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13 Jan 2024
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy Its the ash storm fuking with it (i am basing it with my experiene btw) 20:29:24
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 Also shouldnt the ash storm cause npcs to cover there eyes? 20:29:40
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 That never happens in my experience ^ 20:29:56
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy * Its the ash storm fuking with it, i am basing it with my experiene btw, this only happened to me during a ash storm or blight storm more exatly at red mountain 20:30:04
@_discord_112241445674422272:t2bot.iosophie42069101 Did you used to use a sky mod? and added settings that load a texture you no longer have? 20:30:14
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 nope 20:30:24
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 Is there sky related stuff in the settings file? 20:31:36
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776Download settings.cfg20:32:04
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 I did switch to the shaders lighting mode a while ago, should be fine right? 20:32:37
@_discord_112241445674422272:t2bot.iosophie42069101 it would be in openmw. cfg you can specify certain textures to load for weather events 20:32:52
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 Yah I havent done anything like that 20:33:04
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 Yep I don't see anything releated to weather in my openmw.cfg file 20:34:18
Download Screenshot_20240113_133520.jpg
@_discord_112241445674422272:t2bot.iosophie42069101 it's there you'd be looking for this 20:35:41
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 Uhh... seems I am missing that 20:36:42
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 Must of accidentally removed it at some point somehow??? 20:36:57
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 OKAY SO 20:39:06
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 reloading the game fixed it 20:39:10
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 I am using 0.49, maybe it's a bug? 20:39:19
@_discord_272109858956902400:t2bot.iohalfender776 Any idea about this? 20:43:27
14 Jan 2024
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20 Feb 2024
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19 Mar 2024
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23 Mar 2024
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2 Apr 2024
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3 Apr 2024
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6 Apr 2024
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31 May 2024
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