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11 Dec 2018
21:52:38@catweasel:matrix.orgcatweaselWell not really, I just wanted to brute force trim it,but that would do, but only if I can still do dx11 text, as I dont want the added headache of trying to understand skia
21:53:35@catweasel:matrix.orgcatweaseleven then I think I'd prefer trunate here as there arent enough cahracters
21:53:47@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanhaven't checked whether the skia update contains a general string node
21:54:04@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjan gregsn: or untone knows
21:54:44@catweasel:matrix.orgcatweaselSo I guess I need to char count then substring
21:54:49@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanbut substring should be fine for your purpose
21:55:39@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjando a Min(Length, yourString.Length) to avoid errors
21:55:57@catweasel:matrix.orgcatweaselYup thats what I've got
21:59:34@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanthere is also Clamp for min and max in one node
22:04:42@catweasel:matrix.orgcatweaselNice, catch negative lengths too :)
22:07:33@gregsn:matrix.orggregsnsomehow the corelib comes with ellipsis. @untone is that your work? let me check when this got added
22:11:25@gregsn:matrix.orggregsnlooks like it is part of beta38
22:15:17@sebl:matrix.orgseblah, ellipsis is even better!
22:16:18@sebl:matrix.orgseblthe ellipsis nodes just needs a tag 'pad', i guess
22:16:43@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjanand 'trim'
12 Dec 2018
10:16:32@beyon:matrix.orgbeyon joined the room.
10:19:35@beyon:matrix.orgbeyonHey, how do you make a plugin work that needs to reference either 32 bit or 64 bit version of a .dll? Just make 32bit/64bit targets with different references instead of AnyCPU?
10:34:52@beyon:matrix.orgbeyonand I guess it will be smarter to be working in the vvvv-sdk solution if I want to inherit from WindowMessageNode rather than adding an explicit reference to VVVV.Nodes.dll ?
14:17:50@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjan @microdee:matrix.org: latest alpha has topmost switched off for the vl splash. also you can start with --no-splash to disable it completely
15:45:36@microdee:matrix.org@microdee:matrix.orgnoice! thank you guys! Unfortunately I can't test it out until a while now because we had a version freeze for the current project I'm working on
16:03:56@tebjan:matrix.orgtebjan@room if you want to hang out with the xenko guys and enrich their still rather small open source community, you can now join all channels of their discord server via this matrix community bridge: https://riot.im/app/#/group/+xenko:matrix.org
18:18:27@gegenlicht:matrix.orggegenlichtHow can i apply for early access? :)
18:19:21@gegenlicht:matrix.orggegenlicht( someones gotta ask )
13 Dec 2018
09:53:55@baxtan:matrix.orgbaxtan Hey fellows,
Anything happening in Vienna this weekend?
11:13:00@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidiswhen I stick vvvv window on screen's edges the patch freezes , does any one else have this experience ?
11:17:18@bildwerk:matrix.orgbildwerk@baxtan plenty of christmas markets :)

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