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4 Dec 2023
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@_discord_674967087696969788:t2bot.iodontaskforsource Does anyone know why I get this error. It's nothing rly bad just pop up and close when I start a game and again every few minutes in game. I reinstall openMW and add mods from I hearth vanilla instead I hearth vanilla DC (because i thout its Tamriel mod and because I have low end laptop) and I get again same error message. And yea Lady sing still don't work. 🙂 21:12:59
@_discord_674967087696969788:t2bot.iodontaskforsource changed their display name from Koma to dontaskforsource.21:12:59
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy Is anyone familar with export sphere or can tell how i can add a landscape in an interior? 22:42:31
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Can you narrow down your question a bit? 22:45:49
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor You can't do landscapes in exteriors normally, you have to use export sphere. 22:46:01
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat Well, not necessarily 22:48:46
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat You can also just make your own mesh 22:48:52
@_discord_127678330722844672:t2bot.iozackhasacat I have terrain blocks in ashlander architect 22:49:02
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy okay well i have a model that i got using export sphere in the azuras coast and i want to add it to an interior i am working on for a mod but when i add to the game it adds it as one big thing and i dont know how i can use landscape editor to well edit it 22:49:06
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy and if its one big thing vanilla morrowind will struggle to render it and i am kinda stumped right now 22:49:42
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy i am new to this sort of stuff 22:49:52
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Using the export sphere is making your own mesh 😄 22:51:25
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor You can't edit it with the landscape editor after it's been exported. It's become a single mesh completely independent of the landscape data. If you want to edit it, do so prior to exporting it. 22:52:03
Download Screenshot_2023-12-04_145205.png
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy how did you do that and can i do that with this model i exported? 22:52:16
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy Im on a trial and error kinda learning 22:52:36
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor There are actually numerous optimization techniques you can apply to said meshes in order to make them more performant. 22:52:38
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor At this point, you edit it in blender, or you go back and make the changes prior to exporting. 22:53:07
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy Can you point me out to a source that can tell me this info? 22:55:36
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor ... kind of. https://youtu.be/xXePNRIk1iU
This is basically how all the starwind planets are built, with the exception that he starts from blender. I'm not sure where in the tutorials he goes over this stuff as I've not watched them yet
Starwind Modding Tutorial - Planet Making Walkthrough Part 1

In this series I will be making Tython as a mini planet, similiar to how Gamorr and Dathomir are in Starwind. This video is literally me modeling the worldspace for the planet and explaining the optimizations of the cell's mesh.

@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Ignatious is a pretty chill and helpful guy so if you don't feel like sitting through 8 hours of making a whole ass planet it might be worthwhile to just hop in the starwind discord and ask him yourself! 23:09:02
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor He's showed me how do to some of this a few times but the mf is just so damn fast in blender I can barely process what he's done before it's over 23:09:50
@_discord_211595751673954304:t2bot.iogreatness7 A rust tool that converts an exterior to an interior could be cool. Have it only generate a nif for actual landscape, but use real game references for all the statics/etc. 🤔 23:13:14
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor I've been thinking about it if for no other reason than not making people use all that old yacoby stuff. 23:14:32
@_discord_482989919720177685:t2bot.iodetaildevil changed their display name from detaildevil#0 to detaildevil.23:14:45
@_discord_211595751673954304:t2bot.iogreatness7 the yacoby one doesnt really work anyways. Doesnt do textures or correct UVs or decal blending or cell object. 23:15:22
@_discord_211595751673954304:t2bot.iogreatness7 * the yacoby one doesnt really work anyways. Doesnt do textures or correct UVs or decal blending or cell objects. 23:15:27
@_discord_656242784050741248:t2bot.ioS3ctor Well glad I gave up on it fairly quickly then 😄 23:17:15
@_discord_351106791628603394:t2bot.ioarachnidspy I will definitely consider it thanks for the help 23:21:59

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