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26 Nov 2022
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 A lot of people here say the best thing to do is just practice reading and you'll get more comfortable with it which is probably what you should do unless you really have some kind of eye/medical condition 14:51:39
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 Yeah it doesn't seem like a super common thing' 14:51:56
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 I almost wonder, a lot of computers have accessibility options that will allow you to highlight text for TTS 14:52:20
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 If you could find a way to make that work in MW that might be your best shot but I don't know if that's possibly considering you can't highlight text in-game 14:52:42
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 I think your best bet is really just taking it slow and getting better at it though 14:53:12
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 Reading is a very important skill in the 21st century and I wouldn't pass it up :P 14:53:26
@_discord_216519749700419584:t2bot.iokurashi yeah I was trying to figure out if there was any way to do that, currently I'm thinking of making a script that allows me to quickly take a screenshot of a specific piece of text then send that through some ai to make it become text and then send it to text-to-speech 14:53:32
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 It sounds possible but wouldn't it just be easier to learn to read more efficiently? 14:53:55
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 Do you wear glasses or contacts or anything? 14:54:11
@_discord_216519749700419584:t2bot.iokurashi I am studying programming so this is exactly the kind of thing I am supposed to do 14:54:20
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 If so it might be the distance between you and whatever you're reading 14:54:24
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 Do you experience these issues when programming? That's literally 100% reading lines of text very carefully 14:54:53
@_discord_216519749700419584:t2bot.iokurashi my brain is weird and doesn't consider code and text the same thing 14:55:13
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 I don't wanna play armchair psychologist but if I'm being honest this sounds very made up 14:55:46
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 If you can read one with no problem and not the other I think it's really just in your head man 14:56:02
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 Which is good news because you can work through it 14:56:09
@_discord_216519749700419584:t2bot.iokurashi yes it's in my head, that doesn't really help 14:56:15
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 Well it does because if you know that's the case you can work through it via exposure 14:56:30
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 That's really your best solution man 14:56:34
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 I've had weird quirks like that myself and I've always found the best way to get over it is by exposing yourself to it until you're comfortable with it 14:56:56
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 Like I'll have weird little "ticks" when reading for a long time so I'll just break it down into sessions and try to be aware of it and work through it, it works tremendously 14:58:19
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 It's basically just working out a muscle, you do it intentionally for longer and longer and you learn to master it 14:58:31
@_discord_216519749700419584:t2bot.iokurashi I think I'd rather just program a solution than headache exposure 14:58:33
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 That's up to you, if you do make a working program feel free to share, from the looks of it there are other people that would find that kind of thing useful 14:59:15
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 Good luck man :D 14:59:19
@_discord_658150353744691200:t2bot.ioRomulus This was before the new hotfix, so I don't know if that did anything. My game crashed, and when I checked the log there was an error about a script being missing 17:43:41
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 For what, Tamriel Rebuilt? 17:44:02
@_discord_658150353744691200:t2bot.ioRomulus Yes. This was the errorError in frame: script TR_m1_NPC does not exist 17:45:01
@_discord_362672300773867521:t2bot.ioEvil Eye I mean, there isn't a single NPC in the latest TR release that uses that script. A replacement script has existed for years, though I'll admit the old script was still in use in the previous release (shouldn't have been, but hey) 18:01:45
@_discord_565185317749915649:t2bot.ioSunBroJoe#1914 I am so confused lol 18:35:06

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