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26 Jun 2022
@_discord_807556201318973470:t2bot.ioStarfall It is just as I thought, I marked both. 12:06:36
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMX Quick q myself, is the order of data= and content= the load order for mods? 12:08:02
@_discord_807556201318973470:t2bot.ioStarfall TR Mainland is below Tamriel Data. 12:11:10
@_discord_765465051951398952:t2bot.ioMikhael changed their display name from Mikhael to Mikhael#6702.12:21:22
@_discord_765465051951398952:t2bot.ioMikhael changed their display name from Mikhael#6702 to Mikhael.12:21:29
@_discord_286519664320970752:t2bot.ioUrsuzakk Is there some morrowind optimisation mods I should not install because OpenMW already takes care of some things? 12:44:54
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMX I think MCP and MGE are the main 2 you don't need/can't use 13:16:54
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMX MGE isn't optimisation, but MCP fixes some issues 13:17:11
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMX In actual optimisation, I don't think there's anything off limits 13:17:46
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMX Like MW Optimization Patch and Project Atlas work 13:18:16
@_discord_928843809335422976:t2bot.ioHazel Black ^ you always want these two no matter what 13:24:57
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMXunknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMX Should I check the groundcover esps or nah 13:46:54
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMX I have the groundcover= ... stuff done in the cfg 13:47:03
@_discord_219879829351301122:t2bot.ioSeán SMX just saw they show up here yk 13:47:11
@_discord_283114622360485889:t2bot.ioC̸̸o͞o̧l҉ G̸u̧y̸ No 13:47:33
@_discord_286519664320970752:t2bot.ioUrsuzakk MOP is the one I didn't add yet. 14:36:07
@_discord_286519664320970752:t2bot.ioUrsuzakk If I add everything but in separate data folder for every mod I shouldn't get any mistakes due to file collisions since OpenMW should just override it by reading latest path. 14:39:30
@_discord_506456853224488972:t2bot.io1Mac Disagree. Project Atlas is always going to have compatibility issues with other graphics mods, and in my testing I found it offered virtually no performance benefit. So I recommend that users test it themselves before declaring it essential if they’re interested in more than vanilla plus graphics mods. 14:40:17
@_discord_928843809335422976:t2bot.ioHazel Black are you aware of the batch files that come with project atlas 14:41:56
@_discord_506456853224488972:t2bot.io1Mac Of course. They’re a hassle and they don’t always work as intended, especially when texture replacers aren’t the right size, or when they have heightmaps. 14:43:06
@_discord_286519664320970752:t2bot.ioUrsuzakk "If you use a texture replacer for a given set, you can use the included .bat file to patch the texture atlas with your replacer."
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu What does the OpenMW enlightened flames patcher lonux version require? 18:09:10
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu (In what language was it written?) 18:09:35
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu Does the Windows version have any requirements too? 18:09:51
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu Ok, figured iit out 18:18:06
@_discord_232158885312462848:t2bot.ioAbdu I can just use termux and install numpy, python is already installed in my environment 18:18:46
@_discord_286519664320970752:t2bot.ioUrsuzakk I'm supposed to install MOP, then Weapon Sheathing, then MOP-Weapon Sheathing... 🤔 18:51:26
@_discord_286519664320970752:t2bot.ioUrsuzakk Unfortunately I unpacked everything MOP related in one folder, oh well, nevermind. 18:52:12
@_discord_217185570789654528:t2bot.ioCameron joined the room.21:28:15

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