nuget versions in a patch? Can two different documents in the same vvvv installation reference two different nuget versions?12:53:00
@sebescudie:matrix.orgsebescudie Yes, but afaik when you create a fresh patch you can only référence the newest. 12:57:21
@sebescudie:matrix.orgsebescudie* Yes, but afaik when you create a fresh patch you can only reference the newest.12:57:31
@chk:matrix.orgchkSo for instance when using the new fuse, how would I use the stable version in one project and the pre release in another? Using different vvvv installations just for this seems a bit odd12:59:14
@sebescudie:matrix.orgsebescudie Yes, I'm not aware of any solution regarding that issue. You could use the nuget path argument to point it to a folder where you have the preview version installed, but that's cumbersome. 13:00:50
@chk:matrix.orgchkSo I assume in the long run, it should be possible for the dependency menu to show different installed versions of the same nuget and easily switch there? 13:02:18
@sebescudie:matrix.orgsebescudie I would expect that to be possible at some point yep! 13:03:15
@sebescudie:matrix.orgsebescudie (You could still manualy edit the XML though..) 13:04:04
@chk:matrix.orgchkOkay, so for now I just use two different preview versions of vvvv 5.0 and install the preview version of fuse in one and the stable version in the other13:04:38
@chk:matrix.orgchkOr use 4.12 for fuse stable, and 5.0 for fuse preview13:05:10
Download image.png
In reply to @sunep:matrix.org
sent an image.
I am obviously installing it anyway
@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjansame here13:15:37
@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjancertificate missing or expired?13:16:11
In reply to @tebjan:matrix.org
certificate missing or expired?
is it a question for me?
@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanno, for the build server13:22:59
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@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidis iorec: thanks for the Warppoint code, it works like a charm! 19:26:13
@joreg:matrix.orgiorec glad it helped. but all credits to wirmachenbunt: 19:43:33
@tremenss:experienss.modular.imTremensSHey, Is there a Gamma equivalent to the "Interval" node from Beta?20:10:36
In reply to @tremenss:experienss.modular.im
Is there a Gamma equivalent to the "Interval" node from Beta?
you would do that differently in gamma. a loop and the RangeContainsValue node, probably.. depending on your use case
@tremenss:experienss.modular.imTremensSOk, already started patching it but wanted to make sure there was not a stock node already20:15:31
Als Antwort auf @bj-rn:matrix.org
Hey devvvvs, will there be any new 2021.4 releases or will the next stable be 2022.5?
* Depends on whether there is a need. A vvvv gamma 2022.5 release is in sight. Please tell us more about your needs

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