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27 May 2023
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You yeah if it hass that 22:31:40
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You also almost every single high quality flight sim joystick usses them, because they're just straight up better in every way 22:35:04
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L then i'm buying that kind of controllers
because i want something GOOD
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L it's funny how i bought this controller just 1 month ago 22:36:29
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L and it already broke 22:36:36
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You potentiomiters are also the reason people need to rebuy nintendo switch controllers every month. stick drift 22:36:58
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L just joycons?? i've heard that Swich Pro is insanely good 22:37:25
@_discord_197174737183440896:t2bot.ioMonody Wii U Pro Controller. :) 23:49:13
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp as if 23:49:20
@_discord_197174737183440896:t2bot.ioMonody I'm actually very happy with mine. 23:49:31
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp thing costs almost as much as the xbone, no way i'm getting that 23:50:30
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp having bluetooth makes the xbone a bonus because i can use it for my phone aswell 23:51:29
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.iogerp * having bluetooth makes the xbone and ds4 have a bonus because i can use it for my phone aswell 23:51:41
@_discord_197174737183440896:t2bot.ioMonody Fair enough. 23:52:26
@_discord_197174737183440896:t2bot.ioMonody I got mine as renewed, so it was a bit cheaper. 23:52:46
@_discord_197174737183440896:t2bot.ioMonody If I ever started my own electronics company for some reason, I'd make USB-C wired controllers with the Wii U layout and hall effect sticks. 23:55:17
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You i mean, you can always just get upgrade kits and make your own controller 23:57:59
28 May 2023
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L i think maybe calibration fixed my controller's issue but that might be temporary 00:20:14
@_discord_246431035347304449:t2bot.io!!Smug > You if it is a potentiometer issue it should happen slowly, rather than just working > broken 00:20:41
@_discord_945337319047716904:t2bot.ioAgente82L mhmm yes it's happening again it's just less annoying
like the erratic movement doesn't happen a lot
Download 20230527_183755.jpg
@_discord_735380758973382666:t2bot.ioAron I will ascend bois 01:40:39
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.iojesspacerightoctothorpe2222 changed your mind about building yourself? 01:47:46
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.iojesspacerightoctothorpe2222 * changed your mind about building one yourself? 01:48:05
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.iojesspacerightoctothorpe2222 or is that just the case? 01:48:31
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.iojesspacerightoctothorpe2222 * or is that just an empty case? 01:48:46
@_discord_735380758973382666:t2bot.ioAron changed my mind about it 01:52:21
@_discord_735380758973382666:t2bot.ioAron I can atleast upgrade the specs though 01:52:39
@_discord_344144992769409034:t2bot.iojesspacerightoctothorpe2222 hopefully they put a decent psu in it 02:00:43
@_discord_300774391619256321:t2bot.ioEternal Nightwatcher Hope it works out well! 02:19:13

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