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13 Jan 2024
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.io_gerp - 14:53:22
@_discord_259857914456440834:t2bot.iokarmacolorcat yeah, but all of Rare games had the same treatment? 14:53:53
@_discord_259857914456440834:t2bot.iokarmacolorcat I only know about DKC and Killer Instinct 14:54:01
@_discord_274991415573086219:t2bot.ioidiot In-training Love me those fighting game soundtrakcs Donkey Kong Combat and KIller Instinct 14:55:12
@_discord_274991415573086219:t2bot.ioidiot In-training (DK Combat was the funny Drumming game boss fight gimmick I think) 14:55:53
@_discord_259857914456440834:t2bot.iokarmacolorcat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTMS19VWsRY 14:56:13
@_discord_259857914456440834:t2bot.iokarmacolorcat Never played a single KI ever, but this is such a killer banger 14:56:40
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.ioJesRight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v5UK_zp-dI 14:57:33
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.ioJesRight youtube mebed failed? 14:58:05
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.ioJesRight * youtube embed failed? 14:58:12
@_discord_274991415573086219:t2bot.ioidiot In-training Discord Embed failure's happening all over the place 14:59:39
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.io_gerp must be something in the sv borking, usual happening by now 15:00:19
@_discord_719433622981050412:t2bot.iobastiancu Yeah 15:02:05
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.io_gerp opening in browser doesn't show it either tho 15:03:28
@_discord_142433825241300992:t2bot.ioCo-Chief to the Idiocy Officer Okay cool so the images not loading isn't just me. 15:03:43
@_discord_554369519242706944:t2bot.ioastral_alignment the discord status site says there's an issue with media loading rn 15:03:49
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.io_gerp yea, even your pfp is gone for me 15:04:31
@_discord_719433622981050412:t2bot.iobastiancu Lol 15:07:14
@_discord_719433622981050412:t2bot.iobastiancu We'll just have to wait 15:07:21
@_discord_1115315367477268541:t2bot.ioserlost hmm 16:12:56
@_discord_1115315367477268541:t2bot.ioserlost 16:12:56
@_discord_1115315367477268541:t2bot.ioserlost i think i need to 16:13:03
@_discord_1115315367477268541:t2bot.ioserlost get am2r on ma phone 16:13:13
@_discord_1115315367477268541:t2bot.ioserlost just like every 2d metroid i played 16:13:43
@_discord_1115315367477268541:t2bot.ioserlost nevermind 16:18:43
@_discord_720159784665612360:t2bot.ioanjacup14 I think a tears of the kingdom update made the compendium pictures you take compressed… aw man 18:08:45
@_discord_720159784665612360:t2bot.ioanjacup14 That is my favourite part 18:08:52
@_discord_163774782406393856:t2bot.ioentiss i'm pretty sure they were always compressed 18:42:32
@_discord_163774782406393856:t2bot.ioentiss unless they made it worse 18:42:38
@_discord_720159784665612360:t2bot.ioanjacup14 Way worse 19:07:19

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