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15 Apr 2021
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. changed their display name from A.G. to A.G.#6271.12:43:16
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. changed their display name from A.G.#6271 to A.G..12:43:18
@_discord_432381851332509696:flowtivity.ioUltra [US] changed their display name from Ultra to Ultra#2118.12:45:07
@_discord_432381851332509696:flowtivity.ioUltra [US] changed their display name from Ultra#2118 to Ultra [US].12:45:09
@_discord_832296586116726804:flowtivity.ioDavidmasters joined the room.16:54:15
@_discord_379704235832639498:flowtivity.ioGion [🇮🇹] changed their display name from Gion [🇮🇹] to Gion#8101.22:19:10
@_discord_379704235832639498:flowtivity.ioGion [🇮🇹] changed their display name from Gion#8101 to Gion [🇮🇹].22:19:12
@_discord_612193635039051796:flowtivity.ioASOTx#9783 Hi all! I have an Update on the New Classes.. check it out! 22:57:40
Download nfs3_-_new_class_project_3.png
@_discord_612193635039051796:flowtivity.ioASOTx#9783 work in progress... 🙂 23:00:33
17 Apr 2021
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. hi, is it normal that nfs wizard is not properly importing engine sound samples in the car.viv? 10:53:45
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. they sound glitchy ingame 10:57:48
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. even after reimporting original ones 10:58:00
@_discord_612193635039051796:flowtivity.ioASOTx#9783 hi never tried to import sounds... I'll let them originals from the creators of the car 11:41:28
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] ( You have to be careful with the frequency, loop lenght and sample lenght 13:59:25
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. which rules must be respected, exactly? 14:52:38
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] ( Couldn't tell exactly, but for instance I try to keep my samples short. Oh, also they are mono 15:24:33
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] (
Download unknown.png
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] ( this is what I have for the corvette, for example. The sample is very short, as you can see that even at a low frequency as 16k it's only around .65 seconds 15:25:28
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] ( Loop lenght isn't an issue for driver's car, but for OCAR and OCARD, there definetly some limits you must not exceed, otherwise the oponents will play different samples where they shouldn't 15:26:43
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] ( like, using horn when accelerating 15:27:36
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] (
Download unknown.png
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] ( going longer loop than this got me these issues, so I capped it around there 15:28:11
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. I see, thank you very much 👍 19:14:29
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. seems like there aren't proper tutorials about this around the web, or maybe it's just me not being able to find them 19:14:59
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] ( sound is also hard to get right in terms of seamlessy looping, without clicking noises 19:18:42
@_discord_227858975712870400:flowtivity.iorata536 [AR] ( So that's another benefit of shorter samples, you can actually see better the waves to have more accuarate loops 19:19:11
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. i personally don't have problems with that at all, audacity is just great about it 20:40:03
@_discord_241718445673021440:flowtivity.ioA.G. of course you need a good and usable base first 20:40:21
18 Apr 2021
@_discord_348215694548140032:flowtivity.ioFoXtrot [🇧🇷] joined the room.01:47:21

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