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27 Jan 2023
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee have fun with the mods :) 22:20:12
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp thanks and sry bout breakin the rules for a bit its been a while since i talked or been in this server cuz new PC 22:20:44
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee stuff happens, not the first time 22:21:00
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp thank you for understanding 22:21:10
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp am i allowed to ask if the version i have is right if its alr 22:22:12
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp or nah 22:22:57
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee the launcher will tell you if its not 22:23:00
@_discord_284162744469553152:t2bot.iowhen is pixeltroid Launcher will check that for you 22:23:01
@_discord_284162744469553152:t2bot.iowhen is pixeltroid Needs to be 1.1 22:23:04
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp ah alr let me get right AM2r i need lol 22:23:13
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee if it complains, you know that its not.
if it doesnt complain it (likely) is correct
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp its not i need to just get right AM2R 22:24:02
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp so yeah 22:24:04
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp sry for askin alot to lol 22:24:09
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee questions are fine, everyone is starting somewhere 22:24:23
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp thanks 22:24:29
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp now i just need to learn how to put multroid on it 22:25:33
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee mod settings -> add mod -> select your multitroid zip 22:25:49
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp k 22:25:58
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp i alr got hamachi so dont worry bout that 22:26:25
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp so anyone want to do Multroid? 22:26:31
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee go to #multitroid channels for that 22:26:51
@miepee:matrix.orgMiepee (also you can get the role in #welcome i assume, so you can get pinged when people wanna play) 22:27:03
@_discord_764923911825391617:t2bot.ioandrewblimp alr sry 22:27:02
@_discord_730638708600209439:t2bot.ioProducer Alex87 changed their display name from Producer Alex87 to aalwx87#5628.23:49:12
@_discord_730638708600209439:t2bot.ioProducer Alex87 changed their display name from aalwx87#5628 to Producer Alex87.23:49:16
28 Jan 2023
@_discord_865307492641013790:t2bot.ioThe Ethereal One#3814 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/720955914672144434/1068354319633612840/spring.mp4 00:54:09
@dakchristopher:matrix.orgdakchristopher joined the room.01:08:20
@_discord_279804805814157313:t2bot.ioserconcentric sercles https://tenor.com/view/the-batman-riddler-no-no-no-no-noooo-riddler-no-no-no-no-gif-25498499 01:47:09
@_discord_279804805814157313:t2bot.ioserconcentric sercles DOES HE KNOW 01:47:12

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