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5 Oct 2022
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6 Oct 2022
@_discord_214784081752358912:t2bot.iobeans changed their display name from beans to beans#7022.00:48:37
@_discord_214784081752358912:t2bot.iobeans changed their display name from beans#7022 to beans.00:48:57
@_discord_265644131521527808:t2bot.iojuan_carlos#3778 Free gamedev career at university here, cool. 00:55:03
@_discord_778498877464117248:t2bot.ioPrestige Anyone here used libusb before? This library is nuts 01:38:34
@_discord_778498877464117248:t2bot.ioPrestige as in, annoying to use 01:38:40
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeef Low level USB control sounds Fun 01:42:17
@_discord_778498877464117248:t2bot.ioPrestige btw beef, why can I not compare an enum with an assigned int value to an int. Do I need to use ord or something? 01:43:14
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefEnums are distinctly typed01:43:25
@_discord_778498877464117248:t2bot.ioPrestige hm interesting 01:43:32
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefLike any sane language01:43:40
@_discord_778498877464117248:t2bot.ioPrestige I guess ord doesn't do what I thought 01:44:22
@_discord_300050030923087872:t2bot.iohuantian Is int and ord the same for enums? 01:44:35
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeef ord(myEnum) == myint or MyEnum(myInt) == myEnum 01:44:45
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeef I think ord is technically more correct as it uses compiler magicv 01:45:38
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeef No clue how the int conversion works internally 01:45:47
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefLikely the same thing01:45:54
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