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13 Jan 2024
@_discord_720159784665612360:t2bot.ioanjacup14 You can’t take a picture of anything with gloom on it or else it gets all fuzzy 19:07:32
@_discord_160873715398213632:t2bot.iogenghiskombat Ganondorf getting camera-shy? 19:23:59
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.io_gerp dude, he's still not formed, get out 19:24:38
@_discord_160873715398213632:t2bot.iogenghiskombat ...Wait...what if the update made Gloom radioactive? 19:26:00
@_discord_160873715398213632:t2bot.iogenghiskombat Radiation sources are known to make camera feeds fuzzy. 19:26:08
@_discord_337283697231527937:t2bot.io_gerp then link should die from just being near 19:26:30
@_discord_598496593435426827:t2bot.ioalaskaaa. joined the room.19:28:07
@_discord_598496593435426827:t2bot.ioalaskaaa. Where di i find the download for android? 19:28:08
@_discord_598496593435426827:t2bot.ioalaskaaa. changed their display name from _discord_598496593435426827 to alaskaaa..19:28:08
@_discord_720159784665612360:t2bot.ioanjacup14 I dunno he’s got like, that arm so it it probably combats background radiation 19:31:36
@_discord_598496593435426827:t2bot.ioalaskaaa. * Where do i find the download for android? 19:31:47
@_discord_311562526984765443:t2bot.iomr.ledger where would be a good place to ask questions about randovania logic 19:54:00
@_discord_871875362878001192:t2bot.iol3g0man_123 probably the randovania server 19:54:18
@_discord_311562526984765443:t2bot.iomr.ledger true 19:54:23
16 Jan 2024
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23 Jan 2024
@surveillance1312:tchncs.de@surveillance1312:tchncs.deDownload cia-terry.mp400:12:30
1 Feb 2024
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3 Feb 2024
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6 Feb 2024
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17 Feb 2024
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20 Feb 2024
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7 Mar 2024
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23 Mar 2024
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26 Mar 2024
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8 Apr 2024
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17 Apr 2024
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