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13 Jan 2024
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep.13:07:25
@_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep joined the room.13:07:26
@_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep i'm making a little companion mod, and i was wondering if it's possible to fine tune how an npc reacts to persuasion attempts? 13:07:26
@_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep like for example if i can make them only accept admire attempts if above a certain disposition, or have taunt attempts always fail? 13:07:47
@_discord_117421771736612869:t2bot.ioemotionalsupportsheep 13:07:48
@_discord_228460481331855362:t2bot.iosjek i think that might need persuasion event as the disposition can already be checked. if not via ui.
ie. partly for dehardcoding dialogue
@_discord_194426276356816896:t2bot.iosarge945 is everything to do with combat still extremely hardcoded? 15:59:02
@_discord_194426276356816896:t2bot.iosarge945 changed their profile picture.15:59:03
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Hey sarge, yeah. Animation api soon though 16:07:08
@_discord_194426276356816896:t2bot.iosarge945Redacted or Malformed Event16:15:37
@_discord_194426276356816896:t2bot.iosarge945 Sounds good. Will it be able to handle events related to damage etc, or just animations?

I'd love to have an event where I can modify the incoming damage (via a return) before it's dealt.
@_discord_325534431756550144:t2bot.ioplan9fromtauceti changed their profile picture.19:10:22
@_discord_98862751723577344:t2bot.io.yannik changed their display name from Yannik to .yannik.19:59:37
@_discord_325534431756550144:t2bot.ioplan9fromtauceti changed their profile picture.20:25:52
Download image.png
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 Oh noh 20:25:58
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy Are you using a re-shade? 20:27:02
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 nope 20:27:06
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy Any shaders? 20:27:30
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 nope 20:27:35
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy Oof idk then shizzzzzzzzzzz 20:27:56
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776Download message.txt20:28:04
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 This is my cfg file... 20:28:04
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy Cuz I have only had this issue with reshades 20:28:06
@_discord_112241445674422272:t2bot.iosophie42069101 Your sky pink? missing a texture? 20:28:23
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 From what I can tell yah ^ 20:28:30
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 It was fine before Idk how it got messed up 20:28:38
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 I have added a few mods but nothing that would even touch the sky 20:28:55
@_discord_112241445674422272:t2bot.iosophie42069101 check to make sure your data path for skies related mods are correct 20:29:06
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 I dont have any sky mods :/ 20:29:16

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