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29 Jun 2022
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Kevin: where's the setting 10:10:28
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] iakopox: Check in privacy 10:10:55
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Kevin: I have updated settings 10:11:33
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Kevin: try again 10:11:35
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Kevin: can you hear me 10:11:53
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] iakopox: No bro 10:12:15
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Kevin: wait a sec 10:12:19
@ash3781:matrix.orgash3781 joined the room.10:23:52
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Guillermo: hello! since a few days ago, the scroll wheel doesnt do anything on Telegram app.... weird, right? tried with two distros on a PC. is it a general issue on Telegram? 10:59:35
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [D] Nerd0n3: what shall i do i tried to reinstall packages cause of my workinspace errors used garuda assistent but this is what happend 13:28:06
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [D] Nerd0n3: what now ??
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] GİGA CHAD: after garuda updates optimus manager is deleted and it doesn't detect the second screen even if i install it. how can i solve this problem 13:29:25
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] GİGA CHAD: video card drivers installed 13:29:37
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [D] Nerd0n3: the reinstall worked but got a error 14:23:36
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [D] Nerd0n3: Fehler: Kann den hook 90-dracut-install.hook nicht starten: Kann Abhängigkeiten nicht erfüllen 14:23:41
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [D] Nerd0n3: what can i do 14:23:48
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Robin: My first message here.... Will be an year in this grp on aug 29. :) (re @Robin: yea) 14:43:48
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] ArcoLinux Erik: ArchLinux Tweak Tool tested on latest Garuda Xfce
Sddm and WALL - changing the wallpaper of the login manager
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] ArcoLinux Erik: 15:01:25
Download file_1701.jpg
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] ArcoLinux Erik: One of the great wallpapers of Garuda 15:01:44
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] sombra: Thanks Everyone I have successfully completed dual boot 16:12:32
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Norbert: 16:20:28
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridgeDownload the-wolf-of-wall-street-clap.mp416:20:28
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] sombra: Now i can say i use arch 16:33:55
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] sombra: 😎 16:33:59
@sheeshkebab:matrix.orgkebabistani joined the room.16:37:40
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] ASHUTOSH: hey i am having a problem on my garuda linux with the bluetooth , from last two days in the evening i am not been able to access bluetooth in settings it just shows no paired device . and when i turn off and turn on the system 3 4 times it gets appear and starts working . can any body help me about this issue cause i am not able to find a solution on the internet . 17:20:21
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] TXRon: Hello folks, I just made the move from manjaro cinnamon edition to Garuda Cinnamon and Love it. It just works like it should after my personal tweaks everything is smooth. Just glad to find a distro that is still maintaining Cinnamon because im one that still thinks its the best....old school gnomer here😁 17:36:32
@matterbridge:garudalinux.orgMatterbridge [TG] Elbek: Woow, congrats. How did you succed in it? Please share your opinion (re @sombra: Now i can say i use arch) 18:24:41

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