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20 Jul 2020
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter) joined the room.23:44:16
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter)hi guys, anyone here?23:44:16
21 Jul 2020
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)yes!01:18:58
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)always here.01:19:01
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter):)01:19:04
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter) @Zincr0 do you. have a question? 01:19:15
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter) I think i just hit tantivy-search/tantivy#788 03:54:18
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter)i guess a simple update to version in cargo.toml will fix it? gonna test tomorrow03:54:56
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter)It seems that the last github tag is 0.1204:08:42
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter) looks like i'm stuck :/ 04:10:38
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)back06:21:55
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)Yes it seems like the fix is not published yet.06:22:35
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)0.13 should be published soonish. (end of july or at the latest august)06:22:52
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)if that is something you cannot wait for you can try to rely on current master06:23:29
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)I strongly recommend fixing the revision in that case06:23:48
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter) i'm looking tantivy-search/tantivy@d04368b here 14:40:37
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter)seems a lot of code for a rust noob14:41:01
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter) maybe the 0.11 doesn't have this issue? 14:41:14
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter) (edited) maybe the 0.11 doesn't have this issue? => seems a lot of code for a rust noob (like me) 14:42:04
@gitter_zincr0:matrix.orgDaniel M. S. (Gitter) anyway, it isn't the end of the world, i'm just using the default behaviour until the next release. 21:12:20
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)I suspect the issue was always there unfortunately23:34:01
22 Jul 2020
@gitter_napoleon2020:matrix.orgnapoleon2020 (Gitter) joined the room.14:37:00
@gitter_napoleon2020:matrix.orgnapoleon2020 (Gitter)hello everybody, I would like to know about SnippetGenerator, it works only with simple query, not with fuzzyquery ?14:37:01
@gitter_napoleon2020:matrix.orgnapoleon2020 (Gitter) (edited) ... fuzzyquery ? => ... fuzzyquery ? 14:37:37
@gitter_napoleon2020:matrix.orgnapoleon2020 (Gitter) I thought to get the word match for a fuzzyquery and to put it in SnippetGenerator, but I don't find how to do that 14:38:20
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)this is correct. right now it only works with actual terms14:49:44
@gitter_napoleon2020:matrix.orgnapoleon2020 (Gitter) and it's impossible to get the matching word ? because if it's possible, I can put it in a simple query for SnippetGenerator 15:12:06
23 Jul 2020
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)not without writing some code.01:05:34
@gitter_fulmicoton:matrix.orgPaul Masurel (Gitter)But I think all of the required public API is there 01:09:27
28 Jul 2020
@gitter_napoleon2020:matrix.orgnapoleon2020 (Gitter)ok thank you15:15:30

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