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2 Aug 2021
@_discord_218035776179404811:t2bot.ioAlea#5422 3d rendering library to draw 2d polygons 🤔 00:05:31
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefIt's an opengl library00:05:41
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefSo the abstraction is the same00:05:48
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefIt's just called 3D since it's focus is on making a easy to use 3D framework00:06:06
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 might need to adjust for aspect ratio? 00:45:18
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 looks vertically squished 00:45:22
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefYea i did00:45:29
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefbut was more just a test case of my mesh creation api, which is evidently broken slight due to the misrendering circle00:45:49
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 you can't see the broken circle so there's no problem 00:46:46
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefNow with proper aspect but still broken shapes 00:46:55
Download image.png
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeeflol touche00:47:02
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefDont know how i managed to screw up the uploading/math, but eh00:47:38
Download video-2021-08-02T12-51-52.gif
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 low rez jam cooking game coming together 02:52:11
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 yeah, but side on and stacking based 02:54:29
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 based on an old prototype i made, but i kept overscoping it, 64x64 helps me keep it simple and focused 02:55:08
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefI do remember it didnt you have conveyors and other things in that prototype02:55:53
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216Download impbox-robocooked-01.mp402:56:02
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 for comparison 02:56:02
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 yeah 02:56:03
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 conveyors, mining, programming 02:56:22
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefYou left out "cooking" 😛 02:56:49
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 oh it had cooking too 02:57:11
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 oh and it had shopping and radar control to attract customers' spaceships 02:57:35
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216Download out.mp402:57:43
@_discord_309937753699778561:t2bot.ioimpbox#9216 i think i like this more simple version 02:57:58
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefThat doesnt sound overscoped, assuming you're a 3-4 man team02:58:02
@elegantbeef:matrix.orgElegantbeefWell you always manage to make games that atleast look good, so there's that02:59:38

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