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28 Mar 2023
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@_discord_84449657790398464:t2bot.ioDan#6439 I'm working on some AI text generation in Morrowind, just got some text into the game for the first time lol. 17:33:34
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 No 17:33:41
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 Unless it is a normal part of total overhaul 17:34:00
@_discord_138066126037975040:t2bot.ioyohannes#9275 Are you playing the English version of the game? 17:57:32
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 Yes 17:57:38
@_discord_138066126037975040:t2bot.ioyohannes#9275 and you cannot select orc (orsimer)? 17:58:39
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 Oh, they're orsimer? 17:58:55
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 stupid me 17:58:57
@_discord_138066126037975040:t2bot.ioyohannes#9275 lol 17:58:59
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 I thought that was another elf race 17:59:14
@_discord_105615196327829504:t2bot.ioDeathDaisy🌈#9587 orcs are another elf race 17:59:22
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 It's been a long time since I last played 17:59:23
@_discord_138066126037975040:t2bot.ioyohannes#9275 maybe click on it and see for yourself? 😄 17:59:26
@_discord_105615196327829504:t2bot.ioDeathDaisy🌈#9587 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/601781429604581399/1080694643466960996/image.png 17:59:47
@_discord_138066126037975040:t2bot.ioyohannes#9275 I mean visually, they are quite different 17:59:52
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 So you want me to the smart thing, is that it? 18:00:11
@_discord_138066126037975040:t2bot.ioyohannes#9275 Might help sometimes but I personally know that it can be quite hard at times 18:00:50
@_discord_138066126037975040:t2bot.ioyohannes#9275 * Might help but I personally know that it can be quite hard at times 18:02:53
@_discord_242977964734545921:t2bot.ioMikael Arp Frandsen#5691 Does anyone know if there is a mod similar to security enhanced to auto equip lockpicks.

And is there any way to hot key loot all in openmw?

And finally is there some sort of auto harvesting mods
@_discord_242977964734545921:t2bot.ioMikael Arp Frandsen#5691 im getting a lot of these warnings in the log

"[21:35:09.409 W] Warning: Material::setShininess() of 324 is above permitted maximum, clamping to 128."
@_discord_172758567592525824:t2bot.ioCapo pay no attention, it's harmless 19:39:36
@_discord_242977964734545921:t2bot.ioMikael Arp Frandsen#5691 Oh Capo i fixed that lag spike thing 20:46:19
@_discord_242977964734545921:t2bot.ioMikael Arp Frandsen#5691 It was the shaders somehow 20:46:23
@_discord_242977964734545921:t2bot.ioMikael Arp Frandsen#5691 I turned off omwvfx, and now its all good 20:46:44
@_discord_267154342551748611:t2bot.ioKHAN#8400 changed their display name from Yusuf Khan#9055 to KHAN#8400.21:48:29
@_discord_510529460848689172:t2bot.ioGnome d'War#1202 I'd like to add Water Life and Cait's Critters to the Total Overhaul. Anyone know where they should go in the load order? 23:16:11
@_discord_95696768339017728:t2bot.iothealbinopanda#3875 changed their profile picture.23:35:32
29 Mar 2023
@_discord_615950635799412767:t2bot.ioShadow_Mimicry#5865 https://youtu.be/fUyVFf0ZMjo 00:00:48
@_discord_780481659631173653:t2bot.iol33tmaan#2212 "at the library" 00:03:51

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