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21 Feb 2019
14:08:58@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanand use that instead of the anlges
14:09:20@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjaneuler angles can be arbitrary, depending on the convention
14:13:45@vallee:matrix.orgvalleei know i know... nasty eulers... but so much more readable
14:20:10@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjansure, should be there anyways
14:31:39@namero999:matrix.org@namero999:matrix.org left the room.
15:06:51@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjan vallee: quaternion to euler angles issue logged
15:24:10@readme:matrix.orgreadmeanyone any clue?
15:24:25@readme:matrix.orgreadmea patch that was running fine in beta freaks out in alpha.
15:25:41@u7angel:matrix.orgu7angelRedacted or Malformed Event
15:27:51@readme:matrix.orgreadmethis happens on an empty patch and I can't even open any code editor ...
15:28:20@readme:matrix.orgreadmewill check another pc, this is odd as I'm not the only one using that repository.
15:28:39@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanmaybe file access right problems?
15:29:24@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjansome antivirus? reaonly flag? just guessing
15:29:59@readme:matrix.orgreadmejust renamed packs folder, now it works ... seems like some pack is causing issues.
15:43:43@readme:matrix.orgreadmegot it ... some unpublished pack by someone, will contact him. I can't open a CodeEditor still, that seems unrelated
16:04:46@readme:matrix.orgreadmeok, CodeEditor broken on a different machine as well
16:04:49@readme:matrix.orgreadmetrying latest alpha now
16:10:50@readme:matrix.orgreadmeok, seems like we have an 38.2 alpha build with a broken CodeEditor
16:10:55@readme:matrix.orgreadmelatest works again
16:21:40@readme:matrix.orgreadmeOn a second note, the c# template have disappeared from the nodebrowser (also in latest)
17:09:12@azeno:matrix.orgazeno@readme indeed, will check. nodes itself seem to run though, drag drop the template project and node pops up
17:09:55@cvtester:matrix.orgcvtesterHello, I have a function in a library which returns me Array2D`1<T5> is it possible (and how) to set a type for such a thing?
17:17:17@azeno:matrix.orgazeno@readmeas a workaround for now delete the nodelist.xml in lib/nodes
17:18:14@readme:matrix.orgreadmeit's fine, I was just trying to check earlier if c# or hlsl made a difference about the codeeditor not showing up
17:18:17@readme:matrix.orgreadmethanks though!
17:31:09@cvtester:matrix.orgcvtesterOtherwise I get the exception: "System.TypeLoadException: GenericArguments[0], 'System.Object', on 'Array2D`1[TElement]' violates the constraint of type parameter 'TElement'.

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